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Over the past 5 months I have been learning how to manage pain in a whole new way. It’s completely changed my life, and my outlook on health. Pharmaceuticals can only do so much. After a while pain medication can stop giving the body the originally intended benefit, and actually cause more harm than good. I found that my pain receptors were shot, and pain to me is ten times what it would be to a normal person.



My nervous system is like a circuit board that has gone haywire. Being introduced to Mindfulness as a way of pain management, along with breathing exercises and physical therapy has allowed me to slowly taper off the pain medication and I am already half way there. I am feeling so very much better.

Mindfulness is relatively simple concept that can yield extremely powerful results. One of the foremost authors on the subject of mindfulness,

Jon Kabat-Zinn, says :

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:

On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”

What I am learning through mindfulness practice is how to be here, and only here, fully present. I notice myself wanting to worry about the future, and just bring my awareness back to right now. I notice thoughts about the past, and how I could have been better, but it’s just a thought, and I let it pass by. Very cool. Now I’m not saying that I never worry or think about the past, but mindfulness has helped me tremendously with feeling anxious, and depression.

Here is another explanation:

“Mindfulness means deliberately attending to and becoming more aware of our experience: our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. This allows us to clearly perceive thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting in an automatic or habitual way. Experiences don’t overwhelm us and we become steady through life’s ups and downs.”
Founder of Breatheworks
where her site says:
“The Breathworks approach to Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM) is the most comprehensive, in-depth, scientifically up-to-date and user-friendly approach to learning the how of living with chronic pain and reclaiming one’s life that I know of…..I admire Vidyamala tremendously… her approach could save your life and give it back to you.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD author of Full Catastrophe Living and Coming to Our Senses Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

As for my pain management, the psychologist I see uses the same program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and has done some mindfulness exercises with me, in his office that have really helped me calm my pain down. He recorded them so I can listen any time. One is a Body Scan, which takes you through each part of the body very slowly, but in a specific way. Jon Kabat-Zinn is the authority and pioneer in this field. His books are very good, like Full Catastrophe Living and Wherever You Go, There You Are. Look him up on You Tube and Amazon.

Meditation and more specifically Buddhism, Yoga, TM, and other types of spiritual practice is also mindfulness practice, so it’s by no means new, and in fact thousands of years old. Allowing your mind to quiet, being still and going within is the first step. There’s noting to do believe it or not. Just sit, be still and allow thoughts to pass, allow peace to come, Allow God to speak to you. It’s amazing.

Pain can be diminished greatly by taking focus to present moment awareness, and simply breathing. My physical therapist showed me this video about

Simple Diaphramatic Breathing

As you see the diaphram is free moving, gently expanding and contracting. It’s separate from the lungs, and can be very beneficial in helping the body to relax. As it pertains to mindfulness, when you concentrate on the diaphram going up and down inside your body, and picture it suspended like this video, breathing becomes focused, and more calming,very quickly, the blood pressure can go down, pain and stress can be reduced as well.

I am JUST learning this stuff, so this is a very basic overview, and if you want to learn more I would recommend a few things. First off, if you have any kind of chronic condition, this works wonders, so ask your doctor for a referral to a local therapist or mindfulness program in your area, if you don’t go to one already, and ask about mindfulness exercises. They will know.

Some great mindfulness resources are:

Any book or video by Jon Kabat Zinn


Finding Peace in a Frantic World

That should get you started. It does not take much as it it extremely easy and very simple. You will love it.



The day Robin Williams died was a teaching moment. When I heard it was due to suicide and severe depression it was like a knife to the heart. Immediate emotions flooded my body, and I could not hold back tears for over an hour. Why was I taking this so hard? This man was like a touchstone to me from the 70’s on. I can’t think of any comedian/actor that was more creative, filled more lives with joy, and gave of his heart so fully around the world more than Robin Williams. For almost 40 years he was an institution in our lives.

The life of Robin Williams taught me many things about thinking WAY outside the box! I adored his wackiness like no other, combined with a gentle soul that always shined through. I was always impressed that Robin dedicated his personal time to entertaining troops, doing 6 USO tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Germany, Kuwait and other countries to entertain more than 89,000 service men and women in his time there. Robin got to know many of the military personnel very well, and made a point of shaking hands and getting to know a little something about as many soldiers as he possibly could. He sat at the bedsides of wounded warriors, undoubtedly relating on a level we can only imagine.

I understood his deep, deep sadness. I have no idea what being a major celebrity is like, but I could imagine the pressure is overwhelming. The moment they said severe depression, coupled with anxiety, I knew the kind of pain he perhaps felt, to want to take his own life. Describing my own experience is in no way meant to diminish the tragedy of Robin Williams death or disrespect the privacy of his family.

How I would describe Anxiety & Depression:

“It  feels like an inescapable quicksand that keeps pulling you further and further down each day, and darkness that feels like you are in a room with no windows, no doors, no keys to get out, and no way of ever getting light. It’s like you want to run from a room for no reason, or you feel creepy crawly feelings all over, nerves, tenseness, unexplainable pain and extreme uneasiness. Once I described it to a doctor as wanting to tear off my skin, run out of the house and go screaming down the street. That’s anxiety and depression.”

Clinical Depression is Biological

I have always been about unconditional love, breaking through  limits, acceptance, and overflowing positivity. I consider myself a pretty positive lady, and most people do as well. I have fought fibromyalgia all my adult life, and dealt with clinical (severe) depression at times of my life. I fight it, and I just don’t talk about it. The mistake I have made is not getting the proper help with psychology or pain management. Personal development and my spirituality have strengthened me greatly, but when it’s an imbalance in the brain, biology takes over.

As I grieved for Robin, my tears were for him, but they were also for all the people out there who have either ended their own life. or walk that delicate tightrope emotionally, either with mental illness, addiction, a critical injury, illness like cancer, accident, or a chronic condition. Many people living with serious conditions, develop severe depression. Robin Williams had Parkinson’s Disease as we found out.

My husband Larry knew something was very wrong when I went from being an active blogger and hard working entrepreneur to not answering any email, going on Facebook, Twitter, anything from May 2013 to February 2014. My body hurt all over,  and felt like it weighed 1000lbs when I got up to walk. I knew intuitively all the things I was supposed to be doing to get well, but, all I could think about was death, suicide and wanting to die. Straight up.

By March I was starting to come out of this fog with the help of a Pain Management program at a local University. It’s been very important to be monitored closely.  Every day I get a little better, and concentrate on one day feeling like the me I KNOW I AM. Does that make sense? Mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and staying in the present moment has been the best tool I’ve found so far to feel good. Decompressing from the Internet was a big one for me. I never knew how much stress being online constantly had caused me. Taking in the simple moments, without judgement, and just being has been very healing.

The Stigma associated with Depression

I think the stigma of mental illness stems from FEAR. It’s natural, however, that’s only because society has buried a lot of this stuff just slightly under the surface that, we just don’t talk about it. It’s mentioned on the news, people and families deal with it all the time, but still don’t feel accepted, or there wouldn’t be a stigma in my opinion.

This stigma must stop, because it’s preventing people from getting the help they so desperately need. There are slowly armies building to speak out and talk about their own mental health.

Just imagine if mental illness had the national support around it that  ALS, Parkinson’s,  Breast cancer, MS or Heart Disease did. Friends with depression would ask for help more readily, and the suicide rates would go down.

*Go to this site and take this questionaire if anything I’ve described seems familiar. Then see your doctor. Never be alone if at all possible when you are going through something like this.

If you or someone you know is seriously depressed, get help. Call the National Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-8255

My blog will be dedicated to Robin Williams soon, and have a mental health section. Please help to end the stigma.

A video tribute I found about death..that Robin Williams and Carol Burnett did. Only you could  help us find humor in losing you..and remembering you simultaneously


I got to thinking about BIG Thinkers that are all around us, and what they accomplish in every day life.  These seemingly extraordinary heroes are doing amazing things, and some of them are regular people, not flashy guru types, or leaders, type A personalities etc.

They are mothers with children who run businesses out of their homes that make crazy money supporting their husbands who got laid off, or fathers who lead scout troops for their church and create amazing fundraisers that pull off miracles to fund.

They are grandmothers who are ageless go-getters who inspire everyone around them with the energizer bunny style they serve their community, help people and take care of their family. [click to continue…]


One of my very favorite spiritual teachers, Dr Wayne Dyer says:  “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of abundance”.  If you look into many spiritual masters and teachings over time, this is always a common thread.

Following our star, our bliss, true north, and listening to the intuition inside, or your inner guide that speaks to us to find the thing we are meant to do with our lives. The immediate thought that comes to mind is, how many people out there are actually doing it?

If you are fortunate enough, you get to live out your dreams and do what you love for a living and get paid for it. That’s the ultimate in self realization. Some people go their whole lives not knowing what their true life’s love is, and simply search because they feel an emptiness or yearning. Others know exactly what their passion is, but may be stuck in a job, when what they really are meant to be doing for a living is singing or being an artist, or having their own business. Which do you think is worse, never knowing your passion, or never realizing it? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

The times in my life that I have listened carefully and answered that yearning voice inside to move toward what I love have brought great success and joy for me. The consequences to ignoring that powerful gift of intuition almost always deeply affects me in some way. Most recently in the last year, I went against this gnawing inner voice and worked where I was being warned not to, and the outcome for me was very painful.  Later many other colleagues confirmed this same experience. I learned a great lesson. The lesson may not show up immediately, but there’s always a lesson, or some way that God shows me that it’s NOT where I am supposed to be, and it’s not what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I can bet you that if you look at your own life, you’ll find this as well. This deep intuition or knowing is something we can cultivate if we learn to tap into it. What is it? It’s a direct line to your subconscious mind, which is connected to God and The Universe. You can also call it The Holy Ghost, Angels or your spiritual guides depending on your religious affiliations. It’s all the same thing. It can be your greatest life management tool, and can lead you to a life of satisfying, peaceful abundance. [click to continue…]



It is my firm belief that we are all limitless spiritual beings here on Earth, with unlimited capabilities to do, have and be whatever we choose to do, have or be in our time here in this experience. Some humans are more actualized or “in touch” with those capabilities than others, and can access or develop the consciousness with which to heal illness, see loved ones or talk to loved ones who have crossed over, see into the future, and more. Manifesting our desires and working with the subconscious mind is touching the same place, as it is all the same thing. We are all connected by One Divine Source.

The story I am about to share is of an ordinary woman, who had an extraordinary experience, and it highlights my point that we are ALL LIMITLESS BEINGS. In my Volume 2 of Limitless Lives, I wish to introduce you to Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me.

During the writing of his newest book “Wishes Fulfilled“  Dr Wayne Dyer was given a gift by an amazing woman who came into his life in a very special way, through a story that was sent to him, that changed him forever. This woman, Anita Moorjani has a story that can be life changing when you hear it, and read it. In her book “Dying To Be Me”, which accounts her near death experience in 2006, and subsequent complete healing of stage 4 lymphoma, she learns her true worth, what she calls “the MAGNIFICENCE of her soul”, her true purpose, and essentially “The Meaning of Life”.  Dr Dyer wrote the forward in her book, and got it published by Hay House. It’s an incredible story, that is stirring, moving, and gives us an undeniable confidence that we are limitless spiritual beings having a human experience here in Earth.

The message that came across to me the strongest from listening to Anita was to BE OURSELVES. She says that she spent her whole life beating herself up for not doing things “right” not being “good enough” etc. During her near death experience she got very clearly that we are loved unconditionally, and not supposed to be anyone but WHO WE ARE. Anita says she wasted so much time being afraid of everything, when there is nothing to fear.

After just helping my mother make “the transition” in December, I was given a complete peace of mind and soul, knowing that she is in a place that is indescribable. I am sure you have a loved who has passed away in the recent past. It will give you so much faith, strength, hope, and FEAR-LESS-NESS!  How can you apply this in your daily life? That’s the kicker of this whole story! When Anita was hovering over her own body in this “unconditional love” as she calls it, she was given a clear choice whether to remain in that beautiful place or to go back and live a new life FEARLESSLY.  I think that’s what makes this story so compelling for you and what she did with the REST of her life!!  Anita discovers that in order to go back to her sick body with this new knowledge, she would have to live fully in it, and the cancer would be healed quickly, and it was. It is a miracle to the medical community. She is LIVING A LIMITLESS LIFE….

I am sharing with you two videos below and hope that you will bookmark this page and come back to watch the longer interview. There are many interviews on YouTube with Anita Moorjani.

 Video 1

Longer Interview (Bookmark it)

Read a Bit of The Story Here


As a Fan of the Show Big Brother, I was really excited at the beginning of Season 16 to see sexual and gender roles explored both openly and kind of “who knows” on the show this season. Between Frankie (openly gay), Zankie (a friendmance between Zach & Frankie) and Christine and Cody’s “flirtmance”, there was plenty of sexual question marks, including Cody’s almost obvious Bisexual nature as well.

When it comes to sex, the constant talk is all over the house at times, of balls, ass, tits, ramming, railing, backdooring,, hand jobs, bj’s and on and on… At first it was a little fun, but after a while it just got disgusting. Then the tone seemed to turn to outright nastiness. These people got to be experts at bashing, bullying and plain being MEAN behind certain house guests backs, especially when they were about to be evicted. The sexually bullying tone of a couple of particular house guests bothered many people on the BB chats and Twitter.

As someone who cares about people, women’s rights, gay rights, and human rights of all kind, I think some of the behavior on this show, and I’m talking the Live Feeds mainly, got really rough. Granted most of this stuff went out to the Internet audience, but, there were several instances when the producers could have stepped in to stop what was happening and did not. I am only speculating but I would guess because it caused tons of attention! Maybe that’s how this is set up, I don’t know, but where do you draw the line?

Examples of Bullyiing, Bashing and Inappropriate Sexual Behavior towards People in the House and Out!

  • Frankie spoke for Gay men saying they are “really gay” and born that way  and spoke for Lesbians saying they “decide to be gay” later in life when they are done with men. Un-fucking-believable!
  • Frankie mocked Cher and SonTransgender Hero Chaz Bono watch Perez Hilton’s Vine
  • Frankie bashed Zach ,Victoria, Donny and Nicole and even Caleb incessantly with Christine and Vice Versa and at times with sexual referances
  • The framing of Zach for use of Zach for ALL the Team America missions, particularly the final “saboteur” mission which bullied him right out the door.The 3-hour behavior  of Caleb, Cody and Frankie was definitely bullying
  • Caleb’s LOUD bullying screaming and karate chopping in the face of Victoria.
  • Talk of Brittney’s anatomy and whether Cody should “rail” her before she was evicted
  • Jocosta was told she should just kill herself (Frankie)
  • Devin was called everything from crazy constantly, sick, multiple personality etc. and laughed at for having and talking about his beautiful daughter (Frankie et al)
  • Donny was laughed at for being smart, believed not to be who he said he was, and mocked in a mean way (Cody & Christine)
  • Caleb was called a crazy stalker behind his back, and mocked for being from the South+
  • and the last GEM.. Joking around about getting drunk and taking Victoria Rafaeli’s virginity: This one made TMZ and Victoria’s parents are furious. Some are calling it a “Rape Joke”. How can those two words even be put together? You decide..

Frankie certainly will have to apologize and face up to some big mistakes like Victoria’s parents.after the show. He will also have to speak to the LGBTQ community and Chaz I would imagine and the Mental Health community!! He made a fuss with Kathy Griffin saying he “did it for the Gays” when he won the Veto on the Zingbot episode, and she said “Shout out to the LGBTs” . Shame on you Frankie!! As for Jocosta, joking about suicide is just not acceptable.

I saw him say that he loves having haters and to bring it on, so who knows!! Maybe he just just has a lot of karma to work out, but what really gets me about Frankie Grande, is that at the beginning of the show, like week one and two, he was holding positive visualization meditations nightly. His heart and love was strong. “I love you” comes out of his mouth every five minutes. I thought he was a sweet, good hearted person.

As for the other people on the show, I think going for the prize brings out the worst in a person. It’s no excuse for bullying, or personal bashing about sexuality, suicide, virginity,  or mental health especially when bullying is such a sensative subject in America today. I am very surprised that CBS and the Big Brother producers allowed any of this to happen.



Turning Your Focus to Mindset

by limitlesslaura



Recently I had the awakening of a lifetime! I had the great pleasure of be willing to take a good long hard look at myself, get vulnerably honest, speak the truth and tell myself what was not working with my mindset. When I got to the answers, I came up with this: YOU (me) need to FOCUS on MINDSET (like very seriously). The success you have in life is directly proportionate to the size of your personal  growth!!

Last December after much soul searching,  I came to the conclusion  that I had neglected my mindset, self talk, and the role that my  inner view of myself played in my life. I took a look at what was my “why”, my purpose, and my greater overall vision and picture I see for  myself. I asked the toughies like:  Where am I going? Where am I taking others? If I didn’t KNOW FOR SURE…How would others want to come along?

Positive Mindset In = Positive Mindset Out!

What came about was magnificent!! I focused on my mindset very intensely. I made my own personal growth and development almost like a “classroom” atmosphere, in my head, my heart, and my home. I got out my favorite books, some blank journals, stuff to create dream boards, index cards, markers, audios, and even cancelled the tv service for a time. The only things I watched were You Tube videos that pertained to my mindset and self-development. The only things I listened to were Inner Circle audios, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Esther Hicks, and others.

I took the cards and wrote my goals and placed the all over the house! It looked a little silly around her when guests came over, but they know  when I put my mind to something, I don’t mess around! For the next 90 days it has been like concentrated mindset BELIEF tank in this house. Nothing goes in that is not positive.

Results are the Only Way You Know Your Mindset Has Changed

My business is flourishing! I have great things happening all around me!! I have earned more in one month than I ever have in my online business. People are excited, and all kinds of abundance is flowing. Good things are springing up from all around!

Does that mean I have slowed down on personal development because I am achieving results? NO WAY! In fact, I have increased it. We attended an event recently, and listened to some of the top earners in our company. The thread that went through all of their talks, was that they are spending at least 2 hours a day on reading and personal development.

Just as important as feeding the information in, is getting still, and listen for quiet answers that will come.

It all a decision, and the material to feed into your brain is available. Reach out for it and start feeding it to yourself.




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What is Empowerment..Really?

by limitlesslaura

Empower .. This word is constantly on my lips and on my mind. It makes me feel great. It excites me, makes me feel bigger, and more possible. If you’ve read this blog at all you know I’m a “word” person, and get very turned on by certain words, their origin, roots and meaning..

Since Empowerment is such a big part of many our every day lives, and probably inspires you to think of many awesome thoughts, I decided to look into it.

Bill Gates said:  “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

To Be” Empowered”

Empowerment…Some of the most powerful concepts in our English language.


What does it mean..Empower?

“Give someone the authority or power to do something”

Miriam Webster says:

“to promote the self-actualization or influence of”empowering women — Ron Hansen>

Empowerment is being self-powered in my view. It’s when I look to nobody but myself for my motivation, my answers, my approval, my definition, and independence as a woman.

Empowerment is when a person is no longer a victim..but a Vic — Tor!! I am the conqueror over my life, and my own hero. Does this mean I don’t lean on, and am not partnered with others such as my husband, business partners and team? Hell NO!! Just the opposite! If I am empowered, I am strong, and am a better lover, a better partner, a much mother and family member!! Why? Empowerment brings out the best of me, and YOU.. in the relationship. If I am empowered, I will probably empower you too!! It’s contagious and very good for everyone in your life.

 “If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you.”
― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

My mother used to always tell me that her style of parenting was a little ahead of it’s time in the 60′s, because she taught me  as an only child to make my own decisions, and wanted me to learn how to be, tolerant of others, compassionate, and autonomous.  Now this is very key here, as teaching a child to be autonomous, is empowering them in the best way!!


b : undertaken or carried on without outside control : self-contained

  a : existing or capable of existing independently
In this ever changing world empowerment is probably the greatest tool for living we own!! As a leader I work with people every day and have the opportunity to not only empower people, but get to experience leaders and growing leaders who are empowering themselves. What I never tire in participating in, is the rate at which some people take hold of their greatness, and run with it. They see a bigger picture of themselves and WHO they can be, and fearlessly step right up into that bigger picture like the giants they are.
Take my friend Falanya Curtis, as an example. She’s a beautiful lady in every sense of the word, who walks a challenging physical path called “lupus”, one that her precious deceased mother did as well. Does Falanya live in self pity because of her challenges? Quite the contrary!! Falanya ROCKS her life by stepping into the vivid DREAM pictures in her heart and mind, and painting them on walls for all of her friends to see!! She is EMPOWERMENT personified!!
Empowerment comes down to one thing.. Who are you BE ing?? Remember the saying  BE-DO-HAVE ..You must Be the person in your life who has all the thoughts, qualities and behaviors of the person who would Do the actions in order to Have what it is that you desire to attract into your life! Being empowered is living from that place of knowing who you and what you want, as well as where you are going. But more than anything else, the real compass of life is enacted when you have a crystal clear vision, and it’s driven by a reason so strong that you would almost die (your purpose for living) to see it come to pass… then you are Empowered, for life.
Are you fully empowered in your life now? Are you living the life you want to live?
Empower yourself Right Now and Watch This Movie that could completely change your it has changed mine and thousands of others!

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You’ll know You are a True LEADER… when a Skeptic gets you FIRED Up, but You Don’t Play

Do you get riled up when someone you admire or care about comes down on the negative side of your entrepreneurial passion? Your Precious Business?  If you are serious about what you do, the people you work with and especially the company, it’s structure, comp plan and owners…

When Skeptics Can’t Get to You..You’re No Longer In IT..


Here’s Why:

It’s usually your friends and family who don’t understand what you do for a living. You know the drill..Aunt Martha (the Skeptic) is over for Sunday dinner and the conversation gets around to “So Bob, how’s that selling thingy-ma-jiggy that you were doing.Did that ever pan out?” She follows with.. “Oh dear, it’s ok, those things never DID work out for you anyway… There all a bunch of get rich quick scams, especially the Internet ones. Your uncle has checked them all out”.

(well then it must be gospel right?) Couldn’t you just laugh? or scream!!?

Years ago I used to come back with all the reasons the skeptics were wrong, and fight, fight, fight. Then it occurred to me…The ONLY way Aunt Martha would realize I had any credibility, and my business was legit, was to be WILDLY successful, and to help a large trainload of people after me to be wildly successful too.

Spouses can be tricky skeptics, because you have to LIVE with them. You must be STRONG guys..and fight the urge to prove anything. It won’t matter. They will stand their ground, because they have seen you either have mediocre success or even fail over and over and over.The only thing that will satisfy them is CASH and LOTS of it coming in on a consistent basis. That’s a high pressure environment to live in and work in, and I commend anyone who can pull it off.

If you are blessed with a supportive spouse, you are very fortunate, or even better a business partner like Larry & I have chosen to work it. We found when we met that we had the same dream, and we doubled our efforts!

What about colleagues? Do you have friends or coworkers who criticize what you do? Maybe these skeptics don’t believe your company is real. Maybe they are from the old school and think you’re crazy to put a dime into internet marketing when millions of people are competing on Google every day.

Talk is cheap. There is nothing that satisfies skeptics like REAL RESULTS. Nothing will make a person shut the “f” up like cold hard undeniable results. Especially if you’re not the only one having them but you’re team is too.

Being defensive, lashing out, and giving lots of excuses..does not “excuse” you from getting results.  Appreciate the opinion of others even if you don’t particularly like it. You never know when that person’s loyalty could be critical to you.

Ask questions in return, and be smart. Ask why it so important to them… Some of these critics make this negativity part of their life, like they have something to prove to the world. That’s a heavy sack to carry around. Show some caring and understanding instead of anger.  Don’t engage the negative people the way they expect you to. Most skeptics will just go away, because you won’t fight them, and they are looking for a good fight!

You can always take the attitude like my good friend Lisa Kitter, a well know industry trainer, author, coach and radio host.

I’ve been a home-based business owner for 20 years and I realize that skeptics come with the territory. I understand that some people consider themselves to be “victims” of the entrepreneur world and therefore they become skeptical as to whether it is possible, to make money, by working from home.Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is all about Risk and Reward. 

It truly drives me crazy when people say they were “burned” in a network marketing or home based business venture! You can’t be skeptical and expect to win in life! 

Come on…what does that mean? Burned? Really? Look, either you’re an entrepreneur or not.

If you are an entrepreneur,  then you realize that simply enrolling into a program/company isn’t enough and the money is not going to fall from the sky You must roll your sleeves up and “Go To Work!” 



It’s rare that you get a chance to witness the greatness of your children in a magnitude that goes far beyond that of anything they are required to display in everyday life.
For the past eighteen months, not only have I had the privilege to be the mother of my own children, but I have received the GREATEST gift, by connecting authentically with my step son, in a way I never thought was possible.
Just to give you a little quick background, Larry and I blew up our families when we got divorced.
There’s no nice way to say it. We worked together in the same network marketing organization, and completely connected in every way two people could connect, first as business associates, then very good friends, and eventually as man and wife.
When we got divorced, and got together, the first week we were together we sat down and completed the “Mark Victor Hansen 100 Goals” assignment.
At the very top of the list was to have meaningful, loving relationships with each other’s kids. At the time, our kids hated us..well not us, but what we had done.
Our lives were healed quite quickly as we learned to connect with each other and  process the pain of the divorce.
Ultimately our love for each other was far stronger than anything that could undermine or destroy the love we had with our children, and time space simply took over.
Larry’s oldest son Kevin was married to a wonderful girl named Launi, and they started a family with a baby girl, Bryton Kaye.
Launi being a very professional working woman, worked in Human Resources with Home Depot and eventually as a Store Manager, after a respected 13 year career. Kevin was happy to be the dad caring for baby Bryton, and eventually little girl Bryton.
Kevin and Launi wanted more kids, but something strange began to prevent Launi from getting pregnant, as well as making her feel not well, more and more.
Prior to that time she had complained of headaches, upset stomachs, and all kinds of weird symptoms. Doctors put her on numerous medications, and did some tests, but never suspected anything serious. What’s interesting, is that the thought of a brain tumor crossed Launi’s mind…she actually suspected it.
Doctors as they sometimes do, were dismissive, and just patted her on the head and said “it’s just stress”, handing her some more antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medication.
On June 2,2011, Launi collapsed and was rushed to the local emergency room. After a CT Scan revealed some sort of mass, and she was life flighted to The University Of Utah where we were met by neurosurgeons who said the herniation and swelling in her head was in fact so severe that the situation was grim and if they didn’t perform immediate surgery, she was not going to make it.
She completely surprised doctors by surviving the initial surgery where they performed a crainiectomy and a partial lobectomy. As the hours following surgery passed we began to learn more about the situation she was facing.
They would biopsy the tissue they removed and need to operate again in a few days to remove the brain tumor that had caused all of this to transpire. The nurses and doctors of the ward said they had never seen such a “will to live” in neuro intensive care as that of Launi Morris.
The biopsy came back and we were stunned. It was a large malignant brain tumor, a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma and the prognosis was not good. Prior to this catastrophe, Launi was the Store Manager of The Home Depot. At 36 years old, she became only the 2nd female store manager in her district and was blowing away her colleagues.
She had a contagious laugh and an enthusiasm that was so fun to be around. She told great stories and was the life of the party.
All of that changed on that gloomy June day. Everything about her personality and character has changed. The wife, mother and friend we once knew is now a shell of her former self trapped in the body of an extremely ill person that now lacks the cognition to understand what has happened.
Because of the steriods, and many medications, as well as a portion of her brain being removed, she became much like a combination between an Alzheimer’s patient and a stubborn young child.
The Temporal lobe controls short term memory, so although Launi could remember everything that happened when she was younger, she would get very frustrated by events just 5 minutes ago, as well as mixing up words in sentences, thoughts and concepts.
She initially received radiation and chemotherapy treatments which have subsequently put the brain tumor into a remission state. It’s not getting bigger, but its not going away.The treatments themselves have been very trying on her body.
She’s suffered major side effects from the medications she needs to take daily to keep the swelling in her head down, and the narcotics to keep the immense pain at bay.
Her immunity has been so compromised that she developed shingles in her eye which became a very serious life-threatening encephalitis. In January of 2012, her condition had become so severe that doctors ordered she be placed in long term nursing care.
At this point, the medical bills have piled up and day to day expenses to care for her husband and 9 year old daughter have mounted.
All the while I have seen my step son have to deal with a situation that nobody would handle gracefully. His wife essentially “left” the day she collapsed and was brought in to surgery. That day, the wife he once knew, along with the LIFE he once KNEW left as well.
He has had to summon up maturity inside himself, and bravery of untold proportions. I honestly don’t know where it’s come from.
Many of the people who vowed to be there for him, slowly walked out on him, one by one by one. For whatever reason, the stark reality of Launi’s illness and mental capacity it too much for most people to handle, so they stay away.
No one comes to visit her anymore, and Kevin is supported solely by the two people who have been by his side since the beginning- my unbelievable daughter Shanna, and his dad Larry, who became Launi’s medical advocate. Launi’s family is somewhat around, but it’s limited, and that’s been their own choice since the beginning.
Their financial situation was so strained they could no longer afford to pay for her COBRA medical insurance premiums and keep their home. At the request and guidance of the nursing home, we began the Medicaid process and that is how medical care has been provided and paid for since.
Medicaid has been a lifesaver and allowed her to reside in the nursing home, however the share of cost to Medicaid is taking every last dime of a limited disability and social security income.
During the time that there was a lapse in coverage between the private insurance and Medicaid, a private balance of over $5000 (other medical bills not included) was incurred for care at the nursing home. At this moment in time her family has no additional resources to pay anything extra.
The nursing home has threatened eviction if this balance isn’t resolved and the family is running out of options. We are trying to get the balance owed to the nursing facility paid as soon as we possibly can.
Launi was a giving person with a very generous spirit. There were many times when she paid bills for her associates out of her own pocket, just so they could survive.
I know that if this were happening to anyone else, Launi would be vital in the effort to help. She used to write positive quotes on Facebook to uplift and inspire others, especially when she was at her worst, because she said it would help her feel better to help someone else…
She said
”Reflect upon and bless all the wondrous times in your life. Give thanks for the many blessings you receive each day. You can connect energetically too those you love, simply feel them inside your heart. Life is beautiful!!’
“Celebrate the miracles that come in every moment within the overall miracle that is your life. And as each moment falls away, there is another one for you to celebrate”.— Ralph Marston
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