August 2012

Ever get those annoying game notifications on Facebook for things like Lucky 7, Ville, FarmVille and loads of others? Do you wonder how to make them STOP?! I know that I see posts on facebook like “I won’t play your game, I don’t play games, and I have NO interest in receiving any notifications of any games for my friends so PLEASE don’t send me ANY GAMES!!
I was thrilled to notice yesterday that facebook wised up and came to our rescue! They actually made a quick solution in your notifications tab, that takes only seconds. You don’t have to go into your privacy settings or anything like that.
Thank You Facebook…It’s about time!


How would you like to have a steady flow of abundance in the form of checks, pay pal deposits, cash, new business, sales and other forms of payments coming to you consistently? How would you like to be a money magnet, and someone who attracts the positive flow of your ideal new business partners, opportunities and capital to work those opportunities?

How would you like to be free of money worries, debt, stress, and all the negativity that goes along with not having enough month at the end of the money?

And would you like to think of bills, purchases, and all things concerning money as fun, positive activities, and everything surrounding your ideas about money as positive, attractive, and full of joy?

All this and more is possible with Master Teacher Michael Shook’s

 Tapping Your Way to Abundance

with The Emotional Freedom Technique.  What is EFT?

The Origins and Background

EFT or The Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively new discovery and is a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Energy Psychology which is catching the attention of healers, scientists, spiritual teachers and lay people. As we are all energetic beings, made up of nothing but energy essentially,this energy can become blocked, and emotional patterns can develop as a result that can become very life inhibiting or even painful.  Plainly, our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.

Some of these blocks and messages can be symptoms such as depression, lack of self-esteem, money problems, traumas, physical pain, compulsive and addictive behaviors and more. EFT is also very effectively be used to remove blocks on deserving prosperity, our thoughts and belief systems on abundance and having money in our life, and long held blocks that may stop us from prospering in our business. [click to continue…]



It is my firm belief that we are all limitless spiritual beings here on Earth, with unlimited capabilities to do, have and be whatever we choose to do, have or be in our time here in this experience. Some humans are more actualized or “in touch” with those capabilities than others, and can access or develop the consciousness with which to heal illness, see loved ones or talk to loved ones who have crossed over, see into the future, and more. Manifesting our desires and working with the subconscious mind is touching the same place, as it is all the same thing. We are all connected by One Divine Source.

The story I am about to share is of an ordinary woman, who had an extraordinary experience, and it highlights my point that we are ALL LIMITLESS BEINGS. In my Volume 2 of Limitless Lives, I wish to introduce you to Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me.

During the writing of his newest book “Wishes Fulfilled”  Dr Wayne Dyer was given a gift by an amazing woman who came into his life in a very special way, through a story that was sent to him, that changed him forever. This woman, Anita Moorjani has a story that can be life changing when you hear it, and read it. In her book “Dying To Be Me”, which accounts her near death experience in 2006, and subsequent complete healing of stage 4 lymphoma, she learns her true worth, what she calls “the MAGNIFICENCE of her soul”, her true purpose, and essentially “The Meaning of Life”.  Dr Dyer wrote the forward in her book, and got it published by Hay House. It’s an incredible story, that is stirring, moving, and gives us an undeniable confidence that we are limitless spiritual beings having a human experience here in Earth.

The message that came across to me the strongest from listening to Anita was to BE OURSELVES. She says that she spent her whole life beating herself up for not doing things “right” not being “good enough” etc. During her near death experience she got very clearly that we are loved unconditionally, and not supposed to be anyone but WHO WE ARE. Anita says she wasted so much time being afraid of everything, when there is nothing to fear.

After just helping my mother make “the transition” in December, I was given a complete peace of mind and soul, knowing that she is in a place that is indescribable. I am sure you have a loved who has passed away in the recent past. It will give you so much faith, strength, hope, and FEAR-LESS-NESS!  How can you apply this in your daily life? That’s the kicker of this whole story! When Anita was hovering over her own body in this “unconditional love” as she calls it, she was given a clear choice whether to remain in that beautiful place or to go back and live a new life FEARLESSLY.  I think that’s what makes this story so compelling for you and what she did with the REST of her life!!  Anita discovers that in order to go back to her sick body with this new knowledge, she would have to live fully in it, and the cancer would be healed quickly, and it was. It is a miracle to the medical community. She is LIVING A LIMITLESS LIFE….

I am sharing with you two videos below and hope that you will bookmark this page and come back to watch the longer interview. There are many interviews on YouTube with Anita Moorjani.

 Video 1

Longer Interview (Bookmark it)

Read a Bit of The Story Here


Expect A Miracle

by limitlesslaura

A very curious thing happened this week. You know what it’s like when you feel pulled toward a book, a song, a place or something that your spirit needs?  Since my mother passed away in December, I would not put it past her to be hanging around me and pointing the way to the lesson of the week!

Let me back up. When I think of the personal development foundation and legacy I was born into, I get goosebumps!! I feel a true responsibility to carry on the new thought my parents held so dear. In 1958, they were married by Dr Ernest Holmes, the founder of The Church of Religious Science or as it is now referred to Science of Mind.  I was very blessed to be part of a progressive home of thinkers and dreamers, who studied everything from Transcendental Meditation and astrology to The Course in Miracles. Certain concepts stuck with me more than others, and one in particular, the thought that you can change your life by changing your thoughts. More specifically, I was absolutely touched at an early age by something that felt like MAGIC to me. Once I knew I could change my life by changing my thoughts, I started to feel a knowing deep inside me, that we all had more power inside us than we could ever imagine, and it was all about thoughts, feelings, and seeing miracles manifest our lives.

I remember bumping into a strange little book of my mom’s entitled: I Desire and Image-The Expect A Miracle Book by Janet Levy and starting to read it. The book has a connection to a miracle I witnessed just prior to reading it.  I was about 16 at the time, and had just returned from a visit to Santa Fe New Mexico to my sister’s. We had gone to a famous little church (pictured above) where the legend was that the a miracle was performed there centuries before, and people came from all around to visit this little church. In the back of the church is a little room with a dirt hole in the ground, about a foot deep. As the miracle legend goes, a miracle occured at this hole in the ground. People would put some of dirt on their sick and injured family members, and they would be healed. It’s curious to everyone that the hole has NEVER grown in size, though THOUSANDS, perhaps, millions have gone through this church and taken some of the sacred miraculous earth.Why do I mention this peculiar hole in the ground? I mention it in the context of miracles. [click to continue…]