February 2012


In our line of work we must hear or read this word many times in a single day. Our lives are built around striving toward pursuing our passions, but do you ever stop to think that the word might be a little overused, and thereby lose its power? I decided to take a minute and really ponder what true passion is, after hearing a definition recently that I’d never heard before.

1. Passion:

from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure

Take a second a think about what you are most passionate about. It might be a cause, your family, your opportunity, your dream, your why, or something else. It might be many things. Are you more passionate about some than others? Is there ONE single thing that you are so deeply emotional about it brings you to tears to think about it? Are you willing to do almost anything for it? That is the one you are TRULY passionate about.

The reason I say this is because is because, I used to think of passion in these terms:

2.  pas·sion/ˈpaSHən/

“A Strong and barely controllable emotion”.

“A state or outburst of such emotion”.


That is another perfectly acceptable definition.

Which of these two is the one that gets more done in this world, completion of goals and fruition of dreams?  The first or the second? I would venture to say number one! Why? Because true and real unadulterated passion as you now know it, is about a willingness to suffer, endure to the end, sacrifice. (my addition).

Imagine if you went about your passions now with this meaning in mind. It is not a negative connotation. It is not about suffering itself. It’s about the willingness to!  We all have things in our lives that mean the very most to us, that we go the extra mile for, spend extra money, stay after work, donate our talents, and give beyond what’s expected just because we want to, not for any other reason. We are willing to sacrifice, even if it hurts, takes away from us or causes us more work.

For most of us it’s part of WHO WE ARE. It’s hard wired in. As mothers and fathers, we would jump in front of a train to save our child. We will go to the ends of the earth before we will see them suffer, and sometimes that can be a bad thing when they need to learn a hard lesson. Just being you, many times testifies to your inner passion and what you are willing to do for your cause or dream. People see it in your character, and are attracted to this about you. Passion is a very beautiful quality.


1.”Sacrifice of one’s personal interests or well-being for the sake of others or for a cause.
2.“To forfeit something for something else considered to have a greater value.

Now think about both the definitions of passion and sacrifice, and apply them to your WHY, or the driving reason you are with your current opportunity.  Can you apply both definitions to your WHY?

Are you willing to suffer and endure for the thing that drives you? Perhaps the opportunity itself, can you say 100% that you are deeply passionate (by this definition) about it?

Are you willing to sacrifice time and money, work harder than you ever have, and perhaps give up many things you enjoy to get to your goal?

If you can say YES to both of these questions…congratulations! You really ARE Passionate! You’re not just “Bursting with uncontrollable emotion!!!”

An example of this:

When Larry and I got engaged, we had spent 2 and a half years working together in a network marketing company and discovered we had many of the same dreams and goals. We went to a park one day and wrote them out to 100 in a notebook. We wrote the things that we were most passionate about. As I look back these really were the things we were willing to SUFFER for!! We made a pact that day that no matter what happened, we would achieve our dreams together, and have a blast doing it. We said even if we had hard times we would have each other. We went to work and became #1 in the network marketing company we were in at the time. As we went along we began to check things off the list, and now 10 years later, more than 90% of the goals are complete. We surpassed some of the income goals, and saw miracles in our family life that we did not know were possible…because we were willing to endure, and yes suffer. PASSION is the ONLY word FOR US!!

So think about your own goals, that I HOPE you have written down. Take a look at each one, and decide right away which ones are things you’d like to have, which ones you’d LOVE to have, and which ones, YOU MUST HAVE. The latter are the ones you should be working on asap!! I would be willing to bet that you’re not only willing to suffer for them, but you’re very committed, and emotionally invested!

What if you don’t have a goal like that? It could explain why you could be stuck in your business.

Something to think about.

Always here for YOU

Laura Morris



“If you were forced to stop working because of a family crisis, would you continue to receive your income?”

It was a regular day like any other in June 2011. I was sitting at my desk working, when I got a “call waiting” saying that my daughter in law had been life flighted to the hospital for emergency brain surgery.  She miraculously lived through the surgery to relieve a large tumor creating extreme pressure on her skull, but the resulting damage and cancer treatment has been harder on her than any one person should have to endure. Bless her heart, she is an amazing person, but we all have grieved to realize not at all the same person. The following 7 months were like  the scariest, roughest roller coaster you’ve ever riden for our entire family, and most especially those caring for my daughter in law on a daily basis. I know now that I personally had absolutely NO IDEA how cancer affects an entire family, until you go through it yourself. –

Tragedy Changes You and Those You Care About Forever

The love that has surrounded our family has been huge. We have received a ton of support, prayers and kindnesses from people who hardly knew us. Many miracles sprang out of this terrible tragedy, such as renewed relationships, healed relationships, and personal growth. Close relationships have grown much closer, and the family as a whole is much tighter as a unit. We’ll never be the same. It’s most definitely NOT the way we want these things to occur, but we take comfort that at least something beautiful arose from such sadness.

Life has been anything but normal for the last 6 months, and this lack of normalcy has bled over into other areas of our lives without our control. Our daughter in law, son and their little family is our top priority. If you are (or were) a visitor of this blog, a member of the TSA tribe or TSA Facebook group or a follower of ours, you might have noticed we’ve been under the radar, or off the social media channels for quite some time. We figured you might want to know.

To make things a little more interesting, my mother was diagnosed with cancer during this time, and a lifelong illness of mine reared its ugly head called fibromyalgia.  It comes and goes, is brought on by extreme stress, and was the most painful bout my doctor has seen me have. I am happy to say I am much, much better! My dear mother passed away December 20th, 2011.

Residual Income Got Us Though It All

Family always comes first and work was just not possible during this difficult time. When you are SELF-Employed you can make judgement calls like that. If you had a job and a boss, do you think you’d  have a choice? What a RELIEF it was to know that ALL THE WHILE our “mailbox money” or network marketing income KEPT US GOING!! It paid us for work we had done once, and will continue to.  We could not have imagined going to a traditional “J.O.B” during this challenging time in our lives!! Instead, we could count on going to our mailbox and opening checks. THAT’S what we call FREEDOM

So the point I am making is that we essentially took a 6 month leave of absence…and mlm saved our bacon!

If you’re a Network Marketer you hear over and over, “There’s nothing like experiencing the power of residual in your life.” If you currently receive checks in your mailbox, or emails from income streams, then you know what a rush it is to see it grow. My wish for every aspiring home business professional, is that they get to experience true “mailbox money” that continues to grow in their career.  If you work hard, pay your dues, and follow a proven system, you cannot help but get there. It may take some time, and with the right combination of personal development, a great product, company, systems, tools, leadership, and good old fashioned sweat… it will happen. The only way you will fail is if you quit.

It never occurred to me that we would PROVE our industry in this manner. Don’t get me wrong, we never doubted it for a second!!  It’s just plain A-W-E-S-O-M-E to see it at work when the chips are down.  I’m more grateful to be a professional Network Marketer than I have ever been in my career. The concept of residual was there for us when we needed it most, because WE put in the HOURS.  Don’t ever forget that point. You cannot get into MLM and take a free ride. Most compensation plans are set up in such a way so that you have to stay qualified to get paid. Staying qualified simply means you have to purchase a certain amount from your company and show your loyalty to them AND show your down line that you are in the game as their up line. It would never be fair if people could get into a company pay once and then get paid on all the people below them year after year, without ever spending another dime.

Think about your family for a moment. Are you prepared for a crisis? If you had to stop working would your paycheck continue to come in? Would it keep your bills paid? These are some serious questions that deserve some serious thought. I hope I’ve made you think a little, and am grateful for your readership!

If you would like to learn more about how we created a business that sustained us for 6 months without working, and those checks just kept on coming…CLICK HERE and we’ll get with you and show you!

Laura & Larry

P.S Since Writing this post on February 9, we were informed that during the time period I speak of in this article, we qualified for a TRIP TO JAPAN! How did we do it? We built a very large working, worldwide organization over the past 5 years, that produces hundreds of thousands in volume month after month.  Ample amounts of Mailbox Money comes in to many of THESE Hard working team members as well! The exciting all expenses paid leadership trip to Japan leaves on March 14th. We will be posting photos on facebook for everyone to see while we tour  our factory, the beautiful Ryuku Castle, in The Cornerstone for Peace in Okinawa, Osaka, and more! It’s qualifying for rank advancements, awards and trips that makes working with a team in network marketing long term so rewarding.