May 2011

Living Life in Gratitude

by limitlesslaura

A New Contributor

“The Gratitude Goddess”  Shanna Maretsky

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was,”thank you,” that would suffice.”

-Meister Eckhart

Thank you.

Is it possible that those two little words could be the key to abundance and even better, true happiness?

I’m no stranger to the law of attraction. For years, though, attracting joy and abundance seemed impossible.

Impossible, because I didn’t believe it.

Impossible, because I focused on the multitude of negative circumstances that had come my way and while at first I couldn’t actually see it, it became evident that the more I focused on the negative, the more it was that negativity seemed to surround me.

I was buried. Day after day I was caught up in a cycle of misery. I hated my job, my personal life was in shambles, and I was so far away from being my true, authentic self that I’d often cry myself to sleep wondering how I got myself into this place.

Who’s life was I living? How did I get here? But more importantly, HOW do I change it?

For me, changing my life meant creating a clean slate, and starting all over. I left the familiarity of my roots in California, and transplanted myself to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was drastic move: a complete gamble. I had the safety and security of my family to count on, but beyond that, I had no idea what I was going to do.

I made superficial changes, got a new hairstyle, went to parties, found a job to get me by, and all in all I was making it. I had started over, but didn’t have any true direction. Six months into this “recovery” process, I wasn’t really any better off. I realized that I had run away from some of the physical issues that were holding me back but continued to allow the negativity concerning what I was lacking to dictate the course of my reality.

“It’s the law of attraction,” my mom said. I had heard it so many times, I’m sure at one point I just stopped listening. But as it turns out, the simple principle of saying Thank You was the answer I had unknowingly been seeking all along.

She simply pointed out to me that what you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.

Maybe that was it. Could it really be that simple?

Oprah Winfrey says it perfectly,  “I live in the space of thankfulness — and I have been rewarded a million times over for it. I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased.”

I began to wonder…How could I live in a space of thankfulness?

And suddenly, as easily as you can turn on a light switch, I changed my mindset.

Look at how much I had to be thankful for. I often said, out loud even, that on my very worst day in this new life of mine, it could never even compare to the unhappiness I was living in before. How could I not be thankful?

For the first time, I was in control. I could make the choice, because it is a choice, to BE positive and BE in gratitude and BE happy.

When you can learn to be grateful no matter what happens in your life, and say thank you for everything your entire world will change.

Say thank you to a friend for being there when you needed her.


Say thank you for the sunshine on a warm spring day.


Say thank you for the morning cup of coffee that motivates and comforts you.


Say thank you—even for the challenges, seeing them as opportunities for learning and growth.


Say thank you, because you can know with an unshakable faith that no matter what happens, you’ll get through it.


Say thank you for the trust to believe that it’s true.

Now, hear this though. Just because it’s SIMPLE, doesn’t mean it’s EASY. There are times when it’s hard to be grateful. It’s in those moments however, when you feel the LEAST thankful, that you can benefit the MOST from it.

This past November, I embarked on an experiment. Why wait till Thanksgiving to be thankful? I chose to recognize one thing, every day for the entire month that I was grateful for. I would then post these acknowledgements to the universe, and in this age of technology, my public statement came in the form of a Facebook status update.

What happened next astonished me. It became increasingly easy to find things to be thankful for. At one point I even said it was hard to limit myself to just one public outpour of gratitude per day. So I didn’t hold back. Friends and family soon commented, “What a great idea, I’m going to do this too!” I was quickly distributing a gift to everyone I knew-the gift of gratitude.

The more I acknowledged the goodness that surrounded me, the more I had to be grateful for, and as if it were magic, more good things began to happen and I was blissfully more aware of them then ever.

Needless to say, the gratitude didn’t stop at the end of the month, or even the end of the year. It multiplied and flourished and continues to surprise me every single day.

I’d like to share this simple gift with you, too.

The gift is this–

Focus on gratitude.

“Gratitude truly opens your eyes to the incredible abundance that is all around you. Make gratitude your constant companion and that abundance becomes yours to live.”- Ralph Marston

This will be a new Category “Tab” The Gratitude Goddess with continuing content from time to time.

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Note: The Goddess Known As Jacqui Gates Thoroughly Loves Shanna’s Self Labeling..


The Exposure Process –

In the last article we talked about how to make initial connections on the telephone, and how to establish good rapport with your prospect. Just for a very quick recap, this can be done through

  • Sharing your Spirit with your prospect so that you really CONNECT
  • Ask good probing questions so that they Share Themselves with YOU
  • Keep good control on the conversation at all times by continuing to ask more questions
  • Have strong POSTURE and BELIEF in what you have- “Be 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof”
  • Be a Great Listener-Engage yourself in the conversation

These are the key components to good phone communication. When building relationships, it’s really important to regard them as important to you from the minute you get on the phone with the person. If the person senses that you don’t CARE…They will “disconnect” and you will have a 10 times harder process moving through to the exposing your presentation.

The Presentation

So let’s talk about the next stage in the process, sharing your product, service or opportunity. If you have done a good job establishing rapport, connection and building relationship, the rest is literally a cake walk.

This is the stage when you introduce your product, service or opportunity into the conversation, and present the WHAT of it all. If done can be so painless. If done wrong, you can have a rather short phone call, or something like this:

Have you been on the phone with a really great person and you have had a great conversation with them and then all of the sudden it gets kind of uncomfortable, or worse yet, quiet? That’s when FEAR is present. So at all costs never let silence enter your conversation, unless it’s timed purposely, after a question, like a “pause”.

The best kind of conversations is the NATURAL ones. Isn’t it perfect when you have asked enough questions, that you can walk right smack dab into your prospects next sentence and say “Are you in front of your computer? I have something really cool I’d like to show you and it will only take a few minutes” When you don’t ask any questions…it’s kind of like “here’s my deal” “buy my stuff” etc.

What people tend to do is TALK TOO MUCH. They call the prospect and EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO THEM. They sell them into and out of the business in the same phone call about 4 times! Or…they do a good job on the exposure process, but don’t set a proper follow up appointment, then lose touch with the person. The prospect falls through the cracks and they run into them at the National Convention!

Be a Tour Guide

All you want to get really good at doing is taking people on tours! Either show them your information by emailing documentation to them, or personally escorting them to your system on your site. Whichever you do, it’s like walking your prospect around the bases on a baseball diamond. It’s elementary, but much overlooked. Utilize whatever systems, tools and videos your company offers! Chances are very good that your up line leaders have put together some smashing tools that “Tell The Story” in a succinct, simple way. People run into trouble when they try to add on, take away from, or reinvent a new system that they think would work better. Just POINT TO the tools, and get very good at doing it.


The Top Money Earners in MLM are Experts at Using TOOLS and Systems!!!

Follow Up

During the “tour” process, your prospect is going to have questions that come up in his or her mind about the product/service, opportunity and pay plan. He or she is going to be MUCH MORE LIKELY to write down their questions and be prepared to buy if you PRESET a follow up appointment with them. If you simply send them information and tell them you’ll talk to them “next week”…what are the chances this person is going to connect with you? They could…but it’s going to be a much HIGHER probability of success all the way around if your prospect knows exactly when your next meeting is.

To take this one step further, if you coach your prospect all the way through JUST LIKE A TOUR GUIDE on exactly what to expect when, THEY WILL BUILD TRUST in you. A prospect does not enroll with a product or service…he or she enrolls with a PERSON that they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST! So the more you can do to CONNECT, Engage, build trust, and confidence, will facilitate a strong, happy relationship that gets off on the right foot with the right expectations.

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Every Coach Drills his or her players on the FUNDAMENTALS over and over!!

What are they in what we do?

  • See The People
  • Tell The Story
  • Build For Events
  • Follow Up

When you really  get good at doing these 4 CORE  things in a MASSIVE ACTION format..

you will be producing some major income! When you TEACH these 4 things to your team…

and they teach their teams etc….

well…then we’re talking “sipping out of the coconut” money!!

1) See The People / Collecting & Capturing People

Seeing the people is anything that entails bringing a NEW CONTACT into your sales process, or in front of your offer. Have lots of ways going at once so that you are not depending on “one lake to fish in” so to speak. Talk to people, make friends in all the social sites, go to meet ups, post content and plaster it everywhere, join groups and network, post flyers with your website link.You get the idea!! Capture their information on a capture page, email list, business card etc.

2) Tell The Story/ Communicating

This is where people hear from you in your funnel,  or are moved to a presentation, conference call and onto some type of webinar, website etc. In the offline world it is when you do a presentation one-on-one, or take someone to a meeting. It is also when you make initial phone presentations. Picture a baseball diamond, and this is second base.

3) Build For Events

One of the most lucrative and secret keys that the BIG LEADERS understand. When you truly learn how to build for events, it will make you more money than any other step. An event is not just a meeting. It is a conference call or a webinar again. It could be a special call that you throw together strategically with your super cool up-line who you are edifying because you hit it off with her at an event, and she wants to meet your team. If you build it right in that time period, that could only be a day…and you edify her properly..and she edifies YOU..she ends up making you look like a KING OR QUEEN. Regional and National events drive our business. NEVER go to them alone!! If you do, you will always wish you had your team there with you. If you have not sponsored anyone, of course go!! Build, Build, Build for events. Companies and leaders are always building to the next with those eyes and you will see!

4$$$ Follow Up / Close

Yes! Yes! The fortune really IS in the follow up! If you go to all the trouble of practicing all this, and you don’t follow the people you work with, you won’t close sales. Your List that you are building is going to be worth its weight in gold! So how you strategically close people in your emails is very important. If you truly KNOW YOUR MARKET, they won’t know they are being closed, because you are simple bringing them what they already want and are looking for!

As for “offline” there is no reason you should have to close your own sales.  If you feel alone in your business, you are on the wrong team. Plain and simple.Your upline should be doing 3-way calls for you, and closing your prospects for you, and if you’re not doing that…give us a shout and we will coach you on how to ask for their help.

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If you’d like to learn what we’ve done to generate a six figure network marketing business from home..

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