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You Are What You Live

by limitlesslaura

This is a very short post this week, in honor os the 12 precious people who lost their lives in Aurora, Colorado, and the 59 others who were injured, as well as the hundreds who will be traumatized for life.

This poem is for them, and speaks to goodness, and love in this world. There are millions and millions of good, good people in this world, who have been raised in good, good families, full of love, support and generous values and morals.

Sometimes when we see a tragedy like this, we think, “My God, what is this world coming to…has the world gone mad?”

We must take comfort and remember that terrible, and tragic as it was, and not to make less of it in any way by any means, this was one twisted person, who came from undoubtedtly a sad, sad place. We should remember he is a VERY sick man, from a sick and twisted dysfunctional environment. Our prayers are with the victims and their families, as we send tremendous light and love. The healing will take time, and we won’t forget them.

Have faith in the goodness of our world, and as you read the poem above remember the responsibility we have to LIVE what we talk about and learn, to make the world a better place. We carry a heavy responsibility, because we know we can make a difference! We are the world changers! It starts at home, with our children, and what we teach them, the environment they live in, and what they take out into their world.

My mom & dad had this poem hanging on the wall in our home in every house we lived in. We moved a lot when I was growing up, and I remember this was one of the most important plaques on the wall. It must have sunk in.

It all comes down to this: Are you walking your talk? Are you living the personal development you learn every week? Are you showing up in your life? Are you noticeably growing and making an impact?

You should be seeing results and impact that you can track and measure. If not, reevaluate your personal development plan. No matter what, know that you are GREAT just the way you are, and you are loved.  Be you, magnificent you, and just give as much of who you are as you can to the world. People will be blown away!

You ARE what you LIVE

Something to think about…

Lots of Love Always..



The Power of Acknowledgement

by limitlesslaura

”There are two things people want more than sex and money..

– recognition and praise.”

–Mary Kay Ash


I’ll start off by saying that Mary Kay Ash is one of my heroes. No, I am not a Mary Kay consultant, although I got my start in the Direct Sales Industry with her company, back in 1983, and have family that is still with her today! That says a lot about the two women in my family who stuck with her!

I ReTweeted a wonderful tweet the other day from a great though leader that read:

@GaryLoper RT “Try to tell at least 5 special people that they matter to support the #YouMatter movement! “

Of course I added my joyful reply and my day was made! I proceeded to secretly go around to 5 people I know and let them know that they are important to me.

The whole process took a little time, because I made a card for one, had a phone conversation with another, and wrote messages to the other 3. I did not do anything outwardly sappy, but I let these people know that they are making a difference that impacts my life and the world.

Have you ever thought about the basic human need that we all have to be recognized and acknowledged? Jeffrey Combs says “Babies cry for it and men die for it”. It is really true. A little baby will cry in their bassinet for 15 minutes until mom or dad picks her or him up to love, change or feed them. Sometimes it’s not even that a need is there to be met, but that of LOVE. It starts there. [click to continue…]


 “If you can’t stand up, stand out”

Like any sexy, dynamic Hollywood women, Angela, Tiphany, Mia and Auti are four friends who yearn to get the most out of life. But, their lives have taken an unexpected turn. Through accident or illness, these women have been paralyzed from the neck or waist down. But while their legs may be disabled, their spirits remain unbroken. Pushing beyond their handicaps to face life head on, these four fearless women pursue their own claims to happiness, even when their lives threaten to spin out of control. Share the laughter, the daily challenges, and personal triumphs that set these women apart. From dating to careers to starting a family, they’ll push themselves — and each other — to the limit. Push Girls is an unfettered, uncensored glimpse into their surprising world — one that shatters all expectations about what life in a wheelchair can be.

You can watch “Push Girls” on The Sundance Channel

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Here’s a peek from Ellen’s visit with these dynamic

Limitless Ladies!!


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It’s a funny thing we do as humans. Why do we think others have something more that we don’t? The old “grass is always greener on the other side” idea, never, ever pans out.Why do we go searching for “better”,  make ourselves feel inferior, or think as though our amazing lives are missing something when most days we have lists of wonderful people and blessings to be grateful for? I suppose it’s natural, and we all do it, or have done it at one time in our lives to one degree or another, but it is certainly not productive.

For some of us, perfection, and the drive to always push ourselves to do more, be more, and grow is just part of who we are.  Being more is a very good thing! Expanding our horizons, growing and becoming all that we can be is what life is all about! [click to continue…]


Do you want to start cultivating joyful living, here and now? Do you want to give yourself permission to be happy? “A course in happiness” is here to facilitate you, both as Kindle book and online course you can take at your own convenience.

I bumped into this very cool FREE Kindle Book you can go over to Amazon and add to your Kindle on HAPPINESS! I found it through the wonderful facebook fan page of one of my favorite thought leaders and great Love and Spiritual Healers in this world, Louise Hay.

This book has already made a difference in the lives of thousands of people like you, and it received stellar media coverage in North America, Europe and Asia. It offers tools to assess one’s subjective well-being, and approaches to live a happier, purpose-driven and flourishing life. [click to continue…]


Dedicating Your Life to LOVE

by limitlesslaura

Marianne Williamson said: “Any day you consciously dedicate to love, asking only to be used as its instrument, is a day n which a fear has less of a grip on your psyche. Love casts out fear the way light casts out darkness; in the presence of one, the other is gone”

I got a very clear feeling (goosebumps even) when I read this, that this is what my purpose is:

To Be Used As LOVE’S Instrument In The World

It may sound simple..but it seems like it’s where I’ve been headed my entire life. Life works for me when I simply come from LOVE unconditionally…when I stay in my heart zone….

Can a business be built and flourish with LOVE as it’s driving FORCE? I say..most definitely YES!

What if you got up every day and simply asked for Love to guide you where it wanted to you go? [click to continue…]


We received an email yesterday morning from Rhonda Byrne of “The Secret Scrolls” that was one of those emails you want to read more than once, because it stops you dead in your tracks. It’s not that she said anything new, or anything startling. It’s that the right message, was delivered on the right day, at the right moment, to the right people. Does that ever happen to you? If and when you are in alignment with Source, this will happen to you more, and more, because you’ll be tuned in to the Universal radio station your heart needs to hear at every moment! Serendipity will occur constantly in your life, and it will seem like magical things keep happening everywhere you go! This is because your vibrations are positive, your heart and mind are clear, and you are connected to the Universal energy that is in alignment with EVERYTHING you want!

We all talk about and practice heartfelt gratitude, and for the most part I am sure we are all extremely grateful for all that we have. I say my prayers, and meditate daily, and experience deep gratitude for all that God gives me on a daily basis, and for all I have been blessed with in my life. I read this email however, and I was reminded that when I occasionally have counterproductive attitudes, behaviors or even a hint of negativity in my day..I am being ungrateful. What does that do? I STOPS that Universal Energy and Positive Flow of Attraction to My Life! I want to keep this post short as this is a very powerful concept in a very few words. If you would, please comment below on how this strikes you. Have you noticed this? How?  I APPRECIATE you being here in this moment!!

You can visit Rhonda’s Fan Page Here  Watch The Secret on YouTube  Visit The Secret Site

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In our line of work we must hear or read this word many times in a single day. Our lives are built around striving toward pursuing our passions, but do you ever stop to think that the word might be a little overused, and thereby lose its power? I decided to take a minute and really ponder what true passion is, after hearing a definition recently that I’d never heard before.

1. Passion:

from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure

Take a second a think about what you are most passionate about. It might be a cause, your family, your opportunity, your dream, your why, or something else. It might be many things. Are you more passionate about some than others? Is there ONE single thing that you are so deeply emotional about it brings you to tears to think about it? Are you willing to do almost anything for it? That is the one you are TRULY passionate about.

The reason I say this is because is because, I used to think of passion in these terms:

2.  pas·sion/ˈpaSHən/

“A Strong and barely controllable emotion”.

“A state or outburst of such emotion”.


That is another perfectly acceptable definition.

Which of these two is the one that gets more done in this world, completion of goals and fruition of dreams?  The first or the second? I would venture to say number one! Why? Because true and real unadulterated passion as you now know it, is about a willingness to suffer, endure to the end, sacrifice. (my addition).

Imagine if you went about your passions now with this meaning in mind. It is not a negative connotation. It is not about suffering itself. It’s about the willingness to!  We all have things in our lives that mean the very most to us, that we go the extra mile for, spend extra money, stay after work, donate our talents, and give beyond what’s expected just because we want to, not for any other reason. We are willing to sacrifice, even if it hurts, takes away from us or causes us more work.

For most of us it’s part of WHO WE ARE. It’s hard wired in. As mothers and fathers, we would jump in front of a train to save our child. We will go to the ends of the earth before we will see them suffer, and sometimes that can be a bad thing when they need to learn a hard lesson. Just being you, many times testifies to your inner passion and what you are willing to do for your cause or dream. People see it in your character, and are attracted to this about you. Passion is a very beautiful quality.


1.”Sacrifice of one’s personal interests or well-being for the sake of others or for a cause.
2.“To forfeit something for something else considered to have a greater value.

Now think about both the definitions of passion and sacrifice, and apply them to your WHY, or the driving reason you are with your current opportunity.  Can you apply both definitions to your WHY?

Are you willing to suffer and endure for the thing that drives you? Perhaps the opportunity itself, can you say 100% that you are deeply passionate (by this definition) about it?

Are you willing to sacrifice time and money, work harder than you ever have, and perhaps give up many things you enjoy to get to your goal?

If you can say YES to both of these questions…congratulations! You really ARE Passionate! You’re not just “Bursting with uncontrollable emotion!!!”

An example of this:

When Larry and I got engaged, we had spent 2 and a half years working together in a network marketing company and discovered we had many of the same dreams and goals. We went to a park one day and wrote them out to 100 in a notebook. We wrote the things that we were most passionate about. As I look back these really were the things we were willing to SUFFER for!! We made a pact that day that no matter what happened, we would achieve our dreams together, and have a blast doing it. We said even if we had hard times we would have each other. We went to work and became #1 in the network marketing company we were in at the time. As we went along we began to check things off the list, and now 10 years later, more than 90% of the goals are complete. We surpassed some of the income goals, and saw miracles in our family life that we did not know were possible…because we were willing to endure, and yes suffer. PASSION is the ONLY word FOR US!!

So think about your own goals, that I HOPE you have written down. Take a look at each one, and decide right away which ones are things you’d like to have, which ones you’d LOVE to have, and which ones, YOU MUST HAVE. The latter are the ones you should be working on asap!! I would be willing to bet that you’re not only willing to suffer for them, but you’re very committed, and emotionally invested!

What if you don’t have a goal like that? It could explain why you could be stuck in your business.

Something to think about.

Always here for YOU

Laura Morris


Daily personal development is a great thing! It is critical to your success. If you talk to any successful person, they will tell you that who they have BECOME along the journey is just as important to them as the success they have achieved. Each and every one of them I would venture to say has done a committed program of personal development. For some, it’s attending expensive seminars, or getting personal coaching. For others it could be as simple as buying fifty cent books at the used book store that were devoured each time with full fervor. The point is, personal development is individual, and PERSONAL. It’s YOURS. Nobody can ever take it away from you.

You can build your own fantastic library in your home of all the volumes of wonderful books that stirred your soul, mind and heart. This is what we have done, and we cherish it greatly.What we cherish even more is what we have done with the information from inside the books. We can point to specific books and tell you how that information touched us, and how we applied it in our lives. A good example is Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich, in which he teaches the principles of seeing your goals and dreams, and making them REAL. No other book has been applied more in our lives, and given us more fuel to go for what we want and the BELIEF that we CAN TRULY HAVE ANYTHING.

Another example is the book Think and Grow Rich, in which Napoleon Hill talks about writing your goal on a card and carrying it around with you. We have both manifested many dreams with this simple tool alone…but not by wishing… by Seeing, Believing, and DOING! This is the distinction. You have to do your part, then let the Universe do the rest.

It is only in the application of personal development that we grow. These books do us absolutely no good on the shelf!! So ask yourself if you are simply reading and listening to the material, or really using it in your life. Watch what happens!!

Does Your Personal Development Library SHOW in Your LIFE?

To Your Success!

Larry & Laura


If you are a serious entrepreneur, and you’ve spent any length of time marketing online, then this  amazing woman is no stranger to you! It seems she’s everywhere, both online and offline..leading the way at important Industry events with her good friends Ann Sieg or pal Jonathan Budd, or hosting webinars online with her hotter than hot group on facebook Smart Biz Builders!

Nancy Burke Barr is  an accomplished lawyer, with a background in teaching and estate planning. I am more than honored to call this dear lady my true friend in terms of the support and caring she shows, as well as the true leadership she provides consistently.

Are You Running YOUR BUSINESS Like a


As an entrepreneur, Nancy is a very passionate professional woman, with a strong emphasis on:

  • Empowering others to take control of their businesses
  • The “Sins” Of Internet Marketers
  • Sound traditional business principles that make ALL business run properly & legally
  • Tax concepts and strategies
  • Time management skills
  • Compliance with Federal Trade Commission and other Government Agencies and Laws
  • Business Plans, Insurance, Public Relations and more.
  • Nancy says “You do have a REAL Business,Right?, Then TREAT IT LIKE ONE!!”

Here is my delightful interview with MENTOR MAMA that took place last November, before she had started Smart Biz Builders on Facebook. Smart Biz Builders is a group of like minded business people who banded together to get “back to basics” and put business FIRST. It’s education YOU WON’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE

Register Here for the Smart Biz Builders “Summer of Love” Webinar series to have an amazing summer of INSPIRATION and LOVE.

In This Video You will get an Introduction to Mentor Mama..and Learn..

  • The Importance of Treating Your Business Like a Real Business
  • How To Turn Your Blog Into A Unique Brand
  • How To Follow The Correct Rules For Business Success
  • Blogging Tips & Social Media
  • Network Marketing Tips

Who is Nancy Burke Barr?

“My name is Nancy Burke Barr, also known as “Mentor Mama”. When I am not driving carpool, volunteering at school, or cooking dinner, I am online connecting with as many people as I can in the world of Social Media.

I blog about the lessons I learned from my mama – and a few tricks Mama never taught me. Those “old-fashioned” lessons will continue to enrich and protect our careers as we move deeper into the Information Age.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley and the University of Miami School of Law. I worked in retail sales and the food service industry, before I became a lawyer. My lengthy legal career has included teaching law students, as well as practicing in the areas of Estate Planning and Fiduciary Administration.

Today, I call on my law skills and my online presence to keep readers abreast of law on the Internet”.

If you enjoyed this interview, please feel free to comment and share, retweet and pay it forward!

As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my fantastic colleagues, who I  consider dear friends. I hope this has brought some JOY to your day!!

In Peace and Love

Laura Morris