Let’s start a little outside the box…What do you thinkThe #1 Secret to Failure in MLM is? ..Giving Up!! Quitting!! Throwing in the towel; saying you can’t do it; saying yes to your j.o.b!

SO….What is The #1 Secret to SUCCESS IN MLM??

Be Here In A Year, and Vow That Failure is Not an Option!! The only way you can fail at this is if you quit. .You might have heard this before. But it is glossed over way too lightly. People drop like flies in our industry. Did you know that only 3% are making the good money?

We see it over, and over and over. People who join the business, call us and say “I am so excited, I am really going to make a lot of money!!” Do we believe them?  It may sound cruel but- never.They can be the biggest hot-shot.. We  like to say “honk as you’re goin’ by!!” They can have the best story, the best ideas, the best list, etc. But it is all talk, without a few things: COMMITMENT + PERSISTENCE + DETERMINATION + ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY

                         The most  critical ingredient. Secret to Success

by far that you need in your business is COMMITMENT. It’s sorely lacking all around us. Take a good look in your heart and ask your self, “How committed am I to making this work? Will I be doing this a year from now?

It all starts with a DECISION. The root of the word decision means to “cut off from any other possibility” So if you are TRULY COMMITTED, and you decide to make this’s a done deal!! YOU CAN RELAX!! The rest is just foot work!! There is NO other outcome!

But sometimes it doesn’t go so well, and there are bumps in the road. Times can get tough, and people say NO. Negative family and friends get us down.

You have to have Bull Dog Determination when you get in Network Marketing!! If you don’t, the first disappointment that comes along will blow you right out of the business. It’s like this: If you purchase a franchise like a McDonald’s, you are going to invest about a quarter of a million dollars or more. You are going to go through very specific, intensive training, and be given many specialized tools to set up your restaurant exactly like all the other McDonald’s in a systematized way. Do you think that if you open your restaurant, and had a bad first week, or even first month, you would even dream of walking away? Of course not. Yet people do it every day in network marketing, like it’s a throw away. Why do you think it is so easy to walk away from? The cost of entry is low – The price you pay if you walk away is practically nothing – you are only letting one person down usually, yourself, or maybe a spouse, and no premium is put on you quitting!!

What if you HAD TO STICK IT OUT NO MATTER WHAT?? How would you approach your business every day, if you knew you and your family’s LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? I am not kidding. Online marketing business is getting more and more expensive when you add up all the things you need to be successful. So you have some investment. That’s a very good thing!!

Many people in this industry, especially the part-timers (which are the majority of your downline) approach the business like a HOBBY. So guess how it pays them? Like a HOBBY!

True commitment IS the Secret to Success,

application of your time, and investment of your commitment will yield huge benefits. Add to that some tracking and accountability, which changes your daily method of operation from hobby-like, to business-like, and you now have the makings of some real income producing activities! Keep accurate records, and plan your time accordingly. For instance, if you were doing a hobby, you might spend two hours on the internet surfing, and pay no mind to what sites you were on and what you did. For your business, you might pre plan your time and those same two hours, you can record one hour blog syndications, and 30 minutes making videos, 30 minutes following up on friending strategies on Facebook etc. Then you are effectively using your time.

What about actual money making activities? Were any of the afore mentioned money making, or what we call revenue generating? A Money making activity is classified as any activity that progresses your prospect towards a decision for your primary business. There are many, many other activities that circle around and lead up to money making activities, such as social media, blogging, syndicating, advertising, webinars, trainings, video marketing etc. You can generate all the leads in the world, build all the relationships on facebook etc. You can have tons of friends but what are they worth to you if you are not translating them into sales?

So in closing, look down the road to December 16,2013. What will your business look like? What is your commitment level right now? How serious are you about your primary company and completing the goals you set? You can achieve your dreams with an unwavering commitment to yourself and the decision you make to overcome absolutely any obstacle that comes your way. If you are persistent and consistent day in and day out with the money making activities required, and you keep on going….YOU WILL WIN!!! There is no other possibility. Remember, when you ask “What is the Secret to Success…The only way you can fail is if you quit, so just tell yourself right now FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…I WILL BE HERE IN ONE YEAR!


Hi Friends,

I have been meaning to post these videos for a while!

These are two essential bookmarking tools that have made my life so much easier.

Since you may be taking advantage of Tribe Syndication

and are using many of the vast array of social media sites, internet tools and systems that could potentially clog up your bookmarks, I wanted to show you a cool way to organize them easily.

These two ideas have saved me hours.

I want to caution you…Adding on anything to Mozilla Firefox has it’s drawbacks, so please be CAREFUL!!

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The Synergy of Tribe Marketing

by limitlesslaura

You’ve probably heard the saying that “there’s strength in numbers” right?What if I told you that one simple action you could participate in could drastically affect your:

  • Blog traffic
  • Internet presence
  • Brand message reception
  • Online & Offline relationships
  • Sales
  • Sponsorships
  • Following

Synergy: “The combination of factors which each multiply the effects of the other(s) rather than merely adding to them.”

There are certain universal laws that are fixed, and the law of synergy is one of them. It says that the resulting actions of the collective as a WHOLE are far greater than those individually, and in fact are exponentially multiplied. It’s this law that can help you become a VERY successful entrepreneur, if committed to and applied correctly.

In this case I’m referring to Tribes and more specifically utilizing a blogging Tribe community to catapult your popularity and followers. How would you like it if you had an audience that could not wait to read what you had to say next?! This is the kind of following that all top marketers and frankly all top bloggers and good communicators in business have. Remember the commercial “When E.F. Hutton talks..everyone listens”.  That’s the ultimate audience..and that’s what’s possible for you, with tribe marketing.

Tribes are  nothing more than communities of people with one common purpose. The book by the same name Tribes by Seth Godin started a social media revolution in 2008, through his concept as he is the first to point out in his book is as old as time:

‘A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. For millions of years human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate…Tribes need leadership. Sometimes one person leads, sometimes more. People want connection and growth and something new. The want change…You can’t have a tribe without a leader, and you can’t be a leader without a tribe…Human beings can’t help it, we need to belong. One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like minded people. We are drawn to leaders and their ideas, and we can’t resist the rush of belonging and the thrill of the new…All of it is worthless if you don’t decide to lead. All of it goes to waste if your leadership is compromised, if you settle, if you don’t commit.”

Seth Godin ~ Tribes

So What’s In It For You?

The reason tribes are so powerful are many. The internet is a vast and VERY crowded place. When people come to your blog, what is it they expect to see? Activity! There is nothing more drab, and frankly a turn off than a blog that looks like nobody visits it. Conversely, think of visiting a blog that has lots of comments, shares, tweets etc. It feels exciting! You get the immediate feeling like this person has something going on, and people like to come back often! Not only that YOU become the person to DO BUSINESS with. Isn’t that the bottom line? [click to continue…]


You are in for a real treat!

Gavin Mountford “The Networking Superstar”

Make some quiet time, grab some note paper and a cold drink…

A VERY SUCCESSFUL Online Marketer, Leader & Teacher

Gavin Mountford

will give you the goods!

If you want to know more about how this very nice man, husband, new father and super successful full time entrepreneur got…

“40,866 FREE leads from the social networks in just 27 short months… “

Watch this intriguing interview…and make sure to hook up with Gavin to learn more!

In This Video You will Learn..

  • How Gavin Uses Facebook for Thousands of Free Leads

  • The Secrets To A Successful Blog

  • Why Syndication Is Key..and CAN Make You Money

  • Blogging Tips & Social Media Nuggets

  • Network Marketing Tips

Who Is Gavin Mountford?

Gavin really enjoys connecting with new people & turning them from strangers into friends. He lives in a small town near London in the UK with his wife Pippa, and his brand new baby daughter Charlotte, who they fondly call “Lottie”. He is a devoted new daddy.

At the time of shooting this interview, his wife was not yet expecting beautiful little Lottie!

But as you may or may not know Gavin and his wife Pippa became parents on January 10, 2011 as  Charlotte Ann Mountford was born weighing 6lb 3 oz.

In his free time, Gavin is totally head over heels for his daughter Lottie, as any new Daddy would be! Gavin loves traveling, playing the guitar, listening to music, exercising, personal development and spending time with family & friends.

One of Gavin’s true passion’s is learning how we, as people work, what makes us tick, and why do we do the things we do? Gavin’s been online for 5+ years & during that time he’s studied network marketing, Internet marketing, persuasion, influence & psychology and has been looking at ways to apply it to Facebook and the social networks.

I met Gavin online last summer when I was looking for some very specific direction in our business. He was able to provide this direction in a very professional and laser focused manner. In the process I was also pointed toward an entire network of people and tools to educate and advance my online knowledge so that I cut a year off my learning curve! Gavin introduced me to the Tribe Syndication Association, (TSA) and the value of syndicating blog content!  Up until that time I had been blogging out on the net solo, generating my own traffic. Becoming part of a community made a major difference for me! He also helped me get my personal branding graphics, including my blog header, youtube, twitter, and Facebook so that they were one uniform message.

Caring That Goes The Extra Mile (or Kilometer in England)

Gavin Mountford is one of the most professional, honest, and high integrity teachers offering value out on the internet. You cannot go wrong aligning yourself with anything he has to offer. Why am I raving so much? I am illustrating that there are leaders, and then there are exceptional, extraordinary leaders, who go ABOVE and BEYOND to coach, train, provide value and to make people feel special, cared about and assisted. This is Gavin. Though he is just as busy as the rest of us, and probably more so, he has taken time to personally stay in touch by skype, by personal heartfelt notes, and other ways of letting me know he is in my corner. You cannot buy that kind of leadership. It’s either there or it’s not. It’s called AUTHENTICITY. I know you’ve all been around the opposite!

Time Management

If you are struggling with your daily productivity and time management, Gavin is your man! I have learned some tremendous tricks and strategies that have significantly impacted my productivity through my time studying with Gavin. The Double Your Online Productivity system is jammed packed with education to help you to stop struggling with being disorganized, late, distracted, overwhelmed, exhausted, and WILL get you back on track to utilizing your time extremely effectively! Here is the Time management course I highly recommend: Go to:

You can learn more from Gavin at

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and hope you did too! I am especially enjoying bringing these very special connections to you, and look forward to the next one!

Please share your thoughts and personal stories of how you have connected with Gavin Mountford below!!


Laura Morris


Aside from being an AMAZING Competitive  SKATEBOARDER..Matthew Neer is a dedicated Entrepreneur who is far, far ahead of most people online at mastering the skills necessary to be successful. After spending time with Matthew, I see it as two things: He has a high level of passionate dedication to what he is doing, with a “determination to be the best attitude”. Secondly , Matthew is excited about marketing, and is joyous in his approach..”It’s all good” he says..and I LOVE THAT!!!! Consequently he has created several six figure online enterprises. So we can learn much from this young -HOT entrepreneur.

How would you like to know the REAL DEAL on Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and  the FASTEST WAY to get to the TOP of GOOGLE??

Matthew Neer is your man!

I sat down with this very SHARP marketer last fall..

Matthew says: “#1 Blogging Tip: Typically when most people come online and find out about blogging and WordPress they go on a massive hunt for the best possible free themes they can find.
What they don’t realize is that free themes are free for a reason, because most of them suck.

And while it may be a little bit of an extra expense I really do believe that if you just invest a little bit of money for a super high quality, premium WordPress theme in the long run you will get more exposure and more leads from your blog because it will be completely unique.

I highly recommend you check out

They have an extremely low priced membership, they have the best support forum I have ever come across and they come out with 2 new themes every single month at no extra charge to you.

The #1 mistake I made when I first started blogging that I would save other newbie bloggers from is Keyword Targeting.

It wasn’t until a year after I started blogging that I realize WordPress blogs can literally dominate the front page of Google in just a few hours.

For example, I am ranking on the first page of Google for multiple long tail company keyword phrases. Which result in me getting hundreds of hits to my blog every single day.

To do this, it is actually really simple. There are just a few key steps that you must follow, I’ll give you the basics right now.

  • First include your long tail keyword phrase in the title of your post and include it in the Permalink of your post.
  • Once you have that done, the secret is to use the keyword phrase again in the first 160 character of your blog post and hyperlink that keyword phrase because Google will pick up on that and rank you higher.
  • Then the rest is really just a matter of writing a really high quality article and including a keyword density of about 3%-8% throughout your whole article. This will rank you very well in Google every single time.

My favorite plugin has to be the Digg Digg plugin because it allows you to include the Tweet buttons, Facebook share buttons, and really just so much more to make it REALLY easy for other people to syndicate your blog.

However, the most practical plugin I have found by far is Google XML Sitemaps in reference to SEO because you can program that sucker to send updates to Google every single hour making your blog get indexed SUPER quickly!”

Check out Matthew’s Blog.

Here is my Video Interview with Matthew Neer that includes Specific Training on HOW to SEO YOUR POSTS!!


I read a fantastic article today on Linnea Kline’s Blog that was so good I wanted to post it here for my readers! Linnea is an excellent Social Media Teacher and Online Marketing Coach. I went to her blog today and started by reading one post that naturally led me to another, that led me to this one. If you have been struggling at all with content, I hope you enjoy this very rich article.


Some folks have been inquiring how I added my ebook photo to the optin form to the right. I was having a hard time finding what I wanted, so I decided to create it myself. This is what I came up with. You could always do the same thing with a simple text widget and html code, but this is an easy alternative for the person who does not want to mess with that.

I am using the free trial version of Camtasia Studio in this video, before I shell out the $299. I love it! I have recorded several videos for my sales funnel and I can see it is going to be extremely worth investing the money for our business.

This is a short tip this week, but I hope it is something you will all benefit from!


It’s easy to forget the most important concepts under stress, when you’re busy building a business and attending webinars, soaking up education. I had forgotten a very critical principal this week.  Your MLM “PhD” is A Continuing Education Worth Millions because you are always learning something new to make yourself more valuable to your readers, your down line, your sales force, your students, your family and yourself . There is no amount of time or money that should not be sacrificed to make you as valuable as you can possibly be! Here’s why:                                                          

  • When you invest in yourself you are adding to your personal library of knowledge that will be with you forever. Nobody can take away what you know. You can take it anywhere, do anything with it. I have seen the libraries of Multi-Million dollar earners, and I can tell you they are vast. Heck our library is vast! A top money earner is always reinvesting a good portion of his or her income back into more knowledge!
  • You become extremely attractive with the more education you participate in. Sharing value with our readers is the name of the game!! If you don’t have anything valuable to bring to the table, well, your blog will not be interesting or engaging, and it won’t attract readers. Giving value is what makes you stand out, makes you a trusted advisor, liked as an individual, and perceived as a leader. The more tips, ideas, training, and help you can share with your readers or followers, the more you will find them “coming back for more”! [click to continue…]


Warning: This is a “Think Outside The Box Concept” !! But if you stick with me..I promise you will dig it.Stay tuned guys, because in this article I am going to show you why  Blogging Other People’s Popular Content is totally OK if you do it correctly. It can bring you for Lots of Traffic! My world was ROCKED this week by the web’s #1 Blogger Ty Tribble who rolled out his highly anticipated MLM Blog Code. As a new student of Ty’s I have been blown away by the information in his first value packed product that was released earlier in June, MLM Blog Secrets, in which Ty gives you every single solitary detail you need to get a perfect blog up and running as a new blogger. He goes over Themes, Content Creation, How to Generate Traffic, Plugins, Optins and so much more!! If you are a blogger at any stage I would highly recommend this BARGAIN of only $40 and grab this product for your library!! [click to continue…]


Whew…what a whirlwind it has been researching, watching, building, blogging, facebooking, tweeting etc, all the while “being self taught” by this wonderful medium, The Worldwide Web!! Wow, I am amazed at the knowledge I have amassed over the past 3 years, yet still feel very much a student.  We used to say “Is this going to bring some return?…(in the early days) and then the leads began to drip in, and the relationships were built and vice versa!. People joined our teams. This stuff was actually working!

Yet when i look at my contemporaries, I must speak honestly I have so far to go. I have created 2 niche blogs, and some landing pages, built organizations, yet I feel like a baby when it comes to social media. I am a self proclaimed continuing social media student. People do business with those they like and trust, and I am no expert yet! I have much to share, but what is so wonderful about being part of the social media world is that I have much to learn and that is OK!! [click to continue…]