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Have you ever had a friend give you a give you a very needed “kick in the pants when you really needed it, even though it might have stung… it made a BIG difference?.  My friend once  shared with me a simple course correction that I could make in my approach to life and my network marketing business that would have a significant effect on my results, and happiness. It was so impactfull that it touched me emotionally. Well..it slapped me between the ears and upside the head actually! That’s the mark of TRUTH  It lazers in on the SOUL. I remembered that this same friend had forwarded this very special article by Dave Saunders to me, and I thought , “I have read this information many times and I must not have been ready to “get it AGAIN”…just when I needed to apply it most! So I decided to post this special article adding what I like to call “FORMULA FOR BREAKTHROUGH”…..entitled:

BE-DO-HAVE  By Dave Saunders

I reached a point where I had done well, but had hit a plateau.  I wanted more.  I wanted to build my business more successfully, and I wanted to continue growing.  I asked a trusted mentor what to do.  His response: “Be Do Have.”

I had heard this lesson before.  In fact, I had heard it from more than one person.  And it wasn’t the response that I was looking for.  I wanted to know what to do!  I wanted him to tell me what to do so I could go work hard and create explosive growth in my business.  I was willing to work hard—really hard.  In fact, I was willing to work harder and do more than anyone else.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I decided to take a breath and be a bit more receptive.  “Okay,” I said, “tell me how Be Do Have is going to build my business.  Although the truth is, what I really want to know is just what to DO.” [click to continue…]


Do you use Three Way Calling  in your Network Marketing business?

We have been at this MLM game for a lot of years now and never fails to amaze us, how many distributors are not using the single most dangerous weapon in your arsenal…Three Way Calling. Sure some do, but it’s like anything else; “The golden key” can be handed to you, and unless you are willing to put it to USE consistently, it’s just another great concept. A small percentage of SMART, SAVVY marketers use this power tool. These are the same ones making the BIG BUCKS! Put this into practice, and watch your enterprise flourish!! Rather than discuss why people don’t use Three Way Calling,  let’s talk about how and why using the 3-way call will boost your profits almost OVERNIGHT. Do it and report back to us!

  • It Provides credibility: You know how you hear something from your spouse/parent 3 times, and then someone else says it and you finally HEAR it for the FIRST time? That’s 3rd Party CREDIBILITY In Action! Why does the third person have more credibility? Because they are outside the circle, and it’s as if you have fresh ears!!
  • Think back to an example in your own life of when you have told someone close to you something EXTREMELY PASSIONATELY IMPORTANT and they just were not hearing you.
  • Then, they HEARD IT SOMEPLACE ELSE, come and told you, AND YOU JUST ABOUT WANTED TO PUNCH THEM!!!  Do you get the point??
  • Third party credibility has NOTHING to do with your ability to communicate the information as well or better than the 3rd person. It has to do with the DYNAMIC of the call, and providing the best information for the prospect, that is going to BE HEARD by your prospect.
  • Why would you keep doing all the talking, when you can get one-three great people on the phone who can “relate” well with your prospect, to move the process along?
  • The Third party provides validation that your product or service is great, does the talking for you!
  • The 3-way EDIFIES YOU as the expert!
  • Three way Calling Shows that there’s a simple system in place so it looks easy and duplicable
  • Makes the process easy and fun!!

We have a saying in our business that “If you are not doing 3-way calls..You are probably not making money!” and I can lay you money that it’s true! When we take a look at the businesses of the successful and unsuccessful people in our group, who have fast growing down lines,  they are ALWAYS the ones.

  • Here’s HOW to do a perfect 3-way call:
  • While you’re talking to your prospect,
  • Flash your phone and dial your sponsor or business partner.
  • Note: Some 3-way calls need to be scheduled in advance according to the arrangements you make with the people you work with.
  • Others can be done on the fly.
  • Fill in your 3-way Partner:
  • When you get your business partner on the line, explain a little about your prospect in a few seconds, and flash again to connect the 3 of you.

Then say:

“Hello Jim, I took the liberty of bringing my business partner Mary on the line to chat with us for a few minutes, and to answer your questions. Mary has been doing very well with the business (or product), Jim say hi to my friend Mary (smile)! ”  Then put imaginary duck tape over your mouth!! Don’t talk! Let the 3-way business/upline partner person talk and get to know your prospect. If the upline INVITES you to say something, then you may talk, otherwise just be quiet, an allow the upline leader to take the call where it needs to go.

Sometimes, like in a weight loss or health an wellness company, you can do very short, testimonial 3-ways that are simply to allow your prospect to listen to 3-6 people who have used your product and had great results. This would be different than using an upline leader.

One tip is to match up similar people together. For instance, if you had a prospect who is a nurse, and you knew of a 3-way business partner who is a nurse having success, put the two together. If you have a real estate person, find a real estate person, etc.  If that is not possible, it is totally fine to do 3-way calls with the same couple of people, as long as they are providing good information, doing a good job, and you’re advancing by closing sales. The name of the game is getting the job done!!

One other note: Why do folks NOT do Three Way Calls? It has been our experience that they are AFRAID to contact up line leadership!!  Many new people (and even not so new) are in fear of “disturbing”, bothering, or getting in the way. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! This is how we earn our money.

We’ve seen distributors who “got over it” and began doing 3-way calls….when they were previously resistant to them, and their business TOOK OFF. Many went to thousands a month from making nothing, and some went to all out massive success multiple six figures!!

So, get a list going of who you can do 3-way calls with. If you need help on anything let us know. We’d be happy to coach on the fine points. Whatever you do…consider implementing this powerful strategy if you are not already.

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Please Comment and tell us what your experience has been with Three Way Calling!! Has it made a difference in your success?