Top 10 Ways Ways to Ensure a Growing MLM Business

by limitlesslaura

1. Fill Your Pipeline Constantly with New People:

Talk to 3-5 new People a Day, depending if you are part time or full time. Constantly be building new relationships, generating leads, and putting people into your funnel. Whether they come out one side with a “Yes” (Yahoo!) or a No..they must always be replaced with more, so that you always have pending NEW business. If this process stops, YOU ARE OUT OF BUSINESS

2. Expose Your Product or Service at least 1 to 3 times a day

An exposure can be anything as simple as a quick a phone call to answer questions, all the way to something as complicated as a Super Saturday. Everything in between is an exposure leading up to the sale. If you find that you’re not making these exposures, you’re business might not be growing. Do something consistent for your business every single day to move it forward

3. Follow up, and Record

It won’t make a heap of difference how many great prospects you put into your pipeline f you don’t keep accurate track of them, and follow up with them on time. There are many good follow up systems out there to keep you on track with your computer, and that’s fine if you’d like to utilize one of those. The important thing is to USE it..every day! We have always found the simple stuff works best. If you decide you want to make it really simple, you can get a recipe card box, with divider tabs marked 1 through 31. Record each prospect on a card and file them under the date you promise the “next action” like send and email, take to a webinar or call them to follow up. Then each day, you’ll have a stack of cards which have your marching orders for the day!

4. Duplication and Utilizing Systems & Tools

This is probably the one factor that separates exponential results getters from the people who stay.. how shall we say, stuck! When you first get started, it is drilled into you to use the system that your company has provided for you. There are very few, if any worthwhile opportunities these days that don’t have killer online presentations, with capture pages.What’s the tendency of the newbie? Most newbies, be it many times out of pure excitement, want to tell the entire opportunity’s details to their friend in shotgun fashion. Does that work? What do you think…

The company and top income earners train you to POINT TO TOOLS, for a reason. It works!

Here’s Why:

  • You don’t have to know anything about the details of the opportunity yet you can go out an hour after you sign up and recruit your heart out…when you are the MOST excited! (which is the best time!)
  • The tools keep the message of the company CONSISTENT, so that a prospect can see the same message in India, as they would in Michigan.
  • It makes DUPLICATION simple. How hard is it to say “Here, watch this” while handing the person a cool DVD? ..not hard at all.
  • It makes the process APPEAR EASY to your PROSPECT, so that they can SEE THEMSELVES doing what you’re doing.
  • Note: Everything you do in the presentation process, should have this in mind. “Could my prospect see themselves doing this, and does it look doable?”

Some people get good at talking to people, but they may not be good at the most important part.. which you know is the transition to actually CLOSING the sale, and then duplicating that person into another one and so on. What is it that does that?

Tools and Systems. We call the Third Party Credibility.

What IS 3rd Party Credibility? 3-ways? well yes, but..

5. Relying on 3rd Party Credibility for Validation, to Close Sales

If you have been to this blog or had any experience of our training, you know that this is one of the KEY hinges of your business that we stress very heavily. We have a saying, that  “If you are not doing 3-way calls, you are probably not making money” You can read here on the how.

6. Build for Events

If your business is growing you are either just coming off the fever and excitement of the most recent event, or you are building to the next one. Events come in different shapes and sizes, like Super Saturdays, Webinars, or Regional/National Conferences. Naturally making sure YOU are always there is a MUST, but just as important is:

  • Your Newbies Attend
  • Your Team Attends (as many as you can get there)
  • Anyone Advancing in Rank is There especially, because they will be recognized on stage!
  • You will notice that your company will plan a big event every 90 days, and a yearly convention. Rule: DON’T EVER GO ALONE if you can help it!! When you get there and you experience the magic of the event you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t DRAG someone there! Every event we have gone to in our career has made up money!

7. Attending Conference Calls Regularly, ALWAYS with someone NEW

  • If you have recruited a new person, it’s a courtesy to 3-way them on to their first conference call, because then you KNOW they heard it!
  • Never attend calls alone if possible.
  • Support Team Calls weekly
  • Support Presentation Calls

8. Plug new reps into the system and help them to become system dependent instead of dependent on you.

Some newbies can take off and fly with no problem as long as you point them in the right direction, especially if they have a strong personality and purpose for doing the business. If you have a new person who has a little baggage coming in, such as previous failures in another business, it’s VERY important that you plug your newbie into the company or team systems and tools immediately upon enrollment to show them the high level of support  they will receive.

9. Know your Target Market inside out.

  • What’s important to them
  • Where do they go o the internet?
  • What are they most concerned about
  • Who do they like to hang out with
  • What gets them excited

When you know who you are marketing to, you can craft your messages to zero right in on them, like you’re speaking only to them. they will feel it and respond to it. Conversely, if you are just spraying your product message out there as if “it’s for everyone”, the message may get diluted, misunderstood, or even ignored amidst all the others exactly like it.

10. Participate in Rank Advancements, Promotions, Contests and A-O-M-A

  • Anything that keeps you in ALL-OUT-MASSIVE-ACTION-MODE is GREAT for keeping your business in MOMENTUM
  • Team promotions are a great way to keep your team motivated and there’s nothing wrong with a little competiton!
  • Advancing in Rank often will most assuredly keep your business on the move UP to six, multiple six and even seven figures ! Set those goals, keep teaching your people EXACTLY what you learned and plug them in!
  • Encourage Rank Advancing by making it an Elite status that everyone wants! The cool people rank advance. It’s true..BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKiNG more MONEY week in and week out , enjoying more perks, and the recognition many distributors thrive on.
  • Keep your “Eye on The Prize”, What’s your company Giving Away?

There is nothing more exciting than qualifying for a company award through the efforts of your entire team. It’s an electric feeling! In 3 days, we leave for Japan, because we qualified for such a trip, all expenses paid. We get to hang out and rub shoulders with the top of the company leadership, see old friend from around the country, exchange ideas, network, as well as enjoy making new friends.

Network marketing businesses are designed to grow and flourish when you follow some simple principles. If you find that your business stalls in growth, or your income is not where you want it to be, have a look back over this list and diagnose the problem. I can guarantee you’ll find the issue in #1 through 10. You may need to focus on just one area for a time period like follow up, or duplication. Once you have a breakthrough, you will know it, because you will see a bump in your checks! Who doesn’t want that?!

I’m a sensitive spiritual, heart centered woman who just doesn’t believe there’s an impossible anything. My joy comes from inspiring growth, and empowering others to bust through their limits. I have fought and overcome chronic illness in my life, and many obstacles while pursuing and living my dreams, with persistence and determination. Mental health awareness and ending the stigma associated with it is a cause that’s very important to me. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful life of Robin Williams and all he gave to the world.

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