October 2012

The Power of I AM in Your Life

by limitlesslaura

This entire week I have been marinating in these words

“What follows the “I AM” will always come looking for you”. Pastor Joel Osteen

It all started on Sunday, when I flipped on the TV menu and saw that Oprah’s #lifeclass guest was Pastor Joel Osteen, the man who says “anything is possible if you have the FAITH to BELIEVE IT” (a man after my own HEART!)

The subject was “The Power of I AM“.  Excitement, joy, and  feelings of spiritual confirmation came over me as if I was in THE exact right place at THE exact right time, and about to hear, exactly what not only I needed to hear, but what God was looking to deliver to my SOUL.  Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes, there are messages in our lives that we not only need to hear once, we may need to hear them over and over and over because they are so life changing, and are literally life altering if we humble ourselves enough to allow them to be. They can possibly be gifts that can DEFINE the entire course of our lives, if we internalize them, and put them to work. What’s the key?

I think it’s all in how OPEN our heart is to receiving the message,

and how consciously humble we are to allowing it in.


The POWER of The I AM

What we tell ourselves has everything to do with who we think we are and believe we are. I don’t want to steal any of the thunder away from this AMAZING SERMON.. or Oprah’s Life Class Here. You owe it to your Life to take the time (book mark this page and watch BOTH!) The Life Classes all follow Oprah’s 2 minute video.  I want to just add a couple of my own personal thoughts of what the power of THE I AM has meant in my life. [click to continue…]


This is an honest to goodness gut check video. If you are happy, making all the money you want.. DON’T watch this video!!

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The reality is, if you are not making plenty of money, you will probably be very surprised by the results of the test! You may not be surprised at all… and you know exactly what you have been avoiding…

Do you have the “Cajones” to honestly take it?

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As you look at the Rank reports and magazines or promotions that come out at the end of the month from your network marketing company, you can see very quickly, that there is TONS of room at the TOP!

The less difficult ranks have lots of people on those lists, because those ranks are very attainable.

Why is that?

I would venture to say It’s no secret that a very small percentage of people have the true walkaway “dream” success that they talk about on the stages of network marketing events, but at the same time it IS

100% ATTAINABLE by each and every one of you.

The question is…Do YOU believe it is FOR YOU?

Why is there so much room at the top?

One thing guys…


When I talk to my people who are not succeeding ..and I really get down to the meat and potatoes of it, yes you can blame it on not having enough people to talk to, but there are more than enough lead generation systems available online these days.

Not to mention, any serious network marketer, and even part-timer worth their salt, should be talking to people they know in their circle of influence if they are trained properly by their up line or sponsor.

This includes meeting people on the social media outlets too.

You spend an awful lot of time on Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter (come one..it’s just a fact of life nowadays gang).

Are you actually converting those people into leads for your business that you actually

S-P-E-A-K   T-O ?

Social media can be your BEST FRIEND! It can be a source of never ending free leads in fact, IF and this is a BIG IF, you know how to transition those people off the computer and on to the telephone (or skype call, video call, google hangout)

So..If SPEAKING to people is the NAME of the GAME..

Why isn’t everyone doing it? Why isn’t everyone sponsoring 2-3 new reps into their business each week, and rising to the top of their company?

Like I said…F-E-A-R.. [click to continue…]


Storytelling is probably one of the most, if not THE MOST important skill you can develop in your business, other than being a great listener. Developing the ability to convey events that transpire in such a way that you “paint a picture” for your audience, hold their attention, and create a noticeable change in their emotional state, are just a few of the marks of not just a good storyteller, but a masterful one. If you can keep it relatively brief, but pack a PUNCH at the same time, and make it memorable enough that your audience would go tell someone that same story ABOUT YOU… that DAY, you will have made a new friend, and potentially a fortune over time if your story is related to something you market. Why?


                     We Relate as Humans!

It never ceases to mesmerize me when a good story is being told, by an artful storyteller. One such master at the art of storytelling, is Steve Campbell, a veteran Professional Network Marketer, and #17 on the Top 25 list of All Time Top Income Earners in the MLM industry, along with his beautiful and brilliant wife Melyn Campbell.  Steve has a way of instantly making friends with the entire crowd, and engaging everyone like they are old pals. He takes you on a journey into the story, which always illustrates the point for which he is Steve & Melyn Campbell #17 on All Time MLM Earners Listabout to speak. Although they are quite modest about it, it is Steve’s MASTERY at Storytelling  and Working with people coupled with Melyn’s brilliance at compensation plans and team building that have  made them the huge success story they are in our professional industry. Larry and I are proud to call them not only colleagues and business associates in our exciting new venture LIMITLESS Worldwide, but we adore them as our good friends.

YOUR Story..How to Tell It and What it Can Do For You!

My mentor, Larry used to tell me,

”Laura, if you can get just ONE Million Dollar Story in your network marketing career,

you can write your own ticket.” [click to continue…]


What is an Expert?

by limitlesslaura

Have you ever thought about…. What is an E-X-P-E-R-T ? It certainly is an important word, that carries with it HEAVY responsibility.
I love words! I have been exploring the idea of what important words mean lately, when used properly, in the right context, and conversely, the dangers for YOU if the word is misunderstood, overused, undervalued, or taken out of context.
In the upcoming weeks we will be looking at words related to business, consulting, social media, blogging and the network marketing industry.
You will find when you are “partaking” of content on the Internet, that certain WORDS carry with them HEAVY responsibility.
The word EXPERT is such a word.



What is your FIRST instinct or inclination when falling in love with a product, a service or a business? Most people want to share it with someone who means something to them personally, right?

Yet many, many folks in our industry are not comfortable doing that at all..in fact, it’s one of reasons they are using other methods of marketing. I know, I know. You say “but that’s not me! I am not afraid! I just don’t want to talk to people, I would rather send email, and allow them to come to me! I would rather automate my business, so that it filters out the tire kickers.”

That’s fine, just know that you might be missing a huge element of network marketing…the HUMAN ELEMENT.

People thrive on connection, and actually looking in someone’s eyes (not only on video!) but in a real conversation!

Think of it this way…

As far as your Circle of Influence is concerned, we all have one. It’s a key part of our business, because these people know us, like us and trust us more than anyone else. Yet, these are the people that most reps are most reluctant to contact.

These are the people that can become your most LOYAL customers and raving fans. [click to continue…]