December 2010

Happy Holidays! Why not put your dreamboard where your eyes will see it most often? On your Desktop! If you are a marketer and at or near your computer often, you are on your phone and doing  INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES….Building  your relationships or on skype. Your desktop is constantly in front of your eyes and your mind!! You can even make a series of these to rotate on your screen saver!  This is Super Easy. I used the same technique to make our christmas card this year, and got it printed up, as well as sent out on facebook, and smilebox. I have posted our card below and the dream board to the left to show my handy-work just for fun. Not that I am any big artist or any thing..This is just to show that in this economy you can utilize programs you already have installed on your computer and pictures to make some cool free stuff! Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. May all your BIGGEST DREAMS come true in 2011!

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