July 2011

If you are a serious entrepreneur, and you’ve spent any length of time marketing online, then this  amazing woman is no stranger to you! It seems she’s everywhere, both online and offline..leading the way at important Industry events with her good friends Ann Sieg or pal Jonathan Budd, or hosting webinars online with her hotter than hot group on facebook Smart Biz Builders!

Nancy Burke Barr is  an accomplished lawyer, with a background in teaching and estate planning. I am more than honored to call this dear lady my true friend in terms of the support and caring she shows, as well as the true leadership she provides consistently.

Are You Running YOUR BUSINESS Like a


As an entrepreneur, Nancy is a very passionate professional woman, with a strong emphasis on:

  • Empowering others to take control of their businesses
  • The “Sins” Of Internet Marketers
  • Sound traditional business principles that make ALL business run properly & legally
  • Tax concepts and strategies
  • Time management skills
  • Compliance with Federal Trade Commission and other Government Agencies and Laws
  • Business Plans, Insurance, Public Relations and more.
  • Nancy says “You do have a REAL Business,Right?, Then TREAT IT LIKE ONE!!”

Here is my delightful interview with MENTOR MAMA that took place last November, before she had started Smart Biz Builders on Facebook. Smart Biz Builders is a group of like minded business people who banded together to get “back to basics” and put business FIRST. It’s education YOU WON’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE

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In This Video You will get an Introduction to Mentor Mama..and Learn..

  • The Importance of Treating Your Business Like a Real Business
  • How To Turn Your Blog Into A Unique Brand
  • How To Follow The Correct Rules For Business Success
  • Blogging Tips & Social Media
  • Network Marketing Tips

Who is Nancy Burke Barr?

“My name is Nancy Burke Barr, also known as “Mentor Mama”. When I am not driving carpool, volunteering at school, or cooking dinner, I am online connecting with as many people as I can in the world of Social Media.

I blog about the lessons I learned from my mama – and a few tricks Mama never taught me. Those “old-fashioned” lessons will continue to enrich and protect our careers as we move deeper into the Information Age.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley and the University of Miami School of Law. I worked in retail sales and the food service industry, before I became a lawyer. My lengthy legal career has included teaching law students, as well as practicing in the areas of Estate Planning and Fiduciary Administration.

Today, I call on my law skills and my online presence to keep readers abreast of law on the Internet”.

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As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my fantastic colleagues, who I  consider dear friends. I hope this has brought some JOY to your day!!

In Peace and Love

Laura Morris