April 2011

Sometimes a little perspective can be a very good thing!! A trip to the local grocery store one day

(actually out of the grocery store!) got me thinking…

Inside the mind of our customer…What do you think when you see these bulletin boards?

To be a good marketer we must get into the shoes of our customer, and think how they would be thinking!!

What kinds of things would they most likely DO?  What is YOUR CUSTOMER THINKING??

What are their motivations? Would they make a phone call…or go to a site?

Where do they hang out? What are their behavior patterns?

This is the time of mobile marketing, smart phones and instant updates.


Making a simple capture page and sales page looks extremely

IMPRESSIVE TO THE CUSTOMER…(but only YOU know our little SECRET )

These are the kinds of things that..

if you get really good at them…will make you RICH!

In turn, your customer might be a small or home based business owner,

who  might not be very good at marketing,

and might have even been avoiding the Internet.


(so can you, you just don’t know it yet)

to help them get their business online fast, even in less than an hour.

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Your Appreciation Challenge

by limitlesslaura

Sometimes life moves awfully fast. We are creating and moving while dodging the obstacles of life!  We are BEING called to our purpose, and living the greatness of who we are, while knowing there’s so MUCH MORE for us to BE, GIVE, and REALIZE. While life keeps moving there is a force so much greater than we can ever imagine, that upholds us, guides us and gives us the strength to keep building our dream. God, Your Higher Power, The Universe or whatever you choose to believe, responds in kind to this force almost like a MULTIPLIER. It grants us more of what we desire, the more we tap into the force. Conversely, if we back away from it, it retracts, in kind. This force is the energy of GRATITUDE, and it’s even higher companion..APPRECIATION.

Here’s your CHALLENGE..Start a Gratitude Journal if you do not already have one.

Write down 5 things DAILY that you are GRATEFUL for….Do it for a Minimum of 30 days!

Thanks to Bonnie Waters for sharing this video with me

Part 2-Then Sincerely…Get into the Emotion Of Appreciation for these 5 things, and really feel them.

Esther Hicks (Abraham)  explains below the VIBRATION of APPRECIATION..and what it will do to Energize The Law Of Attraction in your life:

If you accept my challenge..send me an email to morris@larryandlauramorris.com So we can stay in touch on our progress!

Please do share below what you are GRATEFUL FOR! What is it that you TRULY Appreciate?

We Appreciate YOU for being here NOW!

With Love!

The Limitless…

Laura Morris


I heard the great social media leader Jackie Ulmer the other night leading up to her appearance here.  She gave a fantastic presentation, and shared her formula for social media success. The biggest thing I took away was that Jackie has built a strong following by being authentic, and allowing people to see into her life! She remarked that she reaches out to the people she meets online BY TELEPHONE and people are actually surprised when they hear from her, They tell her “I’m kinda surprised you’re calling me..you’re the only person who has!!” It made me relate to a video I had made a few weeks ago about the importance of reaching out over the phone. Here it is:

Making connections with people is vital to your business. In social media you need to remember that the social sites are simply a “meeting ground” or place to be SOCIAL. It’s after the party so to speak that you begin to really talk and get into a closer communication with a person. I promise that if you reach out to a person by telephone you are going to be doing something very unique that not many people are doing right now. Of course you need to do it AUTHENTICALLY, with sincerity.

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