The Power of Acknowledgement

by limitlesslaura

”There are two things people want more than sex and money..

– recognition and praise.”

–Mary Kay Ash


I’ll start off by saying that Mary Kay Ash is one of my heroes. No, I am not a Mary Kay consultant, although I got my start in the Direct Sales Industry with her company, back in 1983, and have family that is still with her today! That says a lot about the two women in my family who stuck with her!

I ReTweeted a wonderful tweet the other day from a great though leader that read:

@GaryLoper RT “Try to tell at least 5 special people that they matter to support the #YouMatter movement! “

Of course I added my joyful reply and my day was made! I proceeded to secretly go around to 5 people I know and let them know that they are important to me.

The whole process took a little time, because I made a card for one, had a phone conversation with another, and wrote messages to the other 3. I did not do anything outwardly sappy, but I let these people know that they are making a difference that impacts my life and the world.

Have you ever thought about the basic human need that we all have to be recognized and acknowledged? Jeffrey Combs says “Babies cry for it and men die for it”. It is really true. A little baby will cry in their bassinet for 15 minutes until mom or dad picks her or him up to love, change or feed them. Sometimes it’s not even that a need is there to be met, but that of LOVE. It starts there. [click to continue…]


Larry and I are just a little more than 24 hours out from departure for a fabulous company trip we qualified for with our Network Marketing Company. On this trip, we are being treated to all expenses paid,  from the time we sit down on the airplane, until the time we arrive back home. More exciting and really much more valuable to us than that is the education we will be receiving from our company executive leadership.

Earlier in the year our company released a promotion for an Elite Executive Retreat, at which we would be going to a special sunny beach destination to learn, a super sought after, 12 Step corporate business strategy. This strategy has been taught to TOP CEO’s around the world, and been responsible for the growth of Billion Dollar Corporations like Kraft and General Foods. That got us very excited, and was all we needed to get to work to qualify.

The qualification was not easy by any means (it never is) , and it was amazing how fired up we got making it happen. I will let you in on a secret- You must get FIRED UP if you’re going to win a trip!! If it’s not fun, why do it! We started working with key leaders on our team. Any time you are looking to accomplish a goal, the first thing you do is break it down, so we sat down and looked at who we had on our team that wanted to accomplish their goals, and get there too.  We began working individually and in groups with our teams and in future articles we’ll talk more specifically about what, how etc.

Have you ever won a trip with your company? Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to go on a Carribean Cruise or to Japan because you worked so hard that your company wanted to say “thank you” and send you there?

Why do mlm companies, or any sales organizations run promotions? Is it simply to say thank you? That’s part of it. It’s a big part of it. RECOGNITION. Our industry thrives on recognition! Network marketers live to walk across stages, have pins, pinned on them and to take fabulous trips. Because with those things, comes income, security, presitige, knowledge, and rank advancement, just to name a few of many of the amazing benefits of mlm growth and leadership.

Another obvious reason our companies organize promotional trips, is for the bonding, idea exchange, and just plain “play time” that takes place amongst the leaders. We work pretty darned hard every day, at least you should be if you want to make it in this industry! That’s why it’s called Net WORK Marketing!

But what blows our socks off is that in this day and age of hype and rah-rah, there is a company that is motivating their distributor base with usable,  STRATEGIC BUSINESS BUILDING KNOWLEDGE. In our 20+ years in the industry, we have never been through anything like this. Yes we have been to leadership summits, retreats etc. But they have mostly been put on by the team organization. This is part of the company’s entire event strategy, to train the distributor base, build the  training events which have to be earned, and help the leaders create momentum. Naturally we will have the usual open events that everyone can attend.

So if there is an opportunity for you to win a trip in your company, find out what it takes. It can be a life changing experience for you. There is nothing like it in the world.

Part 2:  6/3/10

This You Tube Video Tells The Story!! It was an incredible event. The very important factor to remember when you watch this video is that every single person who attended this fabulous mlm event had to work their butt off to attain a company rank to get to go on this trip!! You could not “buy your way on! Our company has an event strategy, in which high level training only available to corporate CEO’s and Fortune 100 Companies will be made available to the upper leadership who attain certain ranks in the company. Pretty Cool Huh? As someone who attended the first one, I can tell you this is training you cannot get in ANY MLM COMPANY.This strategy is part of of the training available when you join our team.