Marketing Magic

By Tim Sales

One of the first decisions you need to make before you actually speak to a prospect is whether you want to promote your product or the business.

In my opinion, which is backed by statistics, you can do either – just not both at the same time.

Leading with the product

I’ll first describe “leading with the product.” When you invite someone to look at your product and then around the same time (that’s a key part of it) tell them they can make money with it, well, I’ve not seen this work well.

In the few prospects I was able to get to talk to me about it, they felt “yucky” that I would be making money off them buying the product. I found a way around this, but this taught me that I don’t discuss buying a product and mention at the same time that they can make money doing what I’m doing.

Here’s how I was able to still promote the business by leading with the product though.

After the person has been a happy customer for a month or more, at the point where they place a second or third order, I ask them if they know anyone who would like to receive the same benefits as they have received. After they’ve given me a referral that wants to buy the product, before I place that referral’s order I will then call my original customer and tell them that I can take them to dinner and thank them for the referral or give them a commission for referring the prospect. I ask them which they prefer. This works the best.

Leading with the business

If you invite your prospect to look at your business you obviously have to tell them what the product is, but do not get heavily into product discussions. I’ve seen many times, especially with nutritional products, where the discussion heads into deep ingredient questions.  It’s really best just to keep the product description general.

Let me explain what I mean by general. I will talk about the product trends for the product my company carries; for example, let’s say I sell nutritional supplements.  I’d say something like, “Consumers spent X number of dollars last year buying supplements.” And that’s as deep of a discussion about products that I care to get into when leading with the business.

Otherwise it just becomes a Pandora’s Box – one question leads to another…that leads to another. This often starts because people want to try to impress their prospect by using big, technical words to show they’re smart – but all you do is confuse the heck out of them and have them think they have to become a biochemist to succeed.

Should I use a website that explains both my business and the products?

I don’t recommend it.  If you want to sell a product – have a web page with only that product on it. If that product is within a system of products that belong together it is fine to have the additional products within that system on the page. As an example if you sell weight management and you tell your prospect about the meal replacement shakes and on the same web page you have links to appetite suppressants that is fine – but do not include unrelated products or discussion on the compensation plan.

I remember when I saw my first presentation in network marketing the presenter said, “We show people the business and if they don’t want to be in the business we can get them on the product.” This sounded good to me, and I continually attempted to do it…but I was actually able to do it the way it was presented to me very few times.  I never had much success in creating new customers by leading with the business.

That concludes my first answer to leading with product or business. Now let me explain my other answer.

Answer Two

The best answer to whether you lead with product or business has to do with what the prospect needs/wants or doesn’t want.

This goes along with the qualify step of the Inviting Formula. If when talking with the prospect they have their focus on solving a weight management issue – then you would obviously lead with product – if of course you have a product that solves that problem for them.

Much respect and admiration,

Tim Sales

For more in-depth information on this topic study the Professional Inviter lecture series by Tim Sales.

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Ever get those annoying game notifications on Facebook for things like Lucky 7, Ville, FarmVille and loads of others? Do you wonder how to make them STOP?! I know that I see posts on facebook like “I won’t play your game, I don’t play games, and I have NO interest in receiving any notifications of any games for my friends so PLEASE don’t send me ANY GAMES!!
I was thrilled to notice yesterday that facebook wised up and came to our rescue! They actually made a quick solution in your notifications tab, that takes only seconds. You don’t have to go into your privacy settings or anything like that.
Thank You Facebook…It’s about time!


You learn something new every day, my mom used to say! The nice people over at Constant Contact were helping me with my fan page the other day, and showed me a neat trick I just had to pass on. Some of us run into rare and isolated issues where we would rather not send our prospects to the YouTube site to view videos, as opposed to viewing the video stand alone on a page.

Occasionally there are instances when there just doesn’t seem any way around it when emailing a link to a video, or directing someone to a video.

The video would open inside of YouTube’s site, and offer our prospect a bunch of other choices and distractions, like advertising, other company and competition videos, other marketer’s videos (which we may or may not want to expose a new prospect to) and all around arcade of loudness, when we are attempting to make a simple or powerful point.

Well now with this very simple little click of your mouse you can eliminate all that by making your video POP-OUT on their screen, BY ITSELF away from YouTube entirely. Yes we want visitors to our channel, and lots of views to our other videos, but there are certain times when this one simple feature comes in super handy!!

So that you can see exactly how it works, here’s a link to THE TUTORIAL playing in the POP OUT WINDOW! I hope you enjoy it, and find some great ways to incorporate this tool into your video marketing. If you’ve known about this, pardon my excitement, and if you didn’t let’s be all giddy together!!!

Lot’s of Success to You!



I’m sure if you’ve been part of an MLM company or The Network Marketing industry for any length of time, you have heard these words MLM Compliance. If you’re a seasoned networker you know that these are the lawyers who maintain a watchful eye over the rules, procedures, policies and operations of your company, how it is promoted in the public, how the money is distributed, how the copyrights are used, and so on. If it has to do with anything legal, it’s part of compliance.

When you first join a company, you should always read through the policies and procedures thoroughly. Why? You need to know these in case something ever comes up that challenges one of them, or simply is needed as a reference. If you are treating your business like a real business, you look through the policies once a year and read any revisions. There might be changes, updates, and new rules that you must adhere to, and update your distributors on.

Some of the most common mlm compliance issues that have gotten network marketing companies in trouble or even shut down by their State Atttorney’s General are:

  • Over Inflated Income Claims from Distributors
  • Health Claims
  • Front Loading Of Products
  • Compensation Plans That Sell An Opportunity with No Product (A Pyramid or Ponsi Scheme)
  • Compensation Plans That Rely Heavily on Recruiting and very little on Customers if any

Our sponsor sent out a fantastic article this morning from and the very well known mlm industry attorney for our Network Marketing company, Jeffrey Babener.

Click Below To Open The PDF

Ten Common Mistakes Distributors Make

By Jeffrey Babener, ©  1998

“…it’s a question of expectations. And, sometimes those expectations can get in the way of a successful career in the MLM business.”


I goes without saying that we count on our precious paychecks coming (or our debit cards being loaded) week after week, month after month, in our fantastic opportunities. We only have a certain amount of control when it comes to the longevity and successful growth of our companies, and compliance is definitely one of the big ones! Just miss a paycheck, or even worse, have your company close (ouch!) because a group of distributors, or even the executives ruined it for the entire company and you’ll feel how important compliance really is. Adhering to the policies and procedures, walking the line and duplicating those rules with our people will ensure that our teams will grow strong. You have a choice about the kind of leader YOU want to BE and want to attract. YOU have a choice what kind of organization you want to run. We don’t like to talk about this “sobering subject”… the rules, but they are the foundation of our precious company’s longevity. Look at it in a positive way and be a crusader for the long life of your family’s stability.

Two guys who are honest crusaders and watchdogs for the MLM Industry happenings, are Rod Cook with  and Len Clements with You can subscribe to their newsletters and get notified of industry news, and learn more about compliance and this subject.

P.S. Here’s an excellent post by an expert on the subject, my friend Attorney Nancy Burke Barr, also a Network Marketer, a very nice lady, and well known as “Mentor Mama” in the marketing world online  Click HERE TO READ

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A Business Secret From Japan

by limitlesslaura

By Laura Morris

Over the years the #1 question we always get from our team is:

“What’s the secret to SUCCESS in this business?”

We usually tell them 2 things:

#1) Be here in a year. Never, ever, EVER..EVER..QUIT!!

This entrepreneurial quest is a roller coaster.

You may want to quit , many times, and usually face challenges that you don’t see coming.

But…You are also afforded an opportunity to write your own ticket to your dreams, and pretty much

DESIGN YOUR OWN BIG PICTURE. The only limitations on you are how BIG you can DREAM and how hard you are willing to work!

You really CAN have it all being an entrepreneur owning a home based business.

The trick is..

The ONLY way this happens… if YOU Consistently PERSIST …That’s it.

The Second Secret We tell our People is….

#2) Take your business SERIOUSLY 

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs:

A.The kind who PLAY at it, work at it, and make some money, enjoy the social aspect, a few trips, the meetings, and building some relationships, might be part timers.  


B. The kind who take their business very seriously as if  it were a Fortune 100 Corporation, downtown in a penthouse office, and they are the CEO.

They visualize themselves sitting behind a big oak desk like Donald Trump, and guard their precious enterprise like it’s pure gold.

They keep accurate books, pay their quarterly taxes, and dress impeccably  for all events representing their business.

Business A produces 5 figure monthly incomes and below

Business B produces Fortunes

Oh..there’s C. the folks who make 0 (zero) money..but you know why that is!

So on to what I learned in Japan, and how it ties it with the above

                                                                   “The Japanese Taxi Driver” was a man we will never forget!

Larry and I just got back from a fabulous all expense paid trip to Japan to visit our Direct Sales’ company factory, and attend a birthday celebration for our CEO.We had to qualify with substantial sales production, and it was not only an honor to be there, but was the kind of memory network marketing careers are all about. Here’s a VIDEO if you’d like a peek.

We played, ate (and ate some more!), toured, partied, laughed, cried, and networked in the beautiful country of Japan!! There is no other industry that offers these kinds of unique experiences.

The striking thing I noticed over 4 days in Japan is seriousness with which Japanese people take their jobs and their business. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with men and women lined up in respect. From the waiters to the store owners, each worker was respectful, kind, and took pride and honor in their business.

Even our Japanese taxi driver in Osaka was a study in pride for your work. This man had on a dark suit, a crisp, clean white shirt, and a black tie! His cab was the cleanest car I have ever ridden in while traveling.

My question to you is:

If YOU took what you do in your business as seriously as the Japanese taxi driver and people in Japan..What kind of results would be happening in your business right now? If you DO…bravo!!!

 Do you approach your business like a million dollar enterprise each day?

Something pretty cool to think about!

We have both been sharing this and pondering it since I got back.

It’s affected our business positively already with a big rank advancement!

This simple concept can profoundly affect you too!

Take a look at your daily performance and the level of seriousness you have towards your business, and it might take you to a new level.

It did us. No matter where you are you can ALWAYS GO HIGHER!


1. Fill Your Pipeline Constantly with New People:

Talk to 3-5 new People a Day, depending if you are part time or full time. Constantly be building new relationships, generating leads, and putting people into your funnel. Whether they come out one side with a “Yes” (Yahoo!) or a No..they must always be replaced with more, so that you always have pending NEW business. If this process stops, YOU ARE OUT OF BUSINESS

2. Expose Your Product or Service at least 1 to 3 times a day

An exposure can be anything as simple as a quick a phone call to answer questions, all the way to something as complicated as a Super Saturday. Everything in between is an exposure leading up to the sale. If you find that you’re not making these exposures, you’re business might not be growing. Do something consistent for your business every single day to move it forward

3. Follow up, and Record

It won’t make a heap of difference how many great prospects you put into your pipeline f you don’t keep accurate track of them, and follow up with them on time. There are many good follow up systems out there to keep you on track with your computer, and that’s fine if you’d like to utilize one of those. The important thing is to USE it..every day! We have always found the simple stuff works best. If you decide you want to make it really simple, you can get a recipe card box, with divider tabs marked 1 through 31. Record each prospect on a card and file them under the date you promise the “next action” like send and email, take to a webinar or call them to follow up. Then each day, you’ll have a stack of cards which have your marching orders for the day!

4. Duplication and Utilizing Systems & Tools

This is probably the one factor that separates exponential results getters from the people who stay.. how shall we say, stuck! When you first get started, it is drilled into you to use the system that your company has provided for you. There are very few, if any worthwhile opportunities these days that don’t have killer online presentations, with capture pages.What’s the tendency of the newbie? Most newbies, be it many times out of pure excitement, want to tell the entire opportunity’s details to their friend in shotgun fashion. Does that work? What do you think…

The company and top income earners train you to POINT TO TOOLS, for a reason. It works!

Here’s Why:

  • You don’t have to know anything about the details of the opportunity yet you can go out an hour after you sign up and recruit your heart out…when you are the MOST excited! (which is the best time!)
  • The tools keep the message of the company CONSISTENT, so that a prospect can see the same message in India, as they would in Michigan.
  • It makes DUPLICATION simple. How hard is it to say “Here, watch this” while handing the person a cool DVD? ..not hard at all.
  • It makes the process APPEAR EASY to your PROSPECT, so that they can SEE THEMSELVES doing what you’re doing.
  • Note: Everything you do in the presentation process, should have this in mind. “Could my prospect see themselves doing this, and does it look doable?”

Some people get good at talking to people, but they may not be good at the most important part.. which you know is the transition to actually CLOSING the sale, and then duplicating that person into another one and so on. What is it that does that?

Tools and Systems. We call the Third Party Credibility.

What IS 3rd Party Credibility? 3-ways? well yes, but..

5. Relying on 3rd Party Credibility for Validation, to Close Sales

If you have been to this blog or had any experience of our training, you know that this is one of the KEY hinges of your business that we stress very heavily. We have a saying, that  “If you are not doing 3-way calls, you are probably not making money” You can read here on the how.

6. Build for Events

If your business is growing you are either just coming off the fever and excitement of the most recent event, or you are building to the next one. Events come in different shapes and sizes, like Super Saturdays, Webinars, or Regional/National Conferences. Naturally making sure YOU are always there is a MUST, but just as important is:

  • Your Newbies Attend
  • Your Team Attends (as many as you can get there)
  • Anyone Advancing in Rank is There especially, because they will be recognized on stage!
  • You will notice that your company will plan a big event every 90 days, and a yearly convention. Rule: DON’T EVER GO ALONE if you can help it!! When you get there and you experience the magic of the event you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t DRAG someone there! Every event we have gone to in our career has made up money!

7. Attending Conference Calls Regularly, ALWAYS with someone NEW

  • If you have recruited a new person, it’s a courtesy to 3-way them on to their first conference call, because then you KNOW they heard it!
  • Never attend calls alone if possible.
  • Support Team Calls weekly
  • Support Presentation Calls

8. Plug new reps into the system and help them to become system dependent instead of dependent on you.

Some newbies can take off and fly with no problem as long as you point them in the right direction, especially if they have a strong personality and purpose for doing the business. If you have a new person who has a little baggage coming in, such as previous failures in another business, it’s VERY important that you plug your newbie into the company or team systems and tools immediately upon enrollment to show them the high level of support  they will receive.

9. Know your Target Market inside out.

  • What’s important to them
  • Where do they go o the internet?
  • What are they most concerned about
  • Who do they like to hang out with
  • What gets them excited

When you know who you are marketing to, you can craft your messages to zero right in on them, like you’re speaking only to them. they will feel it and respond to it. Conversely, if you are just spraying your product message out there as if “it’s for everyone”, the message may get diluted, misunderstood, or even ignored amidst all the others exactly like it.

10. Participate in Rank Advancements, Promotions, Contests and A-O-M-A

  • Anything that keeps you in ALL-OUT-MASSIVE-ACTION-MODE is GREAT for keeping your business in MOMENTUM
  • Team promotions are a great way to keep your team motivated and there’s nothing wrong with a little competiton!
  • Advancing in Rank often will most assuredly keep your business on the move UP to six, multiple six and even seven figures ! Set those goals, keep teaching your people EXACTLY what you learned and plug them in!
  • Encourage Rank Advancing by making it an Elite status that everyone wants! The cool people rank advance. It’s true..BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKiNG more MONEY week in and week out , enjoying more perks, and the recognition many distributors thrive on.
  • Keep your “Eye on The Prize”, What’s your company Giving Away?

There is nothing more exciting than qualifying for a company award through the efforts of your entire team. It’s an electric feeling! In 3 days, we leave for Japan, because we qualified for such a trip, all expenses paid. We get to hang out and rub shoulders with the top of the company leadership, see old friend from around the country, exchange ideas, network, as well as enjoy making new friends.

Network marketing businesses are designed to grow and flourish when you follow some simple principles. If you find that your business stalls in growth, or your income is not where you want it to be, have a look back over this list and diagnose the problem. I can guarantee you’ll find the issue in #1 through 10. You may need to focus on just one area for a time period like follow up, or duplication. Once you have a breakthrough, you will know it, because you will see a bump in your checks! Who doesn’t want that?!



“If you were forced to stop working because of a family crisis, would you continue to receive your income?”

It was a regular day like any other in June 2011. I was sitting at my desk working, when I got a “call waiting” saying that my daughter in law had been life flighted to the hospital for emergency brain surgery.  She miraculously lived through the surgery to relieve a large tumor creating extreme pressure on her skull, but the resulting damage and cancer treatment has been harder on her than any one person should have to endure. Bless her heart, she is an amazing person, but we all have grieved to realize not at all the same person. The following 7 months were like  the scariest, roughest roller coaster you’ve ever riden for our entire family, and most especially those caring for my daughter in law on a daily basis. I know now that I personally had absolutely NO IDEA how cancer affects an entire family, until you go through it yourself. –

Tragedy Changes You and Those You Care About Forever

The love that has surrounded our family has been huge. We have received a ton of support, prayers and kindnesses from people who hardly knew us. Many miracles sprang out of this terrible tragedy, such as renewed relationships, healed relationships, and personal growth. Close relationships have grown much closer, and the family as a whole is much tighter as a unit. We’ll never be the same. It’s most definitely NOT the way we want these things to occur, but we take comfort that at least something beautiful arose from such sadness.

Life has been anything but normal for the last 6 months, and this lack of normalcy has bled over into other areas of our lives without our control. Our daughter in law, son and their little family is our top priority. If you are (or were) a visitor of this blog, a member of the TSA tribe or TSA Facebook group or a follower of ours, you might have noticed we’ve been under the radar, or off the social media channels for quite some time. We figured you might want to know.

To make things a little more interesting, my mother was diagnosed with cancer during this time, and a lifelong illness of mine reared its ugly head called fibromyalgia.  It comes and goes, is brought on by extreme stress, and was the most painful bout my doctor has seen me have. I am happy to say I am much, much better! My dear mother passed away December 20th, 2011.

Residual Income Got Us Though It All

Family always comes first and work was just not possible during this difficult time. When you are SELF-Employed you can make judgement calls like that. If you had a job and a boss, do you think you’d  have a choice? What a RELIEF it was to know that ALL THE WHILE our “mailbox money” or network marketing income KEPT US GOING!! It paid us for work we had done once, and will continue to.  We could not have imagined going to a traditional “J.O.B” during this challenging time in our lives!! Instead, we could count on going to our mailbox and opening checks. THAT’S what we call FREEDOM

So the point I am making is that we essentially took a 6 month leave of absence…and mlm saved our bacon!

If you’re a Network Marketer you hear over and over, “There’s nothing like experiencing the power of residual in your life.” If you currently receive checks in your mailbox, or emails from income streams, then you know what a rush it is to see it grow. My wish for every aspiring home business professional, is that they get to experience true “mailbox money” that continues to grow in their career.  If you work hard, pay your dues, and follow a proven system, you cannot help but get there. It may take some time, and with the right combination of personal development, a great product, company, systems, tools, leadership, and good old fashioned sweat… it will happen. The only way you will fail is if you quit.

It never occurred to me that we would PROVE our industry in this manner. Don’t get me wrong, we never doubted it for a second!!  It’s just plain A-W-E-S-O-M-E to see it at work when the chips are down.  I’m more grateful to be a professional Network Marketer than I have ever been in my career. The concept of residual was there for us when we needed it most, because WE put in the HOURS.  Don’t ever forget that point. You cannot get into MLM and take a free ride. Most compensation plans are set up in such a way so that you have to stay qualified to get paid. Staying qualified simply means you have to purchase a certain amount from your company and show your loyalty to them AND show your down line that you are in the game as their up line. It would never be fair if people could get into a company pay once and then get paid on all the people below them year after year, without ever spending another dime.

Think about your family for a moment. Are you prepared for a crisis? If you had to stop working would your paycheck continue to come in? Would it keep your bills paid? These are some serious questions that deserve some serious thought. I hope I’ve made you think a little, and am grateful for your readership!

If you would like to learn more about how we created a business that sustained us for 6 months without working, and those checks just kept on coming…CLICK HERE and we’ll get with you and show you!

Laura & Larry

P.S Since Writing this post on February 9, we were informed that during the time period I speak of in this article, we qualified for a TRIP TO JAPAN! How did we do it? We built a very large working, worldwide organization over the past 5 years, that produces hundreds of thousands in volume month after month.  Ample amounts of Mailbox Money comes in to many of THESE Hard working team members as well! The exciting all expenses paid leadership trip to Japan leaves on March 14th. We will be posting photos on facebook for everyone to see while we tour  our factory, the beautiful Ryuku Castle, in The Cornerstone for Peace in Okinawa, Osaka, and more! It’s qualifying for rank advancements, awards and trips that makes working with a team in network marketing long term so rewarding.


When you got started in your opportunity, were you aware of what it took to really be successful? Of course there are all levels of distributors going in and out of opportunities every day, but the even mildly successful ones all have some key qualities in common. The true leaders of our industry practice disciplined daily action, think and believe a very specific way* as well as lead by example.

Really making it and earning a consistent income that allows you to not only work out of your home but live a lifestyle of comfort where money pressures don’t exist takes:

  • Desire
  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Persistence
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Heart
  • Consistency
  • and those are just to name  a few!

Yes, You are able to take vacations, do the things you want, when you want, where you want. It’s awesome! In order to make this happen, it’s necessary to make a solid commitment to your business, and do a CONSISTENT “handful” of DAILY activities, as well as learning to lead passionately, as if your LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. You must be meeting, contacting, inviting, and exposing prospects regularly. As long as you always have people in your “pipeline” you’re ok. If you don’t, you’re close to out of business.

Your opportunity should be in your heart and show through you like sunshine! Why? It shows because you truly believe what you have is the BEST! As your group grows, you develop leverage, and you maintain a greater leadership role, in which you will do presentations to larger groups to leverage your valuable time. In the following article you’ll learn more about the benefits!

*Leaders condition themselves with daily personal development, and by collecting material to pass on to their group via email, blog posts, podcasts, webinars and live meetings. Our files are loaded with fantastic articles we have collected on leadership, success principles, prosperity thinking and network marketing training. Here is one I’d like to share with you, by one of my favorite authors!

The Irrefutable Laws of MLM Success

By Network Marketing Legendary Leader and Author of “Mach II with Your Hair On Fire”  Richard Bliss Brooke

1. Use and Love Your Product

Although in order to build a large network you must focus on enrolling others in the opportunity, a large portion of your credibility and integrity in doing so will be your passion for your products. The more you love them, the more you will talk about them and the more your whole network will use and sell them.

2) Own the Concept of MLM

Most prospects have a strong opinion about this concept. They own their perception of what it is. They have conviction about it. If you are weak on your ownership of MLM, they will influence you instead of you influencing them. One too many times of them influencing you and you are out of the game. You must have some successes – and have them quickly – to shore up your confidence. Study everything you can find on exactly how and why MLM is an extraordinary wealth-building concept. Study those who have done it. Master their stories and their strategies. Become a pied piper of “The Four-Year Career™.”

3) Learn to Believe That Everyone Is a Prospect

They don’t think they are. They are probably not even looking for anything. But ask yourself this question: If everyone knew what you knew, would they get involved? The answer is: of course. So what’s missing? They just don’t know about it. What if you could let them peek into your mind and into your heart to see it the way you see it? Would they get involved? Yes, most of them would; and the ones who would not would pass in a way that championed you (not rejected you) and appreciated you for offering.

4) Ask Easy Curiosity Questions

The more you know about your prospects, the easier it is for you to design an offer they will not choose to refuse. Find out what is important to people. What do they love? What do they want more of in life? What do they want less of? Start with where they live (if you don’t know). What do they like about it? What don’t they like about it? Where would they live if they could move? What is holding them back? Ask about their work. How long have they been doing it? What do they like and dislike about it? What is holding them back from doing something they love?

5) Ask Them to Imagine

Walt Disney was probably the last one to inspire them to do so. It is our ability to imagine something that is not actually present in our lives that allows us to become inspired. Imagining a more peaceful, fun-filled, loving, abundant life changes our body chemistry immediately, whether we want it to or not. Imagining something specific that we like and don’t now have gives us a positive energy (motivation) to act; to choose to prioritize, to change and to embrace something like a new business that just five minutes ago we would have sworn we would never do. Ask them to imagine getting a check for $1,000 (or whatever amount you have learned will motivate them) every month like clockwork.

6) Show Them the Way

Once someone is motivated to move, they will take direction. Why not? Your wisdom, experience and position in the organization is what they need to get what they want. Take advantage of your posture and show them exactly what they need to do. Show people whom they know that can do well. Show them their plan. Show them their money. Show them what they must do to get their money. If you don’t show them, they will not do what they need to do and you have wasted their time and yours.

7) Wait For No Man or Woman

Make unreasonable requests. This will sort out who will work with you and who will not. You must ask people to do what must be done. Stretch them. Give them the opportunity to succeed or fail out of choice versus merely decaying over time right in front of you. Some people would rather whine than work. They would rather tell stories than succeed. They would rather keep you waiting on them as they “get around to it.” These are the vampires of MLM. They will suck the life out of you with their procrastination and excuses and brilliant ability to find ways for things not to work. It is much easier for them to justify their commitment to mediocrity if you stay down with them. Cast them off. And if they happen to be friends and family, keep them as such – and out of your business.

8) Manage Your Motivation

Motivation is the secret to success. When you are on fire about the inevitability of your quest, you will be enthusiastic, courageous, energetic, persistent and creative. These are the fundamentals of getting things done and attracting the things you need. When you are in a funk, you repel what you need and you do just the opposite actions from what you need to be doing. When you are on fire, success is easy, natural and fun. You get lucky and stay lucky.

9) Get Your Car Over the Hill

There is a lot of inertia in launching a network. It is like pushing a car up a hill. It takes proportionally far more energy just to get it rolling than at any other time, and it takes a continued Herculean effort to keep it going uphill. And what happens if you stop to rest? You get run over and have to start over. What happens when you stay after it and do whatever it takes to get to the top of the hill? It starts rolling on its own – and it would take another Herculean effort just to stop it.

10) Lead Like Your Life Depended On It

And the rest of your life – the part you may have been missing up to now – does depend on it. In a successful network marketing career, first comes massive action and development, then comes massive money and then comes . . . life beyond money. A life where you are present to those you love; life with the freedom to do what you want, where you want, with whom you want and the peace of knowing that you have crested the hill, and although there will still be bumps in your road, you are on the good slope. MLM is like herding cats. Your job is to inspire a whole bunch of people to do something they are not normally inclined to do on their own and keep them doing it – thousands of them. Imagine herding thousands of cats to the Promised Land. You would need to be one heck of a trail boss, and you would also need a lot of good hands to help you. Your leadership and your ability to inspire and develop it in others will determine how far you go and how self-sustaining it is when you get there.

Network marketing is a brilliant career choice whether you choose it the age of 20, 40 or 80. Done smartly, you can be done in four years – and then you get to design your life beyond money: dreams found.


The Exposure Process –

In the last article we talked about how to make initial connections on the telephone, and how to establish good rapport with your prospect. Just for a very quick recap, this can be done through

  • Sharing your Spirit with your prospect so that you really CONNECT
  • Ask good probing questions so that they Share Themselves with YOU
  • Keep good control on the conversation at all times by continuing to ask more questions
  • Have strong POSTURE and BELIEF in what you have- “Be 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof”
  • Be a Great Listener-Engage yourself in the conversation

These are the key components to good phone communication. When building relationships, it’s really important to regard them as important to you from the minute you get on the phone with the person. If the person senses that you don’t CARE…They will “disconnect” and you will have a 10 times harder process moving through to the exposing your presentation.

The Presentation

So let’s talk about the next stage in the process, sharing your product, service or opportunity. If you have done a good job establishing rapport, connection and building relationship, the rest is literally a cake walk.

This is the stage when you introduce your product, service or opportunity into the conversation, and present the WHAT of it all. If done can be so painless. If done wrong, you can have a rather short phone call, or something like this:

Have you been on the phone with a really great person and you have had a great conversation with them and then all of the sudden it gets kind of uncomfortable, or worse yet, quiet? That’s when FEAR is present. So at all costs never let silence enter your conversation, unless it’s timed purposely, after a question, like a “pause”.

The best kind of conversations is the NATURAL ones. Isn’t it perfect when you have asked enough questions, that you can walk right smack dab into your prospects next sentence and say “Are you in front of your computer? I have something really cool I’d like to show you and it will only take a few minutes” When you don’t ask any questions…it’s kind of like “here’s my deal” “buy my stuff” etc.

What people tend to do is TALK TOO MUCH. They call the prospect and EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO THEM. They sell them into and out of the business in the same phone call about 4 times! Or…they do a good job on the exposure process, but don’t set a proper follow up appointment, then lose touch with the person. The prospect falls through the cracks and they run into them at the National Convention!

Be a Tour Guide

All you want to get really good at doing is taking people on tours! Either show them your information by emailing documentation to them, or personally escorting them to your system on your site. Whichever you do, it’s like walking your prospect around the bases on a baseball diamond. It’s elementary, but much overlooked. Utilize whatever systems, tools and videos your company offers! Chances are very good that your up line leaders have put together some smashing tools that “Tell The Story” in a succinct, simple way. People run into trouble when they try to add on, take away from, or reinvent a new system that they think would work better. Just POINT TO the tools, and get very good at doing it.


The Top Money Earners in MLM are Experts at Using TOOLS and Systems!!!

Follow Up

During the “tour” process, your prospect is going to have questions that come up in his or her mind about the product/service, opportunity and pay plan. He or she is going to be MUCH MORE LIKELY to write down their questions and be prepared to buy if you PRESET a follow up appointment with them. If you simply send them information and tell them you’ll talk to them “next week”…what are the chances this person is going to connect with you? They could…but it’s going to be a much HIGHER probability of success all the way around if your prospect knows exactly when your next meeting is.

To take this one step further, if you coach your prospect all the way through JUST LIKE A TOUR GUIDE on exactly what to expect when, THEY WILL BUILD TRUST in you. A prospect does not enroll with a product or service…he or she enrolls with a PERSON that they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST! So the more you can do to CONNECT, Engage, build trust, and confidence, will facilitate a strong, happy relationship that gets off on the right foot with the right expectations.

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Every Coach Drills his or her players on the FUNDAMENTALS over and over!!

What are they in what we do?

  • See The People
  • Tell The Story
  • Build For Events
  • Follow Up

When you really  get good at doing these 4 CORE  things in a MASSIVE ACTION format..

you will be producing some major income! When you TEACH these 4 things to your team…

and they teach their teams etc….

well…then we’re talking “sipping out of the coconut” money!!

1) See The People / Collecting & Capturing People

Seeing the people is anything that entails bringing a NEW CONTACT into your sales process, or in front of your offer. Have lots of ways going at once so that you are not depending on “one lake to fish in” so to speak. Talk to people, make friends in all the social sites, go to meet ups, post content and plaster it everywhere, join groups and network, post flyers with your website link.You get the idea!! Capture their information on a capture page, email list, business card etc.

2) Tell The Story/ Communicating

This is where people hear from you in your funnel,  or are moved to a presentation, conference call and onto some type of webinar, website etc. In the offline world it is when you do a presentation one-on-one, or take someone to a meeting. It is also when you make initial phone presentations. Picture a baseball diamond, and this is second base.

3) Build For Events

One of the most lucrative and secret keys that the BIG LEADERS understand. When you truly learn how to build for events, it will make you more money than any other step. An event is not just a meeting. It is a conference call or a webinar again. It could be a special call that you throw together strategically with your super cool up-line who you are edifying because you hit it off with her at an event, and she wants to meet your team. If you build it right in that time period, that could only be a day…and you edify her properly..and she edifies YOU..she ends up making you look like a KING OR QUEEN. Regional and National events drive our business. NEVER go to them alone!! If you do, you will always wish you had your team there with you. If you have not sponsored anyone, of course go!! Build, Build, Build for events. Companies and leaders are always building to the next with those eyes and you will see!

4$$$ Follow Up / Close

Yes! Yes! The fortune really IS in the follow up! If you go to all the trouble of practicing all this, and you don’t follow the people you work with, you won’t close sales. Your List that you are building is going to be worth its weight in gold! So how you strategically close people in your emails is very important. If you truly KNOW YOUR MARKET, they won’t know they are being closed, because you are simple bringing them what they already want and are looking for!

As for “offline” there is no reason you should have to close your own sales.  If you feel alone in your business, you are on the wrong team. Plain and simple.Your upline should be doing 3-way calls for you, and closing your prospects for you, and if you’re not doing that…give us a shout and we will coach you on how to ask for their help.

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If you’d like to learn what we’ve done to generate a six figure network marketing business from home..

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