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Who invented these terms “old school and new school” ? Marketing has always been the same since the beginning of time. The only thing that ever changes is the medium of how the information is delivered. I think one of the problems is that we as a society tend to want everything yesterday and we don’t want to “pay the price” so along comes the idea of a “new way of marketing” and we all think we are going to get rich and have to work less…… NOT True !

If we can apply the speed of building a relationship using the “new school” tools and then transition them to a real time connectivity, person to person again using the new tools, (skype, facebook, twitter etc.) then you have the best of both worlds. If on the other hand you try and make the internet do all the work for you and think you don’t have to build, and develop relationships you are going to be disappointed

Laura and I are amongst the first to be lucky enough to be part of “both of these worlds” and it can be a blessing to us or a curse depending on how we use it. Lets enjoy the lessons of success in this new millennium. We are excited to part of this important gathering of like minded leaders.

Larry Morris (the new guy speaking out)


This may not be a blog post that optimizes great on Google, because all the search terms are perfectly researched and scoped out. But the message is clear. Larry is talking ! As many of you who have been syndicating and following our blog have most obviously noticed, (and to be as transparent as possible), Larry has not been participating in the “online” portion of our business!!He will tell you that he has been “offline” participating in Revenue Generating Activities.

The attraction marketing concept and personal branding has been missing a BIG personality…and there has been some major reasons for this. As stated in the previous post, Larry has been a traditional Network Marketer for a very long time, and has preferred to keep it that way!  He will tell you all about it…STAY TUNED IN. You will learn! It was out of pure pressure that we got him to do this video!!


He is a MASTER MARKETER. Larry believes the BASICS are the BASICS and can be done when a master marketer is dropped into any city, with only the shirt on their back.  Watch and learn friends..this first video is simply an introduction. There will be much more to come very soon. Though you all know I am extremely prejudice (an rightly so!) I will tell you that Larry is my mentor and taught me how to do this business back when I was a scared housewife, determined to figure it out. He threw me in the cold water, and taught me to swim “the hard way” and I became a master marketer very quickly. If you want to learn…hang in there!


Welcome To Our New Blog!

by limitlesslaura

As you can see we are under construction, and will be for a bit. As this blog evolves you will see some fun things, and some great content. For now I will post a short bio about myself, Laura Morris. Come back and see us again soon as we design our new blog!                                                                       

I have been in the home based business arena in some capacity since 1983. Back then it was with a small calligraphy business when my kids were little, then with the legendary Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay was the place “I got bit by the bug” and was never the same!. From then on I was “psychologically unemployable, and though I tried to work outside the home a couple of times I knew..owning my own business, from home, and making my own money was the only way to fly!
I went on to make half hearted attempts while raising my 3 children at a quest for the perfect home based business. But I don’t think I really knew what it was myself. The truth was I was that I was treating the business like a HOBBY, and I was not willing to jump out on the edge and do what ever it took to make it work…So, it was paying me like hobby!
In 1998 I finally had a serious wake-up call that was “do or die” of those look inside yourself moments, when you say to yourself “ok..this is it I MUST MAKE THIS WORK”.

In 1999 I answered an ad in the newspaper for a travel business, and my entire life turned around, more like up-side-down (well not yet, but it was about to). I went to work, REALLY WENT TO WORK. From then on I became a sponge of this industry, I found a mentor. I read everything I could get my hands on. I listened to tapes, watched videos,and attended business and personal development seminars. The most important thing I did overall was I became disciplined in DAILY MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES ..I tracked the activities, and adjusted according to my results. I found that nothing stopped me, because FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION I have never thought of any other way.

I partnered with someone who believes in me, and it turned out he probably believed in me a lot more than I did at the time. My husband Larry comes from a 25 year background in the industry. He is Multi-Million Dollar Earner, is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and mentored many to five and six figure success.

Together we became an unstoppable team, because we wanted all the same things..We have gone on to create amazing things in especially the last 9 years. We have built relationships all over the world, and formed some fantastic organizations. Sometimes we have an unconventional way of doing things, but one thing you will learn about us is we are all about POSSIBILITIES. We work very hard to build long term, strong relationships with each person we work with. We won’t have it any other way. That is the strategy we teach, along with the simple daily disciplines of the business.

We believe strongly in teaching you how to rely on tools and systems, rather than “selling and explaining”. People don’t want to be sales people, and are not looking for sales people. Right? This frees you up to blossom as a marketer while you make money. We have many people making money on our team immediately, because we teach them our simple strategies, that NEVER FAIL. The key is consistency, activity and application.

Our key focus is especially on partnering with dynamic people and teaching highly sought after business strategies that move leaders to a much higher level in their business, beyond the traditional methods.

We work out of our home in Salt Lake City Utah, and have 6 grown children between us, and 5 grandchildren who we adore spending time with as much as we can. We would love to get to know you