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I am so pleased to thank my good friend Mandy Allen for nominating me for the

Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


I was so honored to receive this wonderful award and to be included among some of the best bloggers online..Some real FEMALE Power Houses!!

What is the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award?

The award is passed from sister blogger to sister blogger and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award.

  1. 1.  You have to thank the person who gave it to you.
  2. 2.  You have to post 7 things about yourself.
  3. 3.  You have to nominate 7 others and let them know they have been nominated.
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I have been pleased to lead a group of dynamic ladies for the past two months in my tribe,

The Networking Superstars. We have been meeting weekly on Google hangouts

and getting to know each other, while having great fun. Just some of the things we’ve accomplished:

  • Come up with many new blog post ideas and ideas to further our marketing efforts that have turned into S-A-L-E-S
  • Can you say C-H-A-C-H-I-N-G $$$$ ? … or with these ladies maybe it’s Cha..Cha Cha CHING!!!
  • Talked about motivations for buying psychology (Thanks Miriam!)
  • Viral video, tagging and how to do it right
  • Plugins, Widgets, and Affiliate ideas from both Beth and Mandy wow!
  • Prospecting and how to talk to people, close sales, use your Up Line, tools, 3-ways, & using the telephone more!
  • Syndication, commenting and the value of ramping up your comments each week.
  • We laughed, joked and were silly-heads some of the time too!!
  • The bottom line… if you are not in Networking Superstars, you should be. We’ve all amped up our productivity, seen huge growth in our traffic and for me FOLLOWING and Internet Presence..and that is the goal, of the leader, my good friend and productivity coach/internet marketing mentor  Gavin Mountford the leader and founder of the tribe that has exploded since June of 2012.

I fell in love with these great women:

Mandy Allen

Janelle Wright

Beth Hewitt

Kerris Torkington

Miriam Buhr

You can check out my newly revised About Me page for the full story, but here’s some interesting things about me!

1. I am a sensitive woman, who wears her HEART right out on her sleeve. My emotions probably get me in trouble, but it’s also what my friends and loved ones have always loved most about me, because they can read me, and see themselves in me like a mirror.

2. I am told I am a great listener. I always have been. Even when I was in grade school, my friends would come and unload their problems on my shoulder and I would just LISTEN and be there for them.

3. I love to connect with people on a heart to heart level, and make them feel special. I am not about superficial bullshit. I like to know what is most important to you, and why. I really care about you, your family and your life. If I get to know you, I want it to be for the long haul hopefully. [click to continue…]


You are in for a real treat!

Gavin Mountford “The Networking Superstar”

Make some quiet time, grab some note paper and a cold drink…

A VERY SUCCESSFUL Online Marketer, Leader & Teacher

Gavin Mountford

will give you the goods!

If you want to know more about how this very nice man, husband, new father and super successful full time entrepreneur got…

“40,866 FREE leads from the social networks in just 27 short months… “

Watch this intriguing interview…and make sure to hook up with Gavin to learn more!

In This Video You will Learn..

  • How Gavin Uses Facebook for Thousands of Free Leads

  • The Secrets To A Successful Blog

  • Why Syndication Is Key..and CAN Make You Money

  • Blogging Tips & Social Media Nuggets

  • Network Marketing Tips

Who Is Gavin Mountford?

Gavin really enjoys connecting with new people & turning them from strangers into friends. He lives in a small town near London in the UK with his wife Pippa, and his brand new baby daughter Charlotte, who they fondly call “Lottie”. He is a devoted new daddy.

At the time of shooting this interview, his wife was not yet expecting beautiful little Lottie!

But as you may or may not know Gavin and his wife Pippa became parents on January 10, 2011 as  Charlotte Ann Mountford was born weighing 6lb 3 oz.

In his free time, Gavin is totally head over heels for his daughter Lottie, as any new Daddy would be! Gavin loves traveling, playing the guitar, listening to music, exercising, personal development and spending time with family & friends.

One of Gavin’s true passion’s is learning how we, as people work, what makes us tick, and why do we do the things we do? Gavin’s been online for 5+ years & during that time he’s studied network marketing, Internet marketing, persuasion, influence & psychology and has been looking at ways to apply it to Facebook and the social networks.

I met Gavin online last summer when I was looking for some very specific direction in our business. He was able to provide this direction in a very professional and laser focused manner. In the process I was also pointed toward an entire network of people and tools to educate and advance my online knowledge so that I cut a year off my learning curve! Gavin introduced me to the Tribe Syndication Association, (TSA) and the value of syndicating blog content!  Up until that time I had been blogging out on the net solo, generating my own traffic. Becoming part of a community made a major difference for me! He also helped me get my personal branding graphics, including my blog header, youtube, twitter, and Facebook so that they were one uniform message.

Caring That Goes The Extra Mile (or Kilometer in England)

Gavin Mountford is one of the most professional, honest, and high integrity teachers offering value out on the internet. You cannot go wrong aligning yourself with anything he has to offer. Why am I raving so much? I am illustrating that there are leaders, and then there are exceptional, extraordinary leaders, who go ABOVE and BEYOND to coach, train, provide value and to make people feel special, cared about and assisted. This is Gavin. Though he is just as busy as the rest of us, and probably more so, he has taken time to personally stay in touch by skype, by personal heartfelt notes, and other ways of letting me know he is in my corner. You cannot buy that kind of leadership. It’s either there or it’s not. It’s called AUTHENTICITY. I know you’ve all been around the opposite!

Time Management

If you are struggling with your daily productivity and time management, Gavin is your man! I have learned some tremendous tricks and strategies that have significantly impacted my productivity through my time studying with Gavin. The Double Your Online Productivity system is jammed packed with education to help you to stop struggling with being disorganized, late, distracted, overwhelmed, exhausted, and WILL get you back on track to utilizing your time extremely effectively! Here is the Time management course I highly recommend: Go to:

You can learn more from Gavin at

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and hope you did too! I am especially enjoying bringing these very special connections to you, and look forward to the next one!

Please share your thoughts and personal stories of how you have connected with Gavin Mountford below!!


Laura Morris