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What is your FIRST instinct or inclination when falling in love with a product, a service or a business? Most people want to share it with someone who means something to them personally, right?

Yet many, many folks in our industry are not comfortable doing that at fact, it’s one of reasons they are using other methods of marketing. I know, I know. You say “but that’s not me! I am not afraid! I just don’t want to talk to people, I would rather send email, and allow them to come to me! I would rather automate my business, so that it filters out the tire kickers.”

That’s fine, just know that you might be missing a huge element of network marketing…the HUMAN ELEMENT.

People thrive on connection, and actually looking in someone’s eyes (not only on video!) but in a real conversation!

Think of it this way…

As far as your Circle of Influence is concerned, we all have one. It’s a key part of our business, because these people know us, like us and trust us more than anyone else. Yet, these are the people that most reps are most reluctant to contact.

These are the people that can become your most LOYAL customers and raving fans. [click to continue…]