How to Handle The Skeptics in Your Life

by limitlesslaura

You’ll know You are a True LEADER… when a Skeptic gets you FIRED Up, but You Don’t Play

Do you get riled up when someone you admire or care about comes down on the negative side of your entrepreneurial passion? Your Precious Business?  If you are serious about what you do, the people you work with and especially the company, it’s structure, comp plan and owners…

When Skeptics Can’t Get to You..You’re No Longer In IT..


Here’s Why:

It’s usually your friends and family who don’t understand what you do for a living. You know the drill..Aunt Martha (the Skeptic) is over for Sunday dinner and the conversation gets around to “So Bob, how’s that selling thingy-ma-jiggy that you were doing.Did that ever pan out?” She follows with.. “Oh dear, it’s ok, those things never DID work out for you anyway… There all a bunch of get rich quick scams, especially the Internet ones. Your uncle has checked them all out”.

(well then it must be gospel right?) Couldn’t you just laugh? or scream!!?

Years ago I used to come back with all the reasons the skeptics were wrong, and fight, fight, fight. Then it occurred to me…The ONLY way Aunt Martha would realize I had any credibility, and my business was legit, was to be WILDLY successful, and to help a large trainload of people after me to be wildly successful too.

Spouses can be tricky skeptics, because you have to LIVE with them. You must be STRONG guys..and fight the urge to prove anything. It won’t matter. They will stand their ground, because they have seen you either have mediocre success or even fail over and over and over.The only thing that will satisfy them is CASH and LOTS of it coming in on a consistent basis. That’s a high pressure environment to live in and work in, and I commend anyone who can pull it off.

If you are blessed with a supportive spouse, you are very fortunate, or even better a business partner like Larry & I have chosen to work it. We found when we met that we had the same dream, and we doubled our efforts!

What about colleagues? Do you have friends or coworkers who criticize what you do? Maybe these skeptics don’t believe your company is real. Maybe they are from the old school and think you’re crazy to put a dime into internet marketing when millions of people are competing on Google every day.

Talk is cheap. There is nothing that satisfies skeptics like REAL RESULTS. Nothing will make a person shut the “f” up like cold hard undeniable results. Especially if you’re not the only one having them but you’re team is too.

Being defensive, lashing out, and giving lots of excuses..does not “excuse” you from getting results.  Appreciate the opinion of others even if you don’t particularly like it. You never know when that person’s loyalty could be critical to you.

Ask questions in return, and be smart. Ask why it so important to them… Some of these critics make this negativity part of their life, like they have something to prove to the world. That’s a heavy sack to carry around. Show some caring and understanding instead of anger.  Don’t engage the negative people the way they expect you to. Most skeptics will just go away, because you won’t fight them, and they are looking for a good fight!

You can always take the attitude like my good friend Lisa Kitter, a well know industry trainer, author, coach and radio host.

I’ve been a home-based business owner for 20 years and I realize that skeptics come with the territory. I understand that some people consider themselves to be “victims” of the entrepreneur world and therefore they become skeptical as to whether it is possible, to make money, by working from home.Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is all about Risk and Reward. 

It truly drives me crazy when people say they were “burned” in a network marketing or home based business venture! You can’t be skeptical and expect to win in life! 

Come on…what does that mean? Burned? Really? Look, either you’re an entrepreneur or not.

If you are an entrepreneur,  then you realize that simply enrolling into a program/company isn’t enough and the money is not going to fall from the sky You must roll your sleeves up and “Go To Work!” 


I’m a sensitive spiritual, heart centered woman who just doesn’t believe there’s an impossible anything. My joy comes from inspiring growth, and empowering others to bust through their limits. I have fought and overcome chronic illness in my life, and many obstacles while pursuing and living my dreams, with persistence and determination. Mental health awareness and ending the stigma associated with it is a cause that’s very important to me. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful life of Robin Williams and all he gave to the world.

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