A New HGH- What Dr OZ Has Been Waiting For

by limitlesslaura

What if You Could you

Feel  Limitless?? even INVINCIBLE?

We all want to be able to TAKE ON THE WORLD




  • Boundless Energy
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Low Body Fat Percentage
  • Mental Capacity
  • Great Sex Drive
  • Beautiful Glowing, Youthful Skin
  • A Sharp, Quick, Intellectual Mind
  • Great Eyesight and Visual Acuity as Well as sharp Hearing
  • Fast Healing Ability like when we were a Kid..We skinned a knee and it was healed the next day!

All these things are the result of one thing Human Growth Hormone or HGH. Our Pituitary Gland, placed deep within our skull, produces it, in normal amounts, and decreases when we reach our 20′s until we reach about 25 when it drops off dramatically and then slows down to almost nothing.
So do the items on the list above do as well.
What’s the SECRET of the rich and famous,  authors, life coaches, and “beautiful people” in Hollywood?
How does Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Sly Stallone, Regis Philbin, Kris Jenner and others stay as gorgeous and youthful looking as they do?

You guessed it…HGH

They are spending thousands of dollars putting their bodies at risk, with synthetic Human Growth Hormone, HGH injections in amounts unclear as to its safety long term. Researchers have not established a safe synthetic alternative that would bring these POWERFUL results, and they are so powerful that celebs are willing to pay almost anything to keep on it.

Science being what it is, if left to it own devices, has been quietly behind the scenes developing a better way, one that is safer, much less expensive, and totally natural because it is not only plant based, but is a product that when given to the individual, helps him or her body stimulate its own Pituitary gland to making Human Growth hormone.

What is the HGH product? It’s basically a proprietary blend of amino acids, which is what has Dr Oz so excited. In a double blind, placebo controlled study, of people ages 17-75 HGH levels were increased by 8 Fold within 120 Minutes***! Can you feel this product working? Does it make you feel young again? YOU BET YOUR Pa-tooty it does!!

This is how EXCITING it is (and just to have a little FUN TOO!! )

Warning! This video is simply FOR FUN… It’s not real and has nothing to do with HGH.

If you are an experienced network marketer, or a marketer with curiosity, sensibility, etc you might SEE the potential that could come from this. It WILL be HUGE. It’s just a matter of who participates. It is bigger than BIG. Celebrities are paying thousands to private doctors right now for what HGH does

I have never felt so good in my life, and I KNOW it’s because of this phenomenon of a product!!!

That’s all I will say. This is a downright KILLER PRODUCT…I think this stuff is making me like the guy in the movie!

I feel like I can do ANYTHING! What would it be worth to YOU to have that kind of


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I’m a sensitive spiritual, heart centered woman who just doesn’t believe there’s an impossible anything. My joy comes from inspiring growth, and empowering others to bust through their limits. I have fought and overcome chronic illness in my life, and many obstacles while pursuing and living my dreams, with persistence and determination. Mental health awareness and ending the stigma associated with it is a cause that’s very important to me. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful life of Robin Williams and all he gave to the world.

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Jack Smith March 19, 2013 at 8:31 pm

Dear Laura, glad to see the amino acids and other life changes are working for you.
I really wish I could see a properly conducted scientific study that confirms your results. The link you provided above to “get all the detail about the research that was released”, leads only to a MLM site that sells products. No research there, and anyway, no one would trust research wholly done by the company selling the product (that’s like trusting Congress!). I would LOVE to see the study you and Dr Oz mention, but my colleagues and I have been unable to find it. Please let the world know if such research really exists.
Meanwhile, check out this research: Use of amino acids as growth hormone-releasing agents by athletes, by JA Chromiak, J Antonio, 2002


Michael December 20, 2012 at 5:04 pm

First off, congratulations on your weight loss Laura. I wasn’t aware of the HGH info, but really made sense. I appreciate the great post you put together. Keep up the great work. I know I need to begin the year off with a healthier approach. Have a great day!
Michael recently posted..Confidence, What is That?My Profile


Jacs Henderson @ Network Marketing Online December 9, 2012 at 3:33 pm

couldn’t see your first video – a message came up to say it’s banned in this country – however I get the amazing feeling from the rest of your post Laura! Limitless seems to have had an amazing effect on you and the info video on Thrive and HGH is very interesting – I see I’m in decline…. may give it a try :)
Jacs Henderson @ Network Marketing Online recently posted..How Important Are Your Blog Comments And Your Readers?My Profile


Denj I. December 7, 2012 at 4:45 pm

I have seen that movie and it was a bit scary. beyond that i have no idea what HGH means. its effects, side effects and its long term implication to personality and society. but this article is full of wonder promises as the Limitless pill was in the movie but it hasn’t shake of the fear that movie stirred on recall – the fear that venturing into superhumanity will just make us lose or destroy the very humanity want to enhance.
Denj I. recently posted..The Dengue WaveMy Profile


Lesly November 24, 2012 at 12:38 am

Hm… should I say another pill? I can see how it worked for you and I am so happy for you. Genuinely so. But for me, the thing that snapped me out of depression and woke ne up after being numb for so long was mindful meditation. It’s not easy to sit in silence for a period of time but I did and it changed my life. We all have ways, or paths to travel to find the thing that works the best for ourselves. I send you lots of love my friend
Lesly recently posted..The Human InternetMy Profile


William Amis November 23, 2012 at 10:51 pm

A pill for this a pill for that. I feel that we are always looking for an easy way to get instant results. Hey, I understand that most people will not even do research before doing things. I know there are lots of natural things that does the same thing as any pill produces it just take dedication and physical involvement. That is the only difference.

I can appreciate each person’s choices yet when it comes to any pill never believe that only one company is allowed to control such a hold on they are the only ones with this amazing new pill. I did my due diligence when it was placed in the medical review magazine. Dr. Oz I do not care to watch yet my wife of 18 years does. So, with my vast medical background I am taught to get the facts with backup documentation and then evaluate the side effects for the pills that give the same support to our bodies.

This is a great article and one that should open the eyes of many readers as it has mine. You are always bringing us new and exciting things to review. Most would never know the benefits of your valued site if they just take the time and do the research they can be amazed.

Thank you for your continued support and the quality you give it.
William Amis recently posted..The BeginningsMy Profile


Clint Butler November 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

I never knew your body stopped creating HGH, I always thought it was reduced. Though I have taken many different kinds of supplements THRIVE looks like something I should try out. Since I am one year under 40, it couldn’t hurt to get some of that energy and excitement back in my life.
Clint Butler recently posted..Zombie Apocalypse Stikes FacebookMy Profile


Sarah Arrow November 25, 2012 at 10:04 am

Ditto, I had no idea it was all down hill after 25. I have to admit that was when I first started gaining weight.

Whilst pills are not my thing, I am open minded enough to explore something that would give me more energy but not damage my body.
Sarah Arrow recently posted..Paranormal Peeps from the Roving Robin – Heart v. HeadMy Profile


Yorinda November 23, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Hi Laura,

wow, what an amazing transformation! Not only have you lost weight but you also are looking radiant!
Has this transformation happened in only two months?

Thank you so much for sharing this information!

To Health
Yorinda recently posted..Sole Water and Salt A higher form of EnergyMy Profile


Beth Hewitt November 22, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Hi Laura,

That really was a great movie. Thanks for the information. I am torn between mind over matter and needing a little boost to get us to where we need to be. I would like to say I am all things on your list already lol.

Awesome post
Beth :)
Beth Hewitt recently posted..Are you building an email list with your blog?My Profile


Lorri November 22, 2012 at 1:04 am

Congrats on your weight loss Laura! I know too how amazing that feels!! I LOVED that movie too! It was so great … just imagining what it is like to be completely limitless (with the help of Hollywood of course!)

Keep up the great work!!
Lorri recently posted..GREEN is the New Black!!My Profile


Susan Cooper November 19, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Congratulations on your progress and continued success! Being healthy in mind and body is an amazing thing. :-)
Susan Cooper recently posted..Guest Post Patrick Huff/Beer and Football – A Thanksgiving PairingMy Profile


Nile November 18, 2012 at 3:28 pm

I remember the movie that did this… I admit I am usually good at keeping up with listening to anything related to health, but I missed this as I do not watch Dr. Oz. How often did you take the pill? Aside from taking the pill, what activities have you done? Just curious as I might try this out.
Nile recently posted..How to Improve the Quality of Your Blog PostsMy Profile


Raena Lynn November 18, 2012 at 5:16 am

Hi Laura,

I’ve heard of people taking HGH injections and I know there has not been any long term studies of the possible side effects. Since Dr. Oz has endorsed THRIVE as a natural alternative and is excited about it, I believe hundreds of thousands of people will consider using it. I’m not the “pill taking type” but your post clearly presented some awesome benefits of THRIVE. The video made the product appealing. It would be nice to handle some of life’s challenges in a limitless state of mind.

I recently watched the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” It was about a man named Joe who fasted and juiced for 60 days. His transformation journey is called rebooting. You probably know all about it. He changed physically and mentally and it was incredible! Rebooting is another alternative to achieve energy, clarity, and vitality that people want, but my guess is most people would choose a capsule product for the convenience, so I can see the limitless possibilities of this product.

Before leaving, congratulations on your progress and thank you for sharing!

Raena Lynn
Raena Lynn recently posted..How To Become A Millionaire From ScratchMy Profile


marquita herald November 17, 2012 at 11:36 pm

Very interesting Laura. Personally I never take pills or medication of any kind – so I can’t help but wonder about people who take things like HGH and other wonder pills.
In any case, like most of America, I like Dr. Oz, so if he’s endorsed the product it must be something special. Thanks for this fascinating information!
marquita herald recently posted..Adaptability: The Essential Ingredient to Successfully Managing ChangeMy Profile


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