April 2012

We received an email yesterday morning from Rhonda Byrne of “The Secret Scrolls” that was one of those emails you want to read more than once, because it stops you dead in your tracks. It’s not that she said anything new, or anything startling. It’s that the right message, was delivered on the right day, at the right moment, to the right people. Does that ever happen to you? If and when you are in alignment with Source, this will happen to you more, and more, because you’ll be tuned in to the Universal radio station your heart needs to hear at every moment! Serendipity will occur constantly in your life, and it will seem like magical things keep happening everywhere you go! This is because your vibrations are positive, your heart and mind are clear, and you are connected to the Universal energy that is in alignment with EVERYTHING you want!

We all talk about and practice heartfelt gratitude, and for the most part I am sure we are all extremely grateful for all that we have. I say my prayers, and meditate daily, and experience deep gratitude for all that God gives me on a daily basis, and for all I have been blessed with in my life. I read this email however, and I was reminded that when I occasionally have counterproductive attitudes, behaviors or even a hint of negativity in my day..I am being ungrateful. What does that do? I STOPS that Universal Energy and Positive Flow of Attraction to My Life! I want to keep this post short as this is a very powerful concept in a very few words. If you would, please comment below on how this strikes you. Have you noticed this? How?  I APPRECIATE you being here in this moment!!

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I’m sure if you’ve been part of an MLM company or The Network Marketing industry for any length of time, you have heard these words MLM Compliance. If you’re a seasoned networker you know that these are the lawyers who maintain a watchful eye over the rules, procedures, policies and operations of your company, how it is promoted in the public, how the money is distributed, how the copyrights are used, and so on. If it has to do with anything legal, it’s part of compliance.

When you first join a company, you should always read through the policies and procedures thoroughly. Why? You need to know these in case something ever comes up that challenges one of them, or simply is needed as a reference. If you are treating your business like a real business, you look through the policies once a year and read any revisions. There might be changes, updates, and new rules that you must adhere to, and update your distributors on.

Some of the most common mlm compliance issues that have gotten network marketing companies in trouble or even shut down by their State Atttorney’s General are:

  • Over Inflated Income Claims from Distributors
  • Health Claims
  • Front Loading Of Products
  • Compensation Plans That Sell An Opportunity with No Product (A Pyramid or Ponsi Scheme)
  • Compensation Plans That Rely Heavily on Recruiting and very little on Customers if any

Our sponsor sent out a fantastic article this morning from mlmlegal.com and the very well known mlm industry attorney for our Network Marketing company, Jeffrey Babener.

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Ten Common Mistakes Distributors Make

By Jeffrey Babener, ©  1998  mlmlegal.com

“…it’s a question of expectations. And, sometimes those expectations can get in the way of a successful career in the MLM business.”


I goes without saying that we count on our precious paychecks coming (or our debit cards being loaded) week after week, month after month, in our fantastic opportunities. We only have a certain amount of control when it comes to the longevity and successful growth of our companies, and compliance is definitely one of the big ones! Just miss a paycheck, or even worse, have your company close (ouch!) because a group of distributors, or even the executives ruined it for the entire company and you’ll feel how important compliance really is. Adhering to the policies and procedures, walking the line and duplicating those rules with our people will ensure that our teams will grow strong. You have a choice about the kind of leader YOU want to BE and want to attract. YOU have a choice what kind of organization you want to run. We don’t like to talk about this “sobering subject”… the rules, but they are the foundation of our precious company’s longevity. Look at it in a positive way and be a crusader for the long life of your family’s stability.

Two guys who are honest crusaders and watchdogs for the MLM Industry happenings, are Rod Cook with MLMWatchDog.com  and Len Clements with Marketwaveinc.com You can subscribe to their newsletters and get notified of industry news, and learn more about compliance and this subject.

P.S. Here’s an excellent post by an expert on the subject, my friend Attorney Nancy Burke Barr, also a Network Marketer, a very nice lady, and well known as “Mentor Mama” in the marketing world online  Click HERE TO READ

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A Business Secret From Japan

by limitlesslaura

By Laura Morris

Over the years the #1 question we always get from our team is:

“What’s the secret to SUCCESS in this business?”

We usually tell them 2 things:

#1) Be here in a year. Never, ever, EVER..EVER..QUIT!!

This entrepreneurial quest is a roller coaster.

You may want to quit , many times, and usually face challenges that you don’t see coming.

But…You are also afforded an opportunity to write your own ticket to your dreams, and pretty much

DESIGN YOUR OWN BIG PICTURE. The only limitations on you are how BIG you can DREAM and how hard you are willing to work!

You really CAN have it all being an entrepreneur owning a home based business.

The trick is..

The ONLY way this happens…..is if YOU Consistently PERSIST …That’s it.

The Second Secret We tell our People is….

#2) Take your business SERIOUSLY 

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs:

A.The kind who PLAY at it, work at it, and make some money, enjoy the social aspect, a few trips, the meetings, and building some relationships, might be part timers.  


B. The kind who take their business very seriously as if  it were a Fortune 100 Corporation, downtown in a penthouse office, and they are the CEO.

They visualize themselves sitting behind a big oak desk like Donald Trump, and guard their precious enterprise like it’s pure gold.

They keep accurate books, pay their quarterly taxes, and dress impeccably  for all events representing their business.

Business A produces 5 figure monthly incomes and below

Business B produces Fortunes

Oh..there’s C. the folks who make 0 (zero) money..but you know why that is!

So on to what I learned in Japan, and how it ties it with the above

                                                                   “The Japanese Taxi Driver” was a man we will never forget!

Larry and I just got back from a fabulous all expense paid trip to Japan to visit our Direct Sales’ company factory, and attend a birthday celebration for our CEO.We had to qualify with substantial sales production, and it was not only an honor to be there, but was the kind of memory network marketing careers are all about. Here’s a VIDEO if you’d like a peek.

We played, ate (and ate some more!), toured, partied, laughed, cried, and networked in the beautiful country of Japan!! There is no other industry that offers these kinds of unique experiences.

The striking thing I noticed over 4 days in Japan is seriousness with which Japanese people take their jobs and their business. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with men and women lined up in respect. From the waiters to the store owners, each worker was respectful, kind, and took pride and honor in their business.

Even our Japanese taxi driver in Osaka was a study in pride for your work. This man had on a dark suit, a crisp, clean white shirt, and a black tie! His cab was the cleanest car I have ever ridden in while traveling.

My question to you is:

If YOU took what you do in your business as seriously as the Japanese taxi driver and people in Japan..What kind of results would be happening in your business right now? If you DO…bravo!!!

 Do you approach your business like a million dollar enterprise each day?

Something pretty cool to think about!

We have both been sharing this and pondering it since I got back.

It’s affected our business positively already with a big rank advancement!

This simple concept can profoundly affect you too!

Take a look at your daily performance and the level of seriousness you have towards your business, and it might take you to a new level.

It did us. No matter where you are you can ALWAYS GO HIGHER!