June 2012

Did you know that’s there’s actually a very simple formula you can follow to manifest ANYTHING you want? It’s true! A dear friend and mentor of mine taught me this at least 13 years ago and it has worked to manifest health, happiness, money, better relationships, houses, cars, and all kinds of great things…even an all expense paid Cruise to Belize with and upgrade to the balcony suite !

Here’s how it works

1. DECIDE – Make a concrete decision that this thing is 100% what you WANT. Declare it to The Universe! Get out a piece of paper and write “I now decide to manifest our dream home on the ocean in California by December 2013″  (as an example) Sign it, and date it. Make copies of it. Shrink a couple down and have them laminated, so you can carry them in your purse or pocket to read 3 times a day. Once you make a decision, it is set in motion, and the die is cast. Decisions drive some of the most pivotal events in our lives, and when you think about it, nothing you have ever done, had or received in your life happened without a decision being made.

2. BELIEVE –See yourself with your manifestation in your minds eye, and believe it with all your emotional strength. Attaching STRONG EMOTION to the decision and the picture in your mind’s eye makes it 10 times more likely for you to manifest it. The reason for this is that the attraction vibration is being sent out as if it is already happening! Your belief is so strong that it’s as if your decision is already REAL. FEEL it down to your toes, like a real experience. Paint a picture, and make it as vivid as possible. Get detailed, and add more details every time you sit down to visualize it. Athletes do this. Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps swim the meets in their minds over and over before they ever get to the events. Apollo Anton Ono, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan and others practiced in their minds as much as on the court or fields.

3. CLEAR NEGATIVES! Negatives are fear and doubt based. Negative thoughts, words and feelings push away your miracle . Whatever you think, you are right. If you need to sit down and pour them out, get it over with. Write down all the reasons why you don’t think you deserve it, why you think it won’t happen etc. All of these things stand in your way. Get it ALL out. Then get a metal trash can or go to your fireplace and set a match to this paper and burn it!! Watch it burn away!! Those are the insignificant fears and doubts than stood in your way..that are now gone. They were only words in the first place. Just thoughts.


You may have no idea how any of this is going to happen! All you know is that you DECIDED and declared that you wanted this miracle, and you wanted it more than anything else. Get out another sheet of paper and draw a circle with the word “HOW” in the middle. Now draw a big, fat line through the middle on the diagonal. You are cancelling the HOW. Don’t worry about how you’re going to manifest it!! Just GET BUSY and do your part! Work, help others, BE MAGNIFICENT YOU!! The rest takes care of itself. The minute you go into fear and doubt…this manifestation stops. Just stay in the FLOW of not knowing how it will happen and trust that it will. BELIEVE and keep SEEING it with emotion. Your miracle will manifest on its time, not yours. This is simply how The Law of Attraction works.

Always STAY IN GRATITUDE and LOVE. Constantly feel and focus on the blessings you HAVE received because its that loving feeling, that happiness that attracts more of the same goodness to you!  Keep love and gratitude in your heart – praise God and the universe for your successes and allow Him to guide you to more. Listen to the quiet voice within and be at peace. The laws of The Universe are mysterious and wonderous, and they work!



When was the last time you felt that SPARK, like your life was on fire and your personal “mojo” was so “on” you could create magic, and awesomeness with everything you touched? When was the last time you spent the day doing absolutely everything you wanted, and everything went like someone was following you around with magic fairy dust preparing your day to go exactly the way you dreamed or even better? This is called being in the zone, flow, being in the vortex, connected to source, or in the field of intention. I like to say I’m in flow.

All of us have times when we can slip into mediocrity..but to live our dreams we must never settle for it!!

Being in flow is the opposite of mediocrity, it’s the place where your point of attraction lies, where the subconscious mind meets your Higher Power, Source Energy, or God.  It is in this place where the decisions you make to become all of who you are, become realized. There is no small thought here, or even a whiff of mediocrity.

We all get those slumpy, slightly stuck times. Sometimes it’s the result of a simple lack of creativity, and other times it can be something much greater, like a full on life slump, with depression, fatigue, and “the blahs”.  What can you do to snap out of it and move into fabulousness? How do you get that magic fairy dust back in your life? It’s much easier than you think.

6 Ways to Go from Mediocrity to Magic

1. RISK What have you been DREADING? What’s that one thing you’ve been procrastinating, and in your heart you know the accomplishment will advance you personally and thereby professionally? There’s nothing like jumping in the pool when you can barely swim, are afraid, or in this case might be a little rusty at it. I don’t know WHAT my mother was thinking, but when I was 4 years old she enrolled me in one of those swim schools! I vaguely remember being thrown in the pool, but I remember more vividly being out on the ocean on our sailboat at a very young age and feeling safe, because I knew how to swim. You KNOW what it is..JUST DO IT.

2. STOP SETTLING Do you stand up for what’s right? Do you stand up for yourself? If you feel you have not gotten the proper service in a store or restaurant, are you vocal, and do you go to the manager? When you settle on the little things in life, you tend to settle on the big ones too.  If this sounds like you, you might not even know you’ve been doing it. It’s about your self-worth. You must, must, must, view yourself as the MAGNIFICENT person that you are!

3. EXCHANGE MEDIOCRE for MAGICAL- So many people are out there living plain, drab lives that they hate. They are just getting up every morning and “going through the motions”, going to work and “getting through the day” and coming home to “zone out” in front of the cable tv, 24/7, 365, year after year. These are the complacent people who deserve A SHOCK to their system. Watch this short video. Many of them didn’t start out this way. At one time they had big dreams, an open mind, and a twinkle in their eye. By making a decision to redesign your life, become all that you are, and fulfill your dreams, you are saying NO to mediocrity forever. To take it one step further, reach out to these people and SHOW THEM the WAY! Your life will IGNITE with inspiration and magic, simply by the Law of Attraction.

4.DECIDE & DECLARE! to live the life of your dreams, even if you’re not there yet! The latin root of the word decide means “to cut off”. You are cutting off any other possibility of how you want your life to look. If you are TRULY SERIOUS (down to your toes) about the decision, what starts to happen is uncanny. Not only will you begin to be pulled away from mediocrity, but everything that’s part of your positive decision begins to be drawn toward you as if by MAGIC. Sometimes it really seems magical, and the more you believe, the more magical it gets! A true declaration to The Universe says “I mean business”, and I believe. The Universe conspires to rearrange itself to fit the pictures in your mind.

5.GET ON PURPOSE Do you know what your purpose is? It’s a pretty important thing to know, and if you don’t know it, you can get buried in a pile of distractions, going in circles, because you have no clear direction or reason for doing what you love most. If you are not at the point of getting to do what you love for a living, at the minimum, know what’s most important to you, where you are going and the reasons you’re going there. There is no greater SPARK than a big purpose that’s driving you!

6. STEP INTO YOUR POWER Everyone has an unlimited supply of personal power. If you’re in a slump, the switch is off! Many people are giving their power away.. to their kids, to the media, to their co-workers, and their business associates. I know it does not make any sense, but why would you do that? I promise you that there is no greater demonstration of this life “magic” than for you to take a leap of faith and flip the switch! TAKE OWNERSHIP of YOUR GREATNESS Just do it and step into your power. Stop allowing what you don’t want, and create what you DO WANT!

Mediocrity is a decision, so make the new decision to abolish it! If you are not dealing with mediocrity, assist someone you know that is struggling with it. Inspire people to know what you know!! Life is a wonder and a sheer miracle. You have the power!

I would love to know what you think! Please leave me a comment below!


The Power of Acknowledgement

by limitlesslaura

”There are two things people want more than sex and money..

– recognition and praise.”

–Mary Kay Ash


I’ll start off by saying that Mary Kay Ash is one of my heroes. No, I am not a Mary Kay consultant, although I got my start in the Direct Sales Industry with her company, back in 1983, and have family that is still with her today! That says a lot about the two women in my family who stuck with her!

I ReTweeted a wonderful tweet the other day from a great though leader that read:

@GaryLoper RT “Try to tell at least 5 special people that they matter to support the #YouMatter movement! “

Of course I added my joyful reply and my day was made! I proceeded to secretly go around to 5 people I know and let them know that they are important to me.

The whole process took a little time, because I made a card for one, had a phone conversation with another, and wrote messages to the other 3. I did not do anything outwardly sappy, but I let these people know that they are making a difference that impacts my life and the world.

Have you ever thought about the basic human need that we all have to be recognized and acknowledged? Jeffrey Combs says “Babies cry for it and men die for it”. It is really true. A little baby will cry in their bassinet for 15 minutes until mom or dad picks her or him up to love, change or feed them. Sometimes it’s not even that a need is there to be met, but that of LOVE. It starts there. [click to continue…]