September 2012

Hi Friends,

I have been meaning to post these videos for a while!

These are two essential bookmarking tools that have made my life so much easier.

Since you may be taking advantage of Tribe Syndication

and are using many of the vast array of social media sites, internet tools and systems that could potentially clog up your bookmarks, I wanted to show you a cool way to organize them easily.

These two ideas have saved me hours.

I want to caution you…Adding on anything to Mozilla Firefox has it’s drawbacks, so please be CAREFUL!!

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Talking To Warm Market in MLM

by limitlesslaura


I am so pleased to thank my good friend Mandy Allen for nominating me for the

Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


I was so honored to receive this wonderful award and to be included among some of the best bloggers online..Some real FEMALE Power Houses!!

What is the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award?

The award is passed from sister blogger to sister blogger and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award.

  1. 1.  You have to thank the person who gave it to you.
  2. 2.  You have to post 7 things about yourself.
  3. 3.  You have to nominate 7 others and let them know they have been nominated.
  4. 4.  You have to include the award logo in your blog post.

I have been pleased to lead a group of dynamic ladies for the past two months in my tribe,

The Networking Superstars. We have been meeting weekly on Google hangouts

and getting to know each other, while having great fun. Just some of the things we’ve accomplished:

  • Come up with many new blog post ideas and ideas to further our marketing efforts that have turned into S-A-L-E-S
  • Can you say C-H-A-C-H-I-N-G $$$$ ? … or with these ladies maybe it’s Cha..Cha Cha CHING!!!
  • Talked about motivations for buying psychology (Thanks Miriam!)
  • Viral video, tagging and how to do it right
  • Plugins, Widgets, and Affiliate ideas from both Beth and Mandy wow!
  • Prospecting and how to talk to people, close sales, use your Up Line, tools, 3-ways, & using the telephone more!
  • Syndication, commenting and the value of ramping up your comments each week.
  • We laughed, joked and were silly-heads some of the time too!!
  • The bottom line… if you are not in Networking Superstars, you should be. We’ve all amped up our productivity, seen huge growth in our traffic and for me FOLLOWING and Internet Presence..and that is the goal, of the leader, my good friend and productivity coach/internet marketing mentor  Gavin Mountford the leader and founder of the tribe that has exploded since June of 2012.

I fell in love with these great women:

Mandy Allen

Janelle Wright

Beth Hewitt

Kerris Torkington

Miriam Buhr

You can check out my newly revised About Me page for the full story, but here’s some interesting things about me!

1. I am a sensitive woman, who wears her HEART right out on her sleeve. My emotions probably get me in trouble, but it’s also what my friends and loved ones have always loved most about me, because they can read me, and see themselves in me like a mirror.

2. I am told I am a great listener. I always have been. Even when I was in grade school, my friends would come and unload their problems on my shoulder and I would just LISTEN and be there for them.

3. I love to connect with people on a heart to heart level, and make them feel special. I am not about superficial bullshit. I like to know what is most important to you, and why. I really care about you, your family and your life. If I get to know you, I want it to be for the long haul hopefully. [click to continue…]


By Tim Sales

One of the first decisions you need to make before you actually speak to a prospect is whether you want to promote your product or the business.

In my opinion, which is backed by statistics, you can do either – just not both at the same time.

Leading with the product

I’ll first describe “leading with the product.” When you invite someone to look at your product and then around the same time (that’s a key part of it) tell them they can make money with it, well, I’ve not seen this work well.

In the few prospects I was able to get to talk to me about it, they felt “yucky” that I would be making money off them buying the product. I found a way around this, but this taught me that I don’t discuss buying a product and mention at the same time that they can make money doing what I’m doing.

Here’s how I was able to still promote the business by leading with the product though.

After the person has been a happy customer for a month or more, at the point where they place a second or third order, I ask them if they know anyone who would like to receive the same benefits as they have received. After they’ve given me a referral that wants to buy the product, before I place that referral’s order I will then call my original customer and tell them that I can take them to dinner and thank them for the referral or give them a commission for referring the prospect. I ask them which they prefer. This works the best.

Leading with the business

If you invite your prospect to look at your business you obviously have to tell them what the product is, but do not get heavily into product discussions. I’ve seen many times, especially with nutritional products, where the discussion heads into deep ingredient questions.  It’s really best just to keep the product description general.

Let me explain what I mean by general. I will talk about the product trends for the product my company carries; for example, let’s say I sell nutritional supplements.  I’d say something like, “Consumers spent X number of dollars last year buying supplements.” And that’s as deep of a discussion about products that I care to get into when leading with the business.

Otherwise it just becomes a Pandora’s Box – one question leads to another…that leads to another. This often starts because people want to try to impress their prospect by using big, technical words to show they’re smart – but all you do is confuse the heck out of them and have them think they have to become a biochemist to succeed.

Should I use a website that explains both my business and the products?

I don’t recommend it.  If you want to sell a product – have a web page with only that product on it. If that product is within a system of products that belong together it is fine to have the additional products within that system on the page. As an example if you sell weight management and you tell your prospect about the meal replacement shakes and on the same web page you have links to appetite suppressants that is fine – but do not include unrelated products or discussion on the compensation plan.

I remember when I saw my first presentation in network marketing the presenter said, “We show people the business and if they don’t want to be in the business we can get them on the product.” This sounded good to me, and I continually attempted to do it…but I was actually able to do it the way it was presented to me very few times.  I never had much success in creating new customers by leading with the business.

That concludes my first answer to leading with product or business. Now let me explain my other answer.

Answer Two

The best answer to whether you lead with product or business has to do with what the prospect needs/wants or doesn’t want.

This goes along with the qualify step of the Inviting Formula. If when talking with the prospect they have their focus on solving a weight management issue – then you would obviously lead with product – if of course you have a product that solves that problem for them.

Much respect and admiration,

Tim Sales

For more in-depth information on this topic study the Professional Inviter lecture series by Tim Sales.

Tim Sales’ training is based on his personal success of building a downline of over 56,000 people while working full-time in the Navy.  Instantly access Tim’s free eBook “How To Build A Huge MLM Business Working Part Time” and get a detailed map to help you plan your success in 2011!  Visit


There is nothing more powerful than imagination, visualization and progressively growing your thoughts, and vibrations. Using this amazing power of imagination, you can play the powerful Prosperity Game to attract limitless abundance into your life.

When you can consistently meditate on one purpose, one vision, and one goal, in a way that is AS IF IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING, and send out those vibrations, eventually your subconscious mind believes these things to be the truth. The Universe sets in motion whatever it has to in order to make that picture a reality in your world.

It really does not matter what it is. For instance, if I am an Olympic gymnast, and I practice 18 hours a day and night with my coach, and get into bed at night and visualize myself perfectly completing my routines, systematically over, and over  with precision.

I imagine the scoreboard reading 16.00…and the crowd cheering for me. The look on my parent’s faces, and the feelings in my heart of joy (actually FEELING IT). Myself and my teammates are standing on the podium with the Olympic Gold Medals  being put over our heads.

What is the likelihood that this Imagined Vision and Vibration will happen? VERY likely…

I can bet you money that Gabby Douglas did this very thing, every day, several times a day in her mind! She probably did it hundreds of times in her mind, and The Universe began to align itself with this reality.

Her body was performing the activity, the practice, the excellence….her mind was seeing the end result.

Prosperity is very much the same. Most of us have seen the movie “The Secret”, in which the gentleman speaks of his focus on “bills in the mail” and attracting more of the same because he constantly worried about not having ENOUGH money to pay his bills that kept coming in the mail!

This man changed one small thing in his mindset, one word really, to CHECKS instead of bills, and started to visualize “checks in the mail” every time he went to his mailbox.

By making the change of focus, he was flooded with checks and prosperity, and now received more checks in the mail than he could ever imagine!!

Here is a POWERFUL Game you can play, that will forever change your attraction of money, if you commit to it, and faithfully do it daily.

The Prosperity Game:

It will help you expand your imagination and enhance the flow of money and abundance into your life, and you will be blown away by the magic and occurrences that happen while you are playing this game.  This game is all about getting you to EXPAND your vibrations, because that what the Law of Attraction responds to. [click to continue…]