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Common Mistakes We See Newbies Make

After getting through the time of being a newbie myself way back when, I can sure remember how I felt.  Other network marketers were out there succeeding, and it seemed like I was missing the “magic dust” or something. I felt as if I was doing everything right. I decided to look back at myself, and a few new people I know, and some common blunders that can be easily corrected to move more quickly along the path to success.

1) STOP getting ready to get ready. Stop organizing your work space, making sure your scripts are ok, going to meetings alone, going to webinars that you’ve attended for the 20th time and know by heart, and my downfall to this day, (and I am a seasoned PRO !!) spending too much time online and calling it “work”. You get the idea, it’s called wasting valuable time.

Fix: Get into Activity! Talk to People, Lots and lots of people, and then talk to more people. Here’s an exercise: Get out a piece of paper TOMORROW morning and document every 30 minutes exactly what you’re doing, during the time that you’ve agreed to work on your business. Devote your time to Revenue Producing activities only. What are they? A revenue producing activity is anything that involves exposing a potential customer or new distributor to your product or opportunity: Prospecting calls, one-on-ones, Facebook chats with a REAL prospect, skype chats, Webinars with a Guest, Meeting with a Guest, Follow Ups, Contacting leads you’ve generated online through your funnels.

2) Ask for Help! I am amazed at the number of marketers I talk to all the time who perceive themselves as totally alone in the world with no resources, no help, and no idea what to do next.

Fix: Most people have pretty good common sense right? Or is it just me? If you are not getting help, for goodness sakes A-S-K !! If your sponsor flew the coop, and theirs did too, get on the horn to the corporate office and find out who can help you. The company will always put you in touch with your up line leader who is HUNGRY and standing by for the next ready and willing marketer to put their hand in the air to be taught. I did this when I was serious about going full time, and my mentor spent every day on the phone coaching me, flew out to do meetings, and I  owe him the world for that.

3) Decide if you want it, and how bad you want it- Are you serious about this? I know it sounds a bit harsh, but some can ride the fence for years, and until we truly commit, the Universe won’t respond, people won’t respond, and not much will happen. Is this a part time business, a full time business? or maybe just a hobby? There’s no shame in that. Some of the businesses like Stamp it Up!, Creative Memories, Pampered Chef and the like are a fun hobby for many young moms, who would otherwise lose it without something to call their own.  when I was a young mother, I had a small calligraphy business, addressing envelopes for weddings. It was a hobby, because it was fun, gave me something to do that was my quiet time in the evening and I got a little “mad money”.  I think some people judge when everyone’s situation is different. not everyone has to be a serious network marketer, only the ones who decide to be because they want to manage a REAL business like a business. We’ve talked about this many times, but because the cost of entry is so low, the cost of exit is low too. Make sure you know what level you’re playing at-and be OK with it! When you decide to take on a business, treat it like one, and it will pay you as such.

Fix: Get out another piece of paper and put a line down the middle. Column A “I play full out” Column B “I play half way” Then list all the areas that your business needs your energy in: Prospecting, Follow Up, Writing content, Record Keeping, Supporting team, etc. List what’s pertinent to your business. I don’t know what that is. For my business, it’s sharing water, connecting with my customers, talking to new people. Then rate yourself in each area from 1 to 10 honestly in either column. If you play full out, rate that one. If you play half way.rate that one. Then when you finish you’ll have a clear indication where your weaknesses are, and how serious you are RIGHT NOW. Concentrate on the areas that need improvement.

4) Stop looking outside yourself for the answer. I remember years ago one day being at the height of frustration with a what I saw at the time as failure. I had been working hard, calling my leads, working my list, and exposing my prospects to the opportunity exactly like I was taught to do. I was coming up dry. Nothing. I called my mentor and said “I have had it! I am doing everything you’ve trained me to do!! Why am I not having a breakthrough?” Do you know what he had the gall to say to me? “Guess, you haven’t done enough yet, Go do it some more”. After I recovered from peeling myself off the floor, he said, “Laura, you’re one of the best distributors I’ve worked with, and YOU ARE doing everything right, it just takes time, and we all pay our dues learning how to talk to people” It was a week later that I made my first $1295 sale. And after that my business took off. I was eventually #1 income earner in that company two separate months.

Fix: Praise yourself daily for the little wins. Do personal development 30 minutes a day, every day. Go to this inspirational blog. Expand your mind, and continue to develop you. Work the numbers, and understand they are just numbers, and don’t sweat it. After a while a ratio will emerge, and you’ll talk to 20 people and get a sale, then 15, then 10 and so on!

5) Don’t blame your up line for your failures. - Ouch! There I said it. Many times we want to look everywhere else but at our own lack of activity, or flat out mistakes as to why our business is not growing the way we want it to. Blaming our sponsor, or even the upper leadership is very common, because there’s a miscommunication that something is owed from the beginning like the infamous “I’ll put people under you”. If you start your business expecting “spillover” you are DOOMED before you even get going! If it happens that’s a bonus..but PLEASE don’t wait for it to happen and use it as a convenient excuse to slow down, get angry or quit.

Fix: Take Ownership of your Enterprise! From the very beginning, it’s all about that decision again, and it’s up to nobody else but you! You can be the CEO of your million dollar company. That’s a very good thing.

Our destiny in this business is our own and we have the keys to our own mothership. Your decisions are important and your daily approach can affect those decisions and their outcomes. Be professional and sure footed once you commit to this, and don’t expect anyone to do it for you. It’s just one of those things- you have patiently persevere to be indoctrinated into the club of income earners.

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You’ll know You are a True LEADER… when a Skeptic gets you FIRED Up, but You Don’t Play

Do you get riled up when someone you admire or care about comes down on the negative side of your entrepreneurial passion? Your Precious Business?  If you are serious about what you do, the people you work with and especially the company, it’s structure, comp plan and owners…

When Skeptics Can’t Get to You..You’re No Longer In IT..


Here’s Why:

It’s usually your friends and family who don’t understand what you do for a living. You know the drill..Aunt Martha (the Skeptic) is over for Sunday dinner and the conversation gets around to “So Bob, how’s that selling thingy-ma-jiggy that you were doing.Did that ever pan out?” She follows with.. “Oh dear, it’s ok, those things never DID work out for you anyway… There all a bunch of get rich quick scams, especially the Internet ones. Your uncle has checked them all out”.

(well then it must be gospel right?) Couldn’t you just laugh? or scream!!?

Years ago I used to come back with all the reasons the skeptics were wrong, and fight, fight, fight. Then it occurred to me…The ONLY way Aunt Martha would realize I had any credibility, and my business was legit, was to be WILDLY successful, and to help a large trainload of people after me to be wildly successful too.

Spouses can be tricky skeptics, because you have to LIVE with them. You must be STRONG guys..and fight the urge to prove anything. It won’t matter. They will stand their ground, because they have seen you either have mediocre success or even fail over and over and over.The only thing that will satisfy them is CASH and LOTS of it coming in on a consistent basis. That’s a high pressure environment to live in and work in, and I commend anyone who can pull it off.

If you are blessed with a supportive spouse, you are very fortunate, or even better a business partner like Larry & I have chosen to work it. We found when we met that we had the same dream, and we doubled our efforts!

What about colleagues? Do you have friends or coworkers who criticize what you do? Maybe these skeptics don’t believe your company is real. Maybe they are from the old school and think you’re crazy to put a dime into internet marketing when millions of people are competing on Google every day.

Talk is cheap. There is nothing that satisfies skeptics like REAL RESULTS. Nothing will make a person shut the “f” up like cold hard undeniable results. Especially if you’re not the only one having them but you’re team is too.

Being defensive, lashing out, and giving lots of excuses..does not “excuse” you from getting results.  Appreciate the opinion of others even if you don’t particularly like it. You never know when that person’s loyalty could be critical to you.

Ask questions in return, and be smart. Ask why it so important to them… Some of these critics make this negativity part of their life, like they have something to prove to the world. That’s a heavy sack to carry around. Show some caring and understanding instead of anger.  Don’t engage the negative people the way they expect you to. Most skeptics will just go away, because you won’t fight them, and they are looking for a good fight!

You can always take the attitude like my good friend Lisa Kitter, a well know industry trainer, author, coach and radio host.

I’ve been a home-based business owner for 20 years and I realize that skeptics come with the territory. I understand that some people consider themselves to be “victims” of the entrepreneur world and therefore they become skeptical as to whether it is possible, to make money, by working from home.Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is all about Risk and Reward. 

It truly drives me crazy when people say they were “burned” in a network marketing or home based business venture! You can’t be skeptical and expect to win in life! 

Come on…what does that mean? Burned? Really? Look, either you’re an entrepreneur or not.

If you are an entrepreneur,  then you realize that simply enrolling into a program/company isn’t enough and the money is not going to fall from the sky You must roll your sleeves up and “Go To Work!” 



I wrote this the morning that my dear friend Toni Banks passed away on December 31, 2012.

“My beautiful friend went to be with her sweetheart this morning..and though our Doug Banks must be very excited right now to be holding his wonderful wife in his arms again…Toni Banks We and the entire Enagic family will miss you so much..You have given us so much knowledge, heart, love, PASSION, Drive, Devotion..Possibility & BIG Thinking and So much more! Your Inspiration to us will LIVE ON Forever Toni..We Love YOU..As Requested By YOU We CELEBRATE Your Life!!”

Her thoughts, visions and goals have always been GRAND and LIMITLESS and taught us to STRETCH OURSELVES to be the GREATEST versions of our BEINGS …
to HONOR GOD in ALL we do and always Praise Him in our daily life.

Toni, We LOVE You Sweet Lady,

I will always dedicate my success to you, and carry you in my heart always!

Toni Banks was a 7 figure annual earner in the network marketing industry, and one of the most powerful sales leaders and personal recruiters the direct sales industry has ever seen. She was known for her ability to be results oriented and always getting the JOB DONE. while she nurtured her teams to huge growth with her husband Doug, who tragically passed away in the fall of 2010. Toni’s leaves behind a legacy to those teams all over the world literally, in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Toni Banks’ Famous Count to 4 Manifestation Formula

I have been thinking about what my dear friend, long time business partner and amazing teacher Toni Banks used to teach us..Probably the GREATEST concept that ever affected my life was “Count to 4″ and Here’s How It Works
1. Decide-Get really and truly CLEAR on what you want..Know it, See it, Picture it, Feel it Deep in Your Bones! Declare IT – Tell God and Shout to the Universe that YOU WILL have it! It’s Already in Motion..You Just have to tune into it.

2. BELIEVE Have True Faith that it WILL Happen..Believe like you’ve never BELIEVED before! Just KNOW that it will Manifest…and It will. It’s in that knowing, that the manifestation comes.

3. Cancel All the Negatives (The HOW) Don’t Worry about HOW it will happen, the “what if’s”, the people who will tell you that you’re crazy etc. Let that all go..Release it!

4. Stay in Gratitude and Love.. ! “Keep love and gratitude in your heart – praise God and the universe for your successes and allow Him to guide you. Listen to the quiet voice within!”

I think we would all agree that we who knew Toni saw her create magic in her life numerous times, and we who used this formula have as well!

From my perspective I think Toni would want to be remembered more than anything for her devotion to Her Heavenly Father, and her Family, as well as her Country, The United States of America. She held those three things most precious, and always stood proud and spoke loud in her love, faith and patriotism.

Toni Banks…Your Huge Presence as a Leader, A Big Loud Strong Voice in The World, An Opinion, A Guiding Force, a Teacher, and Friend

will be with us Always

After her funeral..I wrote:

“Said goodbye to a The Biggest Thinker I have ever known today. Toni was someone who pushed my mind open to places FAR beyond where I believed it could go, and showed me not only how to DREAM great things…but HOW to MAKE THEM HAPPEN in my life very effortlessly. I will carry her legacy of MANIFESTATION of WEALTH with me always and know that I am a better person, as we all are for having been touched by her HUGE SPIRIT OF SERVICE and GIVING…I Love You Toni … and will miss you every day..but as you asked, will not be sad, but rather, with get on with LIVING BIG in your memory!!”

We will Not Mourn or Cry for You as You asked…




It’s That Time Again!

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On June 2, 2011..Or Daughter in Law Launi Morris was Life Flighted in to The University of Utah Hospital..

Her brain was bleeding..and they discovered a 15 CM Tumor…It is a Very Long complicated story…But the long and short of it is that,

You never know how fragile life is …until something like this happens to YOUR FAMILY...

As a result…We did not work for nearly a year…

and missed the Top 50 MLM Blog contest 2011 (Sorry George..that’s where we were!!)

We were Honored However to make the list of Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest in 2010!!

If we had not built a RESIDUAL INCOME… and had MLM Checks coming in the mail from our Network Marketing company..

Well you can imagine!


Here’s a POST you can read about Launi’s Story our Sister Blog

Launi’s Long Road Home- How YOU Can Help

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Tapping Your Way To Abundance

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Let’s start a little outside the box…What do you thinkThe #1 Secret to Failure in MLM is? ..Giving Up!! Quitting!! Throwing in the towel; saying you can’t do it; saying yes to your j.o.b!

SO….What is The #1 Secret to SUCCESS IN MLM??

Be Here In A Year, and Vow That Failure is Not an Option!! The only way you can fail at this is if you quit. .You might have heard this before. But it is glossed over way too lightly. People drop like flies in our industry. Did you know that only 3% are making the good money?

We see it over, and over and over. People who join the business, call us and say “I am so excited, I am really going to make a lot of money!!” Do we believe them?  It may sound cruel but- never.They can be the biggest hot-shot.. We  like to say “honk as you’re goin’ by!!” They can have the best story, the best ideas, the best list, etc. But it is all talk, without a few things: COMMITMENT + PERSISTENCE + DETERMINATION + ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY, ACTIVITY

                         The most  critical ingredient. Secret to Success

by far that you need in your business is COMMITMENT. It’s sorely lacking all around us. Take a good look in your heart and ask your self, “How committed am I to making this work? Will I be doing this a year from now?

It all starts with a DECISION. The root of the word decision means to “cut off from any other possibility” So if you are TRULY COMMITTED, and you decide to make this’s a done deal!! YOU CAN RELAX!! The rest is just foot work!! There is NO other outcome!

But sometimes it doesn’t go so well, and there are bumps in the road. Times can get tough, and people say NO. Negative family and friends get us down.

You have to have Bull Dog Determination when you get in Network Marketing!! If you don’t, the first disappointment that comes along will blow you right out of the business. It’s like this: If you purchase a franchise like a McDonald’s, you are going to invest about a quarter of a million dollars or more. You are going to go through very specific, intensive training, and be given many specialized tools to set up your restaurant exactly like all the other McDonald’s in a systematized way. Do you think that if you open your restaurant, and had a bad first week, or even first month, you would even dream of walking away? Of course not. Yet people do it every day in network marketing, like it’s a throw away. Why do you think it is so easy to walk away from? The cost of entry is low – The price you pay if you walk away is practically nothing – you are only letting one person down usually, yourself, or maybe a spouse, and no premium is put on you quitting!!

What if you HAD TO STICK IT OUT NO MATTER WHAT?? How would you approach your business every day, if you knew you and your family’s LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? I am not kidding. Online marketing business is getting more and more expensive when you add up all the things you need to be successful. So you have some investment. That’s a very good thing!!

Many people in this industry, especially the part-timers (which are the majority of your downline) approach the business like a HOBBY. So guess how it pays them? Like a HOBBY!

True commitment IS the Secret to Success,

application of your time, and investment of your commitment will yield huge benefits. Add to that some tracking and accountability, which changes your daily method of operation from hobby-like, to business-like, and you now have the makings of some real income producing activities! Keep accurate records, and plan your time accordingly. For instance, if you were doing a hobby, you might spend two hours on the internet surfing, and pay no mind to what sites you were on and what you did. For your business, you might pre plan your time and those same two hours, you can record one hour blog syndications, and 30 minutes making videos, 30 minutes following up on friending strategies on Facebook etc. Then you are effectively using your time.

What about actual money making activities? Were any of the afore mentioned money making, or what we call revenue generating? A Money making activity is classified as any activity that progresses your prospect towards a decision for your primary business. There are many, many other activities that circle around and lead up to money making activities, such as social media, blogging, syndicating, advertising, webinars, trainings, video marketing etc. You can generate all the leads in the world, build all the relationships on facebook etc. You can have tons of friends but what are they worth to you if you are not translating them into sales?

So in closing, look down the road to December 16,2013. What will your business look like? What is your commitment level right now? How serious are you about your primary company and completing the goals you set? You can achieve your dreams with an unwavering commitment to yourself and the decision you make to overcome absolutely any obstacle that comes your way. If you are persistent and consistent day in and day out with the money making activities required, and you keep on going….YOU WILL WIN!!! There is no other possibility. Remember, when you ask “What is the Secret to Success…The only way you can fail is if you quit, so just tell yourself right now FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…I WILL BE HERE IN ONE YEAR!


This is an honest to goodness gut check video. If you are happy, making all the money you want.. DON’T watch this video!!

IF However, you are NOT making the money you KNOW you are capable of… Here’s a TEST that you can DO over the next few days to see what’s REALLY going on in your business..

The reality is, if you are not making plenty of money, you will probably be very surprised by the results of the test! You may not be surprised at all… and you know exactly what you have been avoiding…

Do you have the “Cajones” to honestly take it?

If you are looking to become a bulletproof prospector

Click Here

and get help with calling leads, mlm leads, mlm prospecting etc.
We have over 20 years experience calling
Networking marketing leads with success and can help you!


As you look at the Rank reports and magazines or promotions that come out at the end of the month from your network marketing company, you can see very quickly, that there is TONS of room at the TOP!

The less difficult ranks have lots of people on those lists, because those ranks are very attainable.

Why is that?

I would venture to say It’s no secret that a very small percentage of people have the true walkaway “dream” success that they talk about on the stages of network marketing events, but at the same time it IS

100% ATTAINABLE by each and every one of you.

The question is…Do YOU believe it is FOR YOU?

Why is there so much room at the top?

One thing guys…


When I talk to my people who are not succeeding ..and I really get down to the meat and potatoes of it, yes you can blame it on not having enough people to talk to, but there are more than enough lead generation systems available online these days.

Not to mention, any serious network marketer, and even part-timer worth their salt, should be talking to people they know in their circle of influence if they are trained properly by their up line or sponsor.

This includes meeting people on the social media outlets too.

You spend an awful lot of time on Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter (come’s just a fact of life nowadays gang).

Are you actually converting those people into leads for your business that you actually

S-P-E-A-K   T-O ?

Social media can be your BEST FRIEND! It can be a source of never ending free leads in fact, IF and this is a BIG IF, you know how to transition those people off the computer and on to the telephone (or skype call, video call, google hangout)

So..If SPEAKING to people is the NAME of the GAME..

Why isn’t everyone doing it? Why isn’t everyone sponsoring 2-3 new reps into their business each week, and rising to the top of their company?

Like I said…F-E-A-R.. [click to continue…]


Storytelling is probably one of the most, if not THE MOST important skill you can develop in your business, other than being a great listener. Developing the ability to convey events that transpire in such a way that you “paint a picture” for your audience, hold their attention, and create a noticeable change in their emotional state, are just a few of the marks of not just a good storyteller, but a masterful one. If you can keep it relatively brief, but pack a PUNCH at the same time, and make it memorable enough that your audience would go tell someone that same story ABOUT YOU… that DAY, you will have made a new friend, and potentially a fortune over time if your story is related to something you market. Why?


                     We Relate as Humans!

It never ceases to mesmerize me when a good story is being told, by an artful storyteller. One such master at the art of storytelling, is Steve Campbell, a veteran Professional Network Marketer, and #17 on the Top 25 list of All Time Top Income Earners in the MLM industry, along with his beautiful and brilliant wife Melyn Campbell.  Steve has a way of instantly making friends with the entire crowd, and engaging everyone like they are old pals. He takes you on a journey into the story, which always illustrates the point for which he is Steve & Melyn Campbell #17 on All Time MLM Earners Listabout to speak. Although they are quite modest about it, it is Steve’s MASTERY at Storytelling  and Working with people coupled with Melyn’s brilliance at compensation plans and team building that have  made them the huge success story they are in our professional industry. Larry and I are proud to call them not only colleagues and business associates in our exciting new venture LIMITLESS Worldwide, but we adore them as our good friends.

YOUR Story..How to Tell It and What it Can Do For You!

My mentor, Larry used to tell me,

”Laura, if you can get just ONE Million Dollar Story in your network marketing career,

you can write your own ticket.” [click to continue…]


What is an Expert?

by limitlesslaura

Have you ever thought about…. What is an E-X-P-E-R-T ? It certainly is an important word, that carries with it HEAVY responsibility.
I love words! I have been exploring the idea of what important words mean lately, when used properly, in the right context, and conversely, the dangers for YOU if the word is misunderstood, overused, undervalued, or taken out of context.
In the upcoming weeks we will be looking at words related to business, consulting, social media, blogging and the network marketing industry.
You will find when you are “partaking” of content on the Internet, that certain WORDS carry with them HEAVY responsibility.
The word EXPERT is such a word.


Talking To Warm Market in MLM

by limitlesslaura