30-day Video Challenge

This is a video I made in 2010, and it’s very timely for where I am right now. Happiness is very much a choice..so back by popular demand

Are you putting off your happiness because you think “Someday when I have X…THEN I will REALLY be Happy”? This is a very common tale. I got caught in this trap. I was pretty miserable, years ago. I was focused on the wrong things. It all starts with a decision…  Btw..here’s the start of my 30 day video challenge!

It was such a pleasure making this video, because it came from my heart. I remember that day. I can tell you that I have unhappy moments, and all is not roses. But for the most part, I love my life. I want this for each and every one of you!  It begins with Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Every day. Say it in such a way that it makes your heart swell, and you feel moved almost to tears for all that you are blessed with. If you don’t feel like this right off the bat, it might take some time.

Life can be complicated. Many people are struggling right now, and things might be painful I realize that. But what I want to impart is what my good friend Wayne Dyer says : “If you change the way you look at things..the things you look at change” and they will!! What you FOCUS on ..you get more of.

Focus on Joy & Thanks


This is this the question that as old as the hills. It has been hotly debated over living room coffee tables and network marketing meeting rooms all over the country. There is a method that works, and a road that you need to go down. Be sure to refer to Tim Sales’ article on the subject.

What do you think?

Please comment below and tell us what you normally lead with…Product or Opportunity?

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Masterminds For Success

by limitlesslaura

Have you got a great idea that you have been waiting to implement on your blog? How about an exciting promotion to run with your team? Or have you been simply DRY when it comes to ideas? It’s ok!! There’s a reason we all live on this big – wide – wonderful planet together!! I believe we exist to put our minds together! In The book by Napoleon Hill “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement” He writes

“No on has ever attained outstanding success in anything without the MASTERMIND PRINCIPLE. No one mind is complete by itself. All truly great minds have been reinforced through contact with others that allowed them to grow and expand”.

Here are the 4 Steps To Andrew Carnegie’s Mastermind Formula:

1. Know Your Purpose! What are you looking to create? Are you forming a Mastermind to a move your business forward? Is the purpose to come up with ideas on how to monetize your Social Media, and turn it into cash flow?  There must be what Napoleon Hill calls a “definite of purpose” where you know exactly what the group wants. Perhaps it sounds like it’s putting the cart before the horse, but you can’t find team members until you know what kind of people to look for. Make sense? If for instance your purpose was all about strengthening your Prospecting and Telephone skills, and your Mastermind was going to meet to do Live Prospecting calls, you would  need to establish a very clear cut objective: “Our purpose is to become FEARLESS, HIGH POSTURE PROSPECTORS.  We will meet and develop our skills by making LIVE CALLS to our leads, and critique each other”

2. Select The Members - Decide what kind of strengths and skills your members require for the Mastermind to be successful. For instance, In the above example if it were me, I would look for someone with lots of experience on the phone, so they could coach and assist the others in talking to people, and getting past blocks and fears. In fact  back years ago, that’s exactly what my Mastermind at that time did! We met on the phone a couple times a week and PROSPECTED LIVE! Talk about jumping in the water and swimming! We got over our fears real fast, and got good at the phone! It was not a chit-chat session, it was for critique and SERIOUS BUSINESS. DO NOT pick people only because you are friends, because you like them or feel sorry for them.

3. Determine The Rewards!! This is really fun..and quite different than the purpose. For instance on the above example, the rewards would be overcoming fears, more confidence, a new sense of professionalism, personal power.

4. Decide the Time & Place – Be Committed To That – Once you get your established time, it’s really important that the people of the group respect the others in the group for their time, and be committed to the Mastermind. Amazing things will come out of it!

Hope you enjoyed this video and post. If you did , please comment below and share it with your friends on the social sites.

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