The Power of I AM in Your Life

by limitlesslaura

This entire week I have been marinating in these words

“What follows the “I AM” will always come looking for you”. Pastor Joel Osteen

It all started on Sunday, when I flipped on the TV menu and saw that Oprah’s #lifeclass guest was Pastor Joel Osteen, the man who says “anything is possible if you have the FAITH to BELIEVE IT” (a man after my own HEART!)

The subject was “The Power of I AM“.  Excitement, joy, and  feelings of spiritual confirmation came over me as if I was in THE exact right place at THE exact right time, and about to hear, exactly what not only I needed to hear, but what God was looking to deliver to my SOUL.  Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes, there are messages in our lives that we not only need to hear once, we may need to hear them over and over and over because they are so life changing, and are literally life altering if we humble ourselves enough to allow them to be. They can possibly be gifts that can DEFINE the entire course of our lives, if we internalize them, and put them to work. What’s the key?

I think it’s all in how OPEN our heart is to receiving the message,

and how consciously humble we are to allowing it in.


The POWER of The I AM

What we tell ourselves has everything to do with who we think we are and believe we are. I don’t want to steal any of the thunder away from this AMAZING SERMON.. or Oprah’s Life Class Here. You owe it to your Life to take the time (book mark this page and watch BOTH!) The Life Classes all follow Oprah’s 2 minute video.  I want to just add a couple of my own personal thoughts of what the power of THE I AM has meant in my life.

When I was a very young girl, I allowed my parents to tell me I was “only an average student”.  I believed it. Their parents had told them the same thing. I know it was not intentional. Sometimes parents say things that they don’t realize make lasting damage. I went all through school as a B- student, thinking I would not accomplish “greatness”. It was not until I was in my teens that I said




I attended a personal development course at 18 called Lifespring (Founded by John Hanley, Jr. and originally an offshoot of Werner Ehrhardt’s EST) and began delving into my own self growth more deeply. It was then that I KNEW 100% that I was BORN for greatness and so were all of God’s children if they allowed themselves to be.

What I learned ON A DEEP LEVEL was that it was in what we SAID to ourselves each moment, and BELIEVE, and thus how we FEEL (the Law of Attraction) that creates the COURSE of our lives.

I was on fire inside and burning to get my hands on anything and everything about touching this place in me! I wanted to take on the world, and change the world, at a very young age.

I became a busy wife, mother, part time college student, entrepreneur. I was doing it all… Until..

Doing too much at one time created the “dis-ease” in my body of what the doctors told me then was MS in 1992, after about three years of seeing many doctors.  I refused to accept it. I never believed it, and for some reason, I chose to not “tag” myself with that label. I never owned the “I have MS” label. I walked into an MS support group one day, and I looked in everyone’s eyes and said to myself, I cannot accept this, I WILL NOT accept this.

I went to the top MS Clinic at UCLA and had a full work up, and have had 6 MRI’s over 10 years. All the reports say “This woman displays the signs and characteristics of a person with MS, but we are not willing to give a definitive  diagnoses” So no doc was willing to put on paper that I did or did not have it. To ME that was GREAT news!!

Yet, 10 years later I get to Salt Lake City and a new doctor tells me “You don’t have MS! You have Fibromyalgia” and what do I do? I bought it! Why? I think because a doctor was willing to tell me that I did NOT have MS, and that I (only) had Fibro. So my mind wrapped itself around it tightly…along with ALL THE CHRONIC PAIN and I owned the fibromyalgia for over ten years, and held on to it.

Instead I could have said “I was told my body displays the symptoms of..”

IMAGINE if I had rejected the diagnoses and said all along,

I am strong healthy, and I feel great.


If someone asked me what’s “wrong with me”, I could have responded…I don’t know, I am getting better every day.

Since changing my mind about being well, and the mind-body connection, I am out of pain. I made the decision months ago. I think everyone on the social networks is seeing the change in me. It’s not just about a product that has taken my health back to feeling BETTER than I did in my 30’s before I got sick,  and the weight I have lost, which is a HUGE factor, it has everything to do with MY MINDSET…and the DECISION I made to BE WELL. I would have never found these great tools to get well, without the decision!

This message from Joel Osteen has re-rocked my world because it has given me the opportunity to spread this message to each person, how powerful our words are, no matter how small we think they are. I hear things like

  • “I am so tired today”
  • “We are so broke”
  • “We never have enough money to pay our bills”
  • “My business is growing slowly” OR “Nobody is doing anything in my group” OR “I just can’t sponsor anyone good!”

Change these to:

  • I have tons of energy and I feel fantastic!!
  • We always have more than enough money and God always provides
  • Our bills are always paid in full in month
  • My business is on fire! my distributors are all working hard and duplicating my efforts!
  • Each person I sponsor is better than the last!

Examine Your I AM… What are you speaking over YOUR life?

I’m a sensitive spiritual, heart centered woman who just doesn’t believe there’s an impossible anything. My joy comes from inspiring growth, and empowering others to bust through their limits. I have fought and overcome chronic illness in my life, and many obstacles while pursuing and living my dreams, with persistence and determination. Mental health awareness and ending the stigma associated with it is a cause that’s very important to me. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful life of Robin Williams and all he gave to the world.

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