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The Abundant Mind

by limitlesslaura

I have been on FIRE this week with a brilliance and light inside! The words came to me in meditation “abundant mind”

which led me to meditate on of the keys you hold to effortless creation in your life!

It’s an inner knowing that we are LIMITLESS Spiritual Beings having an adventure here on Earth for a very short time…

It’s a BLINK really, a mere blip on the Universal radar screen.

Have you thought about how HUGE your personal BOUNTY is?

We have so much available to us that is already made, already a done deal, moving across the universal plane..

All you have to do is TUNE IN TO IT!

You are pure Energy, and it’s simply a matter or lining up with Source Energy…

Appreciating Beauty,

Vibrating at the highest level that is good for you.

DECIDE what you want, DECIDE what you do not want.

Make a SPECIFIC list.

Create beautiful LISTS, Creation Lists, of exactly what you want to paint your world to look like.

It really can BE that EASY.

Watch this beautiful video from our friends known as Abraham


I would love your comments on the “abundant mind” and what those words mean to you!

Does it make you feel powerful?

Intimidated? Confident? Hopeful? All of that?

It is said that we only tap into a tiny fraction of our minds, and what is truly possible. What do you think stands in our way?

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Starting on November 5th Deepak Chopra began a wonderful

“21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge”

I invite you to join me and my husband Larry as well as many like minded friends who are lifting the mass consciousness in positive thought and vibration.

Here are some of the centering thoughts of the past few days:

Day One:

” Today, behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

Day Two

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”

Day Three

Today, I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”

Day Four

“From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.”

Day Five

“Today, I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.”

Day Six

“Everything I desire is within me.”

Day Seven

“I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.”


The Power of I AM in Your Life

by limitlesslaura

This entire week I have been marinating in these words

“What follows the “I AM” will always come looking for you”. Pastor Joel Osteen

It all started on Sunday, when I flipped on the TV menu and saw that Oprah’s #lifeclass guest was Pastor Joel Osteen, the man who says “anything is possible if you have the FAITH to BELIEVE IT” (a man after my own HEART!)

The subject was “The Power of I AM“.  Excitement, joy, and  feelings of spiritual confirmation came over me as if I was in THE exact right place at THE exact right time, and about to hear, exactly what not only I needed to hear, but what God was looking to deliver to my SOUL.  Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes, there are messages in our lives that we not only need to hear once, we may need to hear them over and over and over because they are so life changing, and are literally life altering if we humble ourselves enough to allow them to be. They can possibly be gifts that can DEFINE the entire course of our lives, if we internalize them, and put them to work. What’s the key?

I think it’s all in how OPEN our heart is to receiving the message,

and how consciously humble we are to allowing it in.


The POWER of The I AM

What we tell ourselves has everything to do with who we think we are and believe we are. I don’t want to steal any of the thunder away from this AMAZING SERMON.. or Oprah’s Life Class Here. You owe it to your Life to take the time (book mark this page and watch BOTH!) The Life Classes all follow Oprah’s 2 minute video.  I want to just add a couple of my own personal thoughts of what the power of THE I AM has meant in my life. [click to continue…]


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