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1.Find Your Passion-  2. FOCUS-  3.Implement !

It has been an interesting summer! I think I wrote in late May that my Social Media education was in full swing, and that I was seeking out the experts in each area. Like many of you I am sure, I was impatient, and wanted as much information as I could get my hands on, as quickly as I could my hands on it!! I dumped a large sum of money into ebooks, dvds, courses and programs. Each program gave a similar promise: “…Get you making money online quickly and easily, by following this step-by-step…..”

The interesting thing is that I have been blogging for 3 years, in a very niche subject mind you, and over that time I became a whiz at WordPress and even some pretty cool search engine optimization. I come from a long and successful career in network marketing so why did I need all this education? Because it’s a new frontier, and a  fast paced social media world out there.  Let’s tell the truth….any way you slice it, you cannot avoid it. If you want to be good, There is A TON to learn. Being a  humble student is a noble thing. But the tricky part is what you DO with the education once you avail yourself of it.

I found myself getting overwhelmed, frustrated and downright depressed at times by the sheer volume of it all! I will be honest, I don’t know how I made it through many days, if it were not for the members of my tribe, my wonderful spouse and friends and family who believe in me.  It does not make me proud to admit this to all of you, but I thought by spilling my guts this way, it would encourage more careful consideration of paths in the future. Hey, I am still learning, and I am sure most of you will tell me you are too!! School is always in session for the professional online marketer. But I think the worst part is past. [click to continue…]


Some folks have been inquiring how I added my ebook photo to the optin form to the right. I was having a hard time finding what I wanted, so I decided to create it myself. This is what I came up with. You could always do the same thing with a simple text widget and html code, but this is an easy alternative for the person who does not want to mess with that.

I am using the free trial version of Camtasia Studio in this video, before I shell out the $299. I love it! I have recorded several videos for my sales funnel and I can see it is going to be extremely worth investing the money for our business.

This is a short tip this week, but I hope it is something you will all benefit from!


Whew…what a whirlwind it has been researching, watching, building, blogging, facebooking, tweeting etc, all the while “being self taught” by this wonderful medium, The Worldwide Web!! Wow, I am amazed at the knowledge I have amassed over the past 3 years, yet still feel very much a student.  We used to say “Is this going to bring some return?…(in the early days) and then the leads began to drip in, and the relationships were built and vice versa!. People joined our teams. This stuff was actually working!

Yet when i look at my contemporaries, I must speak honestly I have so far to go. I have created 2 niche blogs, and some landing pages, built organizations, yet I feel like a baby when it comes to social media. I am a self proclaimed continuing social media student. People do business with those they like and trust, and I am no expert yet! I have much to share, but what is so wonderful about being part of the social media world is that I have much to learn and that is OK!! [click to continue…]