Dedicated to my father

Newell Morris

a professional photographer in the old Hollywood Glamour Days, founder of Newell Color Lab Inc. and one of the pioneers of the first color film process for photos.

My favorite photo of my soul mate.. yeah it’s corny.. but so true.

Favorite photo of my son Nathan

 This is me at 4.. everyone needs one photo like this to remember their inner kid

Japan March 2011

The last time I spent happy time with my beloved brother Bob in 2009.

He died March 5, 2014

A delicious moment with my grandson Hunter

Life is about moments, isn’t it?

Larry and granddaughter McKenzie at Disneyland in 2011

Trip to Japan in 2012

7000 year old Osaka Castle in Osaka city, Japan



Little Japanese school children on a field trip to Osaka Castle. I thought the purity in this was beautiful.


Woman wearing a Traditional Japanese Kimono and dancing for us in Okinawa Japan.

Osaka Castle

Inside Mrs Oshiro’s home in Okinawa

Osaka Castle

The Golden Buddha

 Beautiful evening shot of the “straight and narrow path” to the Temple with a full moon above in South Jordan Utah.

My son paying his homage to Los Angeles, our home town.

My astounding daughter Rachel


Interesting shape appeared after making pumpkin loaf. Maybe it was a sign from God. You know..”The loaves and the fishes”

Magnificent Buddha outside of a restaurant here in Salt Lake City

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