Enthusiasm Flips the Switch!

by limitlesslaura

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” Do you think there’s truth to that? Look back over some of the highlights in your career, schooling, relationship, spiritual life, parenting or anything you’ve done that was  truly great, and bet you dollars to donuts that you were enthused when you accomplished it, and people could feel your enthusiasm!

A leader that I once worked with, used to have a saying that always stuck in my mind: “Knowledge is Power, but Enthusiasm flips the switch”.  What comes to mind when you read that? How does it make you feel? As long as you’re not dead, it should make you very excited! Knowledge IS power to be sure, and being a well informed, educated person will take you far in life. The thing is, it can be pretty boring listening to someone go on about a subject or even engage in a conversation when there’s no passion or enthusiasm. Have you ever sat through a class or lecture that you could not wait to get out of because it was so boring? I have a theory why that is. I think there’s only one reason such talks are boring. Either the teacher is not enthusiastic about what he or she is teaching or speaking about, or the listener has absolutely no interest and enthusiasm for the speaker. I LOVE listening to a passionate speaker! They are engaging, funny, and relate to us in the audience. I think it’s all about connection too.

What is enthusiasm? Is it mere excitement? If you ask most people, they would tell you it’s something more, but they can’t really put their finger on what that more is.. To me enthusiasm is a deep movement of the spirit that shows all over you in such a way that it moves others. It’s an emotional response that combines many feelings, of joy, excitement, anticipation, and other positive attraction.  It bubbles up inside you, and there’s a physical response in your stomach, and all over your body! When you are enthused, you are magnetic, persuasive (without trying) and the one people want to follow. The root of the word Enthusisam is “Enthos” which means Of-God or éntheos  having a god within.

Watch this video and tell me in the comments below how you feel after watching it.


 So How Can Enthusiasm Help You Do Better in Your Business? It’s Natural…

You might have heard the phrase “Ignorance on Fire beats Knowledge on Ice every time”. What this means is that if two sales people could go in to present to the same prospect, and one could be completely prepared with a notebook, power point, and all the facts and figures. He would present all the information perfectly and answer all the prospect’s questions.
The second sales person would show up a little late, with a big smile on his face and a story about his beautiful daughter that he just walked to the bus stop. She splashed mud on her dress, so they had to go home and put on a clean dress. “It was the best morning we’ve  ever had together, jumping in the puddles, holding hands, splashing each other and crunching the fall leaves under our feet”.
As the prospect is positively captivated by this story, the sales person asks, “How about your daughter, You have one about the same age don’t you? What’s her name?” and they spend the next 10 minutes talking about their daughters. The presentation is still made to the prospect, but in a much more passionate way, with far less detail.  The prospect hears “the music” more than the words. His passion comes through so LOUDLY, that the prospect just wants some of whatever he has.
Which salesperson do you think will get the sale?
You and I both know it’s sales person number two every time, because of his heartfelt enthusiasm and connection with his prospect. Now, I am most certainly NOT saying that you don’t have to be prepared for presentations, and up to your tasks. If you are a professional, you  should behave like one. What I AM saying is that you will be remembered for your “spark”, your personality, and your genuine enthusiasm about what you do, and your own life.
I’ve been around truly enthusiastic people  all my life,  that derive their enthusiasm spiritually and they are contagious! You just want to keep hanging around them because they make you feel so good. This is another quality. Enthusiasm is not so much about you as it is about others. Give of your energy and your time, and allow your cause to take on a life of its own.
The bottom line is that enthusiasm does FLIP THE SWITCH to create magic in almost all things you do! Just remember you hold the switch, and if you feel yourself in your head, get back to your heart, and touch that spirit of ENTHUSIASM, embrace it, and feel it! Give it away to others and it will GROW like a garden.