August 2010

Strategically watching your market is a very important part of what we do. I just happened to be cruising by MLM today for some information. It got me thinking about what you need to look for in a company.

There is a common thread I noticed on this list that I want to show you however.  What is the common thread?? They are all unique – different products (for the most part).This tells us that our market is looking for A CHANGE!

We like to use this Acronym D.S.A


Is your product something unique? Patent protected? Are there 25 other similar types of the same thing, or when people hear about your product, do you have to explain yourself and say “Yes it’s a juice, BUT…. ”  Are you going to see it in Costco in a couple of years?  If you have a solid, unique product, you can stand out from the hundreds and hundreds of other network marketing products/opportunities all competing for your customer/new distributor!


Is your product something that people fall in love with and when they do, they can’t live without it? Is it something that in tough times, people will still buy it because of the impact it makes on their life? it’s no secret that the economy is down. To sustain your autoship income, people must be absolutely 125% SOLD on your product, and be so sure they have to have it that they will stay on autoship no matter what. So, you have to have a product that is that good! The worst thing in the world is having to continually keep “plugging the leaking bucket”. This means that you would have to keep sponsoring people as fast as they are dropping off their autoship. That is NO FUN. That is a job! Always ask “What is your retention rate?”


Does your company/product/opportunity give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace?  How far out in front are you? Are you a category creator? What kind of management does the company have? Probably the single BIGGEST issue (THE FOUNDERS) Have they run multi billion dollar companies AND consistently sustained the growth? What are the PRINCIPLES AND VALUES of the company Leadership? What about Strategic Training for the associates?

Put these three elements together and evaluate any opportunity. It’s a good measuring stick. Think about your 3-5 year plan and if your company has the structure and components to take you where you want to go in that time frame.

Something To Think About!

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Here’s a nugget that has made a big difference for me. I have been blogging for over three years, and have been totally self taught. What I mean is, I went on my own and sought out what I wanted to learn.If you are an online marketer…you have too!! Congratulations!  I am a very persistent and determined person.  If you are an online marketer, you are too, Congratulations! You have to be, in order to be successful in mlm and online right?

I was part of a network marketing company in 2005 and witnessed my sponsor’s site go absolutely bonkers worldwide with traffic. Back then I was just soaking up ideas, and I remember asking him, how he did it. He said he simply put a ton of interesting and RELEVANT CONTENT on the site, for the spiders to find. I never forgot that. He showed me a few tricks as we went along.

Relevant: –adjective  :“bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark”.

So when I started my first self hosted blog in 2007, I got to the TOP OF GOOGLE IN ONLY A FEW WEEKS IN MY NICHE..because I remembered this simple, yet powerful idea. My first blog happened to be all about healthy water, so I related everything on my blog to that. When I did my articles, I tagged as many relavant words as I could possibly think of that would rank in the search engines on my subject. Then I used WordPress Stats for the 1-2 punch!!

Using the WordPress Stats Plugins was one of the best tools to help me gain valuable information in search engine optimization of my first blog, and subsequent blogs.

The WordPress Stats Plugin is My Favorite because it keeps me informed! As a professional marketer, it is extremely important to TRACK YOUR MARKETING and receive ongoing feedback and data so that you can make adjustments. As you will see in this video, one of the tools WordPress Stats has provided that makes life really sweet, is the daily keywords. Every day I am able to see what keywords people searched on the Search Engines, and then put those words back into my tags, articles etc!!Start doing this and watch what happens Another valuable piece of information is where your traffic is coming from. (I forgot to mention this in the video). I have all my blogs linked together, so this information is very valuable to me in terms of how much traffic is coming from which blog to which. Sometimes I can tweak one thing and see some good things happen!

I hope this video was helpful to you!


Some folks have been inquiring how I added my ebook photo to the optin form to the right. I was having a hard time finding what I wanted, so I decided to create it myself. This is what I came up with. You could always do the same thing with a simple text widget and html code, but this is an easy alternative for the person who does not want to mess with that.

I am using the free trial version of Camtasia Studio in this video, before I shell out the $299. I love it! I have recorded several videos for my sales funnel and I can see it is going to be extremely worth investing the money for our business.

This is a short tip this week, but I hope it is something you will all benefit from!