Over the past 5 months I have been learning how to manage pain in a whole new way. It’s completely changed my life, and my outlook on health. Pharmaceuticals can only do so much. After a while pain medication can stop giving the body the originally intended benefit, and actually cause more harm than good. I found that my pain receptors were shot, and pain to me is ten times what it would be to a normal person.



My nervous system is like a circuit board that has gone haywire. Being introduced to Mindfulness as a way of pain management, along with breathing exercises and physical therapy has allowed me to slowly taper off the pain medication and I am already half way there. I am feeling so very much better.

Mindfulness is relatively simple concept that can yield extremely powerful results. One of the foremost authors on the subject of mindfulness,

Jon Kabat-Zinn, says :

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:

On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”

What I am learning through mindfulness practice is how to be here, and only here, fully present. I notice myself wanting to worry about the future, and just bring my awareness back to right now. I notice thoughts about the past, and how I could have been better, but it’s just a thought, and I let it pass by. Very cool. Now I’m not saying that I never worry or think about the past, but mindfulness has helped me tremendously with feeling anxious, and depression.

Here is another explanation:

“Mindfulness means deliberately attending to and becoming more aware of our experience: our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. This allows us to clearly perceive thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting in an automatic or habitual way. Experiences don’t overwhelm us and we become steady through life’s ups and downs.”
Founder of Breatheworks
where her site says:
“The Breathworks approach to Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM) is the most comprehensive, in-depth, scientifically up-to-date and user-friendly approach to learning the how of living with chronic pain and reclaiming one’s life that I know of…..I admire Vidyamala tremendously… her approach could save your life and give it back to you.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD author of Full Catastrophe Living and Coming to Our Senses Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

As for my pain management, the psychologist I see uses the same program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and has done some mindfulness exercises with me, in his office that have really helped me calm my pain down. He recorded them so I can listen any time. One is a Body Scan, which takes you through each part of the body very slowly, but in a specific way. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the authority and pioneer in this field. His books are very good, like Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Look him up on You Tube and Amazon.

Meditation and more specifically Buddhism, Yoga, TM, and other types of spiritual practice is also mindfulness practice, so it’s by no means new, and in fact thousands of years old. Allowing your mind to quiet, being still and going within is the first step. There’s noting to do believe it or not. Just sit, be still and allow thoughts to pass, allow peace to come, Allow God to speak to you. It’s amazing.

Pain can be diminished greatly by taking focus to present moment awareness, and simply breathing. My physical therapist showed me this video about

Simple Diaphramatic Breathing

As you see the diaphram is free moving, gently expanding and contracting. It’s separate from the lungs, and can be very beneficial in helping the body to relax. As it pertains to mindfulness, when you concentrate on the diaphram going up and down inside your body, and picture it suspended like this video, breathing becomes focused, and more calming,very quickly, the blood pressure can go down, pain and stress can be reduced as well.

I am JUST learning this stuff, so this is a very basic overview, and if you want to learn more I would recommend a few things. First off, if you have any kind of chronic condition, this works wonders, so ask your doctor for a referral to a local therapist or mindfulness program in your area, if you don’t go to one already, and ask about mindfulness exercises. They will know.

Some great mindfulness resources are:

Any book or video by Jon Kabat Zinn


Finding Peace in a Frantic World

That should get you started. It does not take much as it it extremely easy and very simple. You will love it.



Spoonie Blogs

by limitlesslaura

Spoonie Bloggers are a special breed.

Spoonies are “overcomers” in their daily lives, fighting chronic illness like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and Arthritis. The Spoon theory was created by the first blogger below, Christine Miserandino, to describe what it’s like to get through the day with a chronic illness, only having “spoons” to use. These bloggers are people who live to uplift and inspire others, give back to their community, and think big.

Spoonies I Salute You!

Blog Title: But You Don’t Look Sick

Author: Christine Miserandino


“The mission of But You Don’t Look Sick.com is to help everyone with a chronic illness or invisible disability, in order for them to live their lives to the fullest and not feel isolated and alone. We believe that our medical circumstances have put us in a unique and understanding position, so that we can help each other through similar difficult times. We hope the information and community on our site can aid people in leading better lives through knowledge, networking, friendship and most of all support.”

You may (or may n0t have heard the term “Spoonie” and wondered what it is. On the other hand you may feel like you have a kinship with people just like you, in your world,  who understand. Chronic illness can be a very lonely place to be, and Christine Miserandino knowing that, created a theory one day, almost by accident, that unified and validated people who feel so very alone in their daily lives with fibromyalgia, Lupus etc. called “The Spoon Theory“. This theory caught fire everywhere, and the word “SPOONIE” for short was born out of it.


Blog Title: A Lupie Existence

Author: Falanya Curtis



Falanya is not only my friend and business associate, she is a growing leader in the chronic pain community as an inspiration to thousands. Falanya is an example of what is possible when we step outside our comfort zones and believe in something new. She works from her bed on her home based business, and feels empowered every day, because she is making her own money, and building her team. Falanya tells us all the time what she loves is that she can work a little, and sleep a little. Her time is her own, and her internet business is working for her 24/7. She’s a devoted family person, who took care of her mother who also had Lupus and Fibromyalgia and died in 2011. Falanya shared a bond with her mom through their illness, that only we spoonies can truly understand. Her mother fought hard, but was not able to conquer Lupus’s ravages in the end. Falanya dedicates much of her work to her mom, as a legacy. I just LOVE that.

Here’s what Falanya says about her blog A Lupie Existence:

“This blog chronicles the lupie life I’m living right now. For those of you who don’t already know, Lupus sufferers commonly refer to themselves as “Lupies”. Interestingly enough, this painfully crazy disease provides its bearers with some pretty loopy moments and it’s those moments that can lend a little laughter into an otherwise unfunny existence. I prefer to laugh than cry, don’t you? Read on, comment away and please share!

I hope you will take time to visit A Lupie Existence and learn more about Lupus, Falanya’s life and business from her bed. She’s and extraordinary person you can’t live without knowing, truly. To read Falanya’s “Fight Like a Girl” STORY —Go Here


Blog Title: A New Kind Of Normal

“Choosing Hope In spite of Chronic Illness”

   Author: Jamee

A New Kind of Normal

“My name is Jamee and I am a proud YPW (youth pastor’s wife), adoptive mom, blogger, & spoonie. I am also a lover of shopping, flip flops, Disney, & Leroy Jethro Gibbs.his blog began as an outlet during my journey through infertility which grew to encompass not only infertility but my struggle with multiple chronic illnesses, which include endometriosis, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, and Celiac disease.”

I love Jamee’s blog because of the very positive tone she approaches her life with. She has been through multiple struggles finding her way, and learning how to cope with endometriosis, fibromyalgia and celiac disease. Through this whole process, she went through infertility and can offer many resources to women in that regard.

I think my favorite part of Jamee’s blog is the FAITH and love with which she relies on to cope with her sometimes terrible pain and other symptoms. You can tell that she’s a very spiritual person, who has a deep connection to God, her church and serving others. However, like me, and maybe you if you’re one of us spoonies or have been challenged in some way.. Jamee has wrestled with her faith…a common and normal feeling. She and her husband John were blessed with a child through the process of adoption, and this beautiful daughter always brings her back to God, and what’s most important.





How would you like to have a steady flow of abundance in the form of checks, pay pal deposits, cash, new business, sales and other forms of payments coming to you consistently? How would you like to be a money magnet, and someone who attracts the positive flow of your ideal new business partners, opportunities and capital to work those opportunities?

How would you like to be free of money worries, debt, stress, and all the negativity that goes along with not having enough month at the end of the money?

And finally..how would you like to think of bills, purchases, and all things concerning money as fun, positive activities, and everything surrounding your ideas about money as positive, attractive, and full of joy?

All this and more is possible with Master Teacher Michael Shook’s

 Tapping Your Way to Abundance

with The Emotional Freedom Technique.  What is EFT?

The Origins and Background

EFT or The Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively new discovery and is a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Energy Psychology which is catching the attention of healers, scientists, spiritual teachers and lay people. As we are all energetic beings, made up of nothing but energy essentially,this energy can become blocked, and emotional patterns can develop as a result that can become very life inhibiting or even painful.  Plainly, our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.

Some of these blocks and messages can be symptoms such as depression, lack of self-esteem, money problems, traumas, physical pain, compulsive and addictive behaviors and more. EFT is also very effectively be used to remove blocks on deserving prosperity, our thoughts and belief systems on abundance and having money in our life, and long held blocks that may stop us from prospering in our business. [click to continue…]


Water To Live

by limitlesslaura

The amazing human body is an intricate machine, designed primarily to function on water and minerals. Every building, sustaining and healing process that happens inside the body… happens with water and specifically a properly hydrated body. To go one step further, the optimal function of our bodies or “true health” can be achieved by the kind of water we consume, as all water is NOT created equal.

The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The blood is more than 80%, The brain more than 75%, and the liver is an amazing 96% water! Did you know that your eyes are 75% water?

The function of every cell in the body is controlled by cellular communication through the nervous system from the brain. Nerves as well as the entire cell network in reality, are an elaborate system of tiny waterways.

In just the last decade, medical science has begun to focus more on the tremendous healing ability of the body and how much that ability depends on water. The body instinctively knows how repair and sustain itself and in its every effort, water is the key.

When the body is “dehydrated” or lacking the necessary water to function, LIFE can literally cease to exist. The thing that many people don’t know is that when you are at the point of “feeling dehydrated” or displaying symptoms of extreme thirst, headache, dry skin, dry mouth, fatigue etc..you are WAY past the point of proper hydration levels for your body. What this means, is that if your body has to warn you, it’s most likely serious!!!

How much water should you be drinking? Natural health professionals suggest half your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 120 pounds, you would drink 60 oz per day,  or about a half a gallon.

Water is Just Water..Right?

The type and quality of the water we drink is equally as important as the amount. We all know that hydration is important, but have you ever investigated the difference between the different types of drinking water or liquids out there? You may be surprised at what you will find out.Tap water is certainly affordable, but may contain high levels of chlorine as indicated by studies by the Environmental Working Group. Many bottled waters have been found to be nothing more than pricey packaged tap water, and not necessarily held to the same testing standards, not to mention the amount of plastic waste. You may be missing out on many natural minerals and nutrients that are often lost in the purification process.

Kangen water has become an excellent alternative for not only hydration, but achieving health goals. Primarily, with smaller molecule clusters than ordinary waters, every nook and cranny of your body will become hydrated. Unwanted contaminants are filtered, leaving the necessary minerals and producing an alkaline, antioxidant environment.

What is Micro-Clustering ?

The  importance of proper hydration can not be over-emphasized. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, but the liquids we are consuming may not be adequately hydrating us. Many people avoid regular waters because of the taste or that “bloated” feeling they experience.Drinking ionized alkaline water is more readily absorbed by the body, reducing that feeling, and increases the “drinkability” due to the improved taste many people experience.


Kangen Water® is slightly alkaline, with a pH of 8.5-9.5. Enagics certified innovative technology uses the process of electrolysis to generate alkaline drinking water, along with 4 other waters. Instead of nourishing your body with acidic and sugary beverages, you should be hydrating with clean, ionized alkaline water every day.

Free Radical Scavenging

Ionized alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an anti-oxidant free radical scavenger supporting the health and wellness of bodily organs. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential is the ability for the water to remove existing oxidation, as well as prevent future damage in the body.

Detoxification with Kangen water

Water is the universal solvent that our bodies rely on for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. With its negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and great taste, you can count on ionized alkaline water such as Kangen Water® to aid in the neutralization of free radicals and address all of your body’s hydration needs.

No matter what kind of water you choose to drink, it’s vital that you shower your system constantly with the pure, clean and healthy hydration that only WATER will bring to your PRECIOUS human body!

Contact me directly to learn more. The internet is full of misinformation and lies from companies who are looking to sell you a greatly inferior machine. If you do research the internet remember “caveat emptor” May the buyer BEWARE.

email us direct at watertolive@comcast.net call 801-949-6151 and ask for Larry Morris who has 7 years expert knowledge on this water, the machines, how they are made, and everything about the competition.



Launi’s Love Army

by limitlesslaura

Life is fragile, and shifts in a moment as we all know. We hold our loved ones closer,and take stock in the things that truly matter when something of an emergent nature takes place in our family. It’s really mind boggling how quickly friends and people who love you rally around, like a LOVE ARMY…UNBELIEVABLE!!

Launi Trotter Morris is the wife of Larry’s oldest son, Kevin. She underwent emergency brain surgery on June 2, 2011, and is receiving hundreds, even thousands of prayers from far and wide. Launi is a positive, grateful, spiritual person. She is a full time professional woman in her life and inspires many people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Launi is an amazing mama to Larry’s granddaughter Bryton, age 7. Kevin, Launi and Bryton are pretty private people, and love their life that way. They love their animals, their home, and live in gratitude for everything they have.

These are the words that are at play over and over on Launi’s Facebook profile….

Dear Friends ~Take time to appreciate the simple things in life, a smile, a hug, a giggle, a puppy chasing his tail! Every moment, every breath is a new beginning!

Don’t over-think things or over-complicate your life!

Allow yourself the treasure of being at peace & being one with your Divine self! You came here just the way you should be, Perfect & Whole”

I pulled out a book Launi gave us for Christmas one year, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and was instantly reminded of why this special message (that played a part in Kevin & Launi’s Wedding vows)  is such a strong theme in her life. Launi gave each loved one in the family a copy of this book to tell us how important this message is..so pick up this book if you have not read it. It’s life changing.

1) Be Impeccable With Your Word: Speak with Integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2) Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality,their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3) Don’t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4) Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.

A couple more of Launi’s facebook updates…

-“Reflect upon and bless all the wondrous times in your life. Give thanks for the many blessings you receive each day. You can connect energetically too those you love, simply feel them inside your heart. Life is beautiful!!’

“Celebrate the miracles that come in every moment within the overall miracle that is your life. And as each moment falls away, there is another one for you to celebrate”.— Ralph Marston

We love you Launi, and know the positive forces from all the POSITIVE ENERGY flowing to YOU in The Universe are all around you. God is with YOU, in you, and surrounding your body with powerful healing energy and light.


Think about this. If we can create a negative event in our minds that “scars” us for a lifetime in an instant, why not be able to remove it an instant? If we truly live in an abundant, limitless Universe, where all things are possible, then the Life Force Energy is capable of all things, both positive and negative. When it moves freely, our bodies and minds function at peak, optimal levels. Everything is ENERGY. But what happens when that energy is blocked? We are all emotionally energetic beings, connected by a force much greater than ourselves. Our emotions are deeply interwoven with our “energetic body”. As we take on certain beliefs through experiences in our lives, this emotional energy can become blocked, and stored deeply in our cells, keeping energy from moving freely. The result can be pain, illness, negative circumstances and much more. “The Emotional Freedom Technique”, EFT or what is more commonly known as “The Tapping Solution” was developed to “reprogram” the “hard drive” so to speak of our energetic / emotional body with new positive cellular memories, while collapsing the negative ones stored..

A Powerful Path…A Simple Concept..Why Not?

What is The Tapping Solution?

SO…What is the Tapping? How Can it help You?

The emotional connection to health and wellness is sometimes one of the most overlooked, and that is why EFT or The Tapping Solution is such and amazing breakthrough to optimize one’s well being. The technique makes use of a psychological Meridian (similar to acupressure) method that can be used to address depression, anxiety, smoking, weight, addictions, grief, attracting wealth, relationships and almost anything. This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the “short-circuit” – the emotional block — from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease. I have experienced this powerful practice firsthand over the past month. I can tell you it is one of the most simple, direct routes to results that I have ever found. You have a couple of options when looking into Tapping for yourself or a loved one. There are thousands of Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique practitioners around the Country, that you can book sessions with one-on-one. This is what I did. I also purchased this DVD, The Tapping Solution, that chronicles 10 people with different life issues, who spend a weekend retreat for 4 days learning the EFT method. The movie teaches you how to Tap, where to tap on your body, and goes deep into the stories of these people, showing how the process helps them be set free in 4 days. It’s truly remarkable, and I recommend it HIGHLY. There is a section with details on how exactly you Tap, and for $29.95, the entire world is catching on!!!


They Discovered It Works On Everything…

I want to talk to you very briefly about a pattern
that I see happening in the world, and that I have identified
in myself and my loved ones.

It’s the pattern of “overwhelm”, a theme that
seems to be prevalent throughout the world.

Too many things to do, too much responsibility,
too much information and not enough time.

This leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed and
emotionally shut down (because they simply
can’t process what’s going on)

Are you feeling any of this?

And if so what’s the answer to this problem?

I KNOW (and this is from personal experience
and trial and error), that the answer is to
deal with your STUFF, your BAGGAGE,
once and for all.

Now, your first response to this might be,
“But I don’t have TIME to deal with that stuff”

The reality is you don’t have time NOT TO deal
with this stuff.

Not dealing with your “stuff”, falls in the same
category as not exercising.

Most people’s excuse is they don’t have time to
exercise, but the facts show that exercise
improves health, increases mental performance,
reduces sleep time, and makes life a whole lot

And it’s the same thing for dealing with your “stuff”.

Again, by “stuff”, I mean all the unresolved emotions,
hurts, limiting beliefs, physical pain, and so forth
that you’ve been carrying around WAY too long.

I believe that one of the best ways to handle these
issues is to use EFT, otherwise known as Tapping.

Right now there’s a really easy and free way to
learn both basic and advanced Meridian Tapping
techniques that you can implement in your life
right away:

The Tapping Solution

If you can bust out a limiting belief with 10 minutes
of tapping, and it can change everything in your life,
what are you waiting for?

Are you enjoying the continual patterns of suffering,
pain, and regret? I don’t think you are.

So with this in mind, I highly recommend that you listen
in on the 2011 Tapping World Summit, to tap along with the
world’s foremost experts, in concrete, condensed
sessions specifically designed to give you 100%
content that you can apply to your life immediately.

If you’re ready to break the patterns of
self-sabotage, of anxiety, of procrastination, of
whatever is holding you back, then register to
listen in on these f.r.e.e. calls by going here:
The Tapping Solution

You can’t use the “I can’t afford it” excuse,
because it’s free.

And we already talked about the “time” issue,
so what’s left? :)
The Tapping Solution

Until next time…

Your Friend In Becoming All That Your Are,

Laura Morris

P.S. Everything changes when you get rid of this
“stuff”. EVERYTHING. Make sure to do register now,
for your sake, for your family’s sake, for the
planet’s sake! :)P.P.S. – Plus, when you sign up now you’ll get
immediate access to three audios from Dawson Church,
EFT expert Carol Look and the host of the event
Nick Ortner what will teach you things about
Tapping that will blow you away…

The Tapping Solution


Saying Goodbye To Jack Lalanne

by limitlesslaura

Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne Dies At 96.

Before there was the Beachbody Workouts like P90X and Insanity,  trainers like Bob Greene, Billy Blanks and even the great “Jane Fonda Workout”, we tuned in every morning to exercise (which is what we called it then) with Jack Lalanne. Jack and his lovely wife Elaine Lalanne pioneered the concept of in home fitness, and health.

Jack Lalanne’s life’s purpose was to bring fitness, health, longevity, positive outlook and especially the concept of SELF-CARE to the world. Jack was giving daily messages on personal development to the Country back when self development was not in vogue! He carried the torch for creating your own health care plan, by caring for your body in the most simple and straight forward methods you could think of:

  • Eat a Well Balanced Diet With Plenty Of Fresh Fruits & Vegis, Lean Meats
  • Get Plenty of Exercise
  • Get Plenty of Rest
  • Be Happy!! SMILE!

He passed away this past Sunday in his Morro Bay, California home from respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Lalanne was 96.

Jack Lalanne We Salute Your Dedication To Health!

Watch This Simple Message…That Reminds Us All What Life’s About..We Will Miss You Jack!