The #1 Reason for Failure in MLM

by limitlesslaura

As you look at the Rank reports and magazines or promotions that come out at the end of the month from your network marketing company, you can see very quickly, that there is TONS of room at the TOP!

The less difficult ranks have lots of people on those lists, because those ranks are very attainable.

Why is that?

I would venture to say It’s no secret that a very small percentage of people have the true walkaway “dream” success that they talk about on the stages of network marketing events, but at the same time it IS

100% ATTAINABLE by each and every one of you.

The question is…Do YOU believe it is FOR YOU?

Why is there so much room at the top?

One thing guys…


When I talk to my people who are not succeeding ..and I really get down to the meat and potatoes of it, yes you can blame it on not having enough people to talk to, but there are more than enough lead generation systems available online these days.

Not to mention, any serious network marketer, and even part-timer worth their salt, should be talking to people they know in their circle of influence if they are trained properly by their up line or sponsor.

This includes meeting people on the social media outlets too.

You spend an awful lot of time on Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter (come’s just a fact of life nowadays gang).

Are you actually converting those people into leads for your business that you actually

S-P-E-A-K   T-O ?

Social media can be your BEST FRIEND! It can be a source of never ending free leads in fact, IF and this is a BIG IF, you know how to transition those people off the computer and on to the telephone (or skype call, video call, google hangout)

So..If SPEAKING to people is the NAME of the GAME..

Why isn’t everyone doing it? Why isn’t everyone sponsoring 2-3 new reps into their business each week, and rising to the top of their company?

Like I said…F-E-A-R..

It’s intimidating TO TALK TO PEOPLE..Why do you think Internet Marketing is such a huge enterprise?

For 3 years straight, from 2009-2011 the internet marketing online trends were sending a message that “old school” was DEAD, and you did not have to call your circle of influence to succeed in our industry!!

The Old School guys and gals were polarized and in (our camp) I guess you could say.

We were a little ticked really, because we KNOW that’s simply NOT TRUE!! Billions of dollars have been made, and Millions of families have been supported through Old School techniques…

The New School Guys and Gals had an equally powerful message, saying that “their way” was going to change The Industry, and for a time, MANY people wanted to believe it could be 100% online without ever talking to a person. Don’t get me wrong..SOME very GOOD marketers CAN do it, and YOU CAN TOO, if you want to learn content production, and certain strategies, that will take TIME, BUILDING YOUR BRAND.

It  finally came around…in 2011..and everyone sang “Kum-BaYah” realizing that it was NOT COOL to send this message..

It had DIVIDED our Industry.. and nobody wants that! We are THE GREATEST INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD!!

Well, Flash forward to 2012 when New School and Old School have married very nicely, Watch this incredible series of interviews with Jonathan Budd and Eric Worre. which has proven that we must


to truly become successful. That is the wave of the future. People will not be able to get along without Social Media, Internet marketing knowledge…



Watch this important 1 minute video….


If your business is not growing, You must do something different..than you are doing now. Ask Yourself if Your Are:

  • Hesitant, reluctant or down-right terrified to call people?
  • Wasting money generating leads that you don’t contact or allow to “age”?
  • Frustrated because you have a great business, but don’t have the GUTS to tell people you KNOW about it?
  • Are you SPENDING lots of money every month…and not making much? or worse, not making anything?
  • Do you u have Big Dreams that you can see very clearly, but you just can’t seem to find a road map to get there?
  • Do you feel so close you can taste it, but you just can’t put your finger on what you’re doing wrong?

Pros seek the counsel of other Pros… The best consult the best, and adjust their marketing. They don’t sit in one place!

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I’m a sensitive spiritual, heart centered woman who just doesn’t believe there’s an impossible anything. My joy comes from inspiring growth, and empowering others to bust through their limits. I have fought and overcome chronic illness in my life, and many obstacles while pursuing and living my dreams, with persistence and determination. Mental health awareness and ending the stigma associated with it is a cause that’s very important to me. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful life of Robin Williams and all he gave to the world.

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